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Yeah, it’s not quite Christmas yet. I know. But, as I mentioned on Wednesday, we have quite a few of them. Last Sunday was the Christmas party for the Moose lodge’s member’s kids. There the boy got a racetrack set and the girl got a new backpack(which was actually good because the one she was using didn’t fit all her stuff that well and the snap to keep it closed broke weeks ago). Wednesday night we had the Christmas party at the fire station for the kids. She got a Frozen activity set and the boy got a set of emergency vehicles.

Yesterday was my niece’s 9th birthday party. An hour drive away, in the snow. The roads ended up not being too bad thankfully. I read on the way there, which helps control some anxiety(if I’m not looking at the road, my brain is less likely to play a loop of the accidents that *could* happen). After the party, we had Christmas with my dad. We haven’t seen him since last December. And my stepmom made some comment about how much taller the girl was. I was just thinking, ‘yeah, kids tend to grow a lot in a year.’ Whatever. Not dwelling on being the daughter easily forgotten(okay, maybe just a little). But, my dad has always been under the assumption that he can buy our love, I guess. He does give us $100 in gift cards each year. The girl got Barnes & Noble & Toys R Us, the boy got Toys R Us, and I got $100 to spend at Amazon. Yeah, it’s already mostly spent in my head, I just have to add the stuff(yes, mostly books) to my cart & order. πŸ˜‰ My mom thought the list of books I gave her was long? My other list is even longer. πŸ˜€

This week started out pretty good, then Thursday I stumbled. Motivation totally drained away. I got through about half my goals for the day then…nothing. I took the afternoon off to read. Friday I woke up, and my first thought was, “I really don’t want to write.” So…I didn’t. I took care of chores and social media(though I didn’t write a Fiction Friday post), and I did write the first scene of a Christmas short I plan to put up on my Patreon, but other than that, I really just did a lot of reading. I wrote another scene for that short(as part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday). There will probably be one more, then I can have it up there in time for Christmas.

Friday I also read an article about how the 8 hour work day doesn’t really work. It suggested working for an hour then taking a fifteen minute break(actually getting away from desk and not doing anything work related even checking emails and making phone calls). So, I’ve been thinking of applying that to my day and seeing how it will work. I’m always willing to try a new approach and find what fits best. So, I’m planning to do this for the rest of the years(all 2 weeks of it). I figure I’ll write for an hour, read for 15 minutes, social media for an hour, read 15 minutes, chores for an hour, read for 15 minutes…and then back through. We’ll see how it goes.

Color Code:

Monthly Goal Met/Finished

Weekly Goal Met

Progress Made

Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Still Burning – Outline Act 4 – Outlined 12/12 scenes
  • Secondary: Outline Act 4 for Green Hills & Smoky Fields 1, Whatever It Takes, & High on Loving You –
  • Stretch: Flames of Knowledge – Brainstorm –General character mind map done. Also Connor’s and Camella’s.


  • Primary: Write 42500 words on main projects – 16775/42500
    • Still Burning(Mainest main project) – 10658/25000, 4444 this week
    • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – 2332/5000, 1003 this week
    • Whatever It Takes – 2222/5000, 941 this week
    • High on Loving You – 2309/5000, 999 this week
    • By the Gun – 1016/2500, 344 this week
  • Secondary: Write 7250 words on side projects – 3573/7250
    • Patrick & Sarah – 95/750
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 200/750
    • Roman – 0/750
    • Dougal & Shae – 404/750
    • Jacob & Matthew – 213/750
    • Mike & Fadil – 326/750
    • Hawk – 344/750
    • Sean & Braeden – 307/750
    • Melanie & Garren – 428/750
    • Desmund – 0/500
    • Christmas Short – 1253 words – this is a little something with Jeremiah, Corrin, & Silas that I hope to have up on my Patreon for Christmas.
  • Stretch: Write 35 pages on Jonas & Isaac – 8/35


  • Primary: Stained Blood – beta edits – 0/21 chapters
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits – 0/25 Chapters
  • Stretch: Protecting the Heart – transfer from One Note to Scrivener – 8/24 Chapters


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 14/30
    • The Language of Thorns(Leigh Bardugo) – Finished this Monday morning. LOVED it. All the stories in it.
    • Faerie Blood(ReGi McClain) – Finished this Thursday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Snow White on the Run(Sidney Bristol) – Finished this Friday night. Enjoyed it.
    • Flashpoint(Suzanne Brockmann) – On page 291/452
    • Prophecy(Ellen Oh) – Finally finished this Saturday night. I liked it, but it did not really pull me into the story. Still added the next book to my wish list.
    • Not Otherwise Specified(Hannah Moskowitz) – Read this Sunday. Loved it.
    • Rock & Release(Riley Edgewood) – Got to 40%. Having issues with this one. There’s supposed to be a love triangle, but the other guy is coming off as a total ass, and nope, I just don’t care anymore.
    • Shadows in the Garden Hotel(Krista Walsh) – Finished this Wednesday night. Loved it, but the end just killed me dead. πŸ˜₯ And I instantly went and bought the next book.
    • Stop at Nothing(Kate SeRine) – Read this Friday. Really enjoyed it.
    • Angle of Truth(Lindsay Buroker) – Read this Saturday. Really enjoyed it.
  • Secondary: Listen to 5 audio books – 3/5
    • Boy Meets Boy(David Levithan) – Finished this Monday morning. Liked it, but felt kind of meh most of the way through.
    • Strange the Dreamer(Laini Taylor) – On Chapter 22/68

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Weekend Writing Warriors, & Sunday Summary each week – 12/23
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon 2x – 1/2


  • Knit: Split Crescents Knit Dishcloth – Cast on stitches. Knit 21/61 rows
  • Crochet: Blended Granny Lapghan – 0/9 blocks, have first block started

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: More Christmas" (6)

  1. It is hard to focus on writerly things with all the holiday plans swirling around in our heads. And the corresponding emotional ‘buttons’ that this season seems to push. But, all that can be a source of inspiration for writing in the New Year, so I think it all counts.

    • I’m usually pretty good at keeping everything in its own box(totally blanking on the word I wanted to use for this), which is part of how I can work on different projects at one time. This month has been a mess for my routine, though.

  2. Holidays used to be special because they were a disruption in routine, but now… they’re mostly a disruption. Maybe it’s because I’m not a kid anymore I I have to do the doing and planning as opposed to just sitting back and enjoying. But I think it’s deeper than that too. Something about the way you described your visit with your father…

    Though, $100 on Amazon… Well, that didn’t last long. πŸ˜€

    I hope that the Thursday/Friday Bleh didn’t mess your schedule up too much. May you find the rest of the year with the new plan full of creativity and enlightenment.

    • Yeah, I don’t handle disruptions to my routine too well. And I’ve always had…complicated feelings when it comes to my dad. The holidays don’t exactly make that better. If it wasn’t for the kids, I’d probably be even more of a grinch.

      Haha. I didn’t spend quite all of it, though a good chunk is gone now(and first shipment of books on its way to me).

      I am a little behind where I wanted to be, but I just average how many words I need to write each day to meet the month’s goal and update that each day, so I might still get there. If not, it’s not the end of the world.

  3. I have a HUGE wishlist on Amazon, and since I’ve been laid off (July), it’s grown even bigger b/c I can’t really buy any books the way I used to (hoping for at least one Amazon gift card this year).

    That 1 hr/15 minute thing sounds good. It reminds me of the Pomodoro Method. Interesting.

    You got a lot in progress, and some done so go you!

    • I don’t even know how many books I have on my main wish list(for ebooks), but there’s a lot. πŸ˜€ I set myself a monthly allowance to spend and keep track of everything I buy, and mostly wait for stuff to go on sale. But I definitely keep adding more books to it than I buy. So, it keeps getting longer and longer. πŸ˜€ My husband’s laid off during the winter so I understand that, too.

      I’ll try to do an update on how it’s working for me at the end of the month.

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