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Silas dumped a little more sugar than the recipe called for into the bowl. He was a scientist after all. He liked to experiment. And really, could something be too sweet? He laughed to himself a little as he reached for the week, mixing the sugar into the cranberries he’d already mashed up. He watched the contrast of the white mixing in with the red until they were all one.

With his finger, he tasted some of it and grinned. “Yep,” he murmured. “Just sweet enough.”

“Of course you are,” Corrin said, coming up behind him and wrapping an arm around his waist.

He grinned before bringing her hand up to his mouth and kissing her palm. “I think you’ve got that mixed up, Cor. You’re the sweet one around here.”

He could feel her tension as she stayed pressed against him, knew she was nervous about today. He wanted to throttle her father for ever making her doubt she’d be welcome–they would be–around her own family.

He turned toward her and pressed his lips to hers. When she pulled back, she was grinning. “That does taste sweet. What are you making?”

“Cranberry glaze for the chocolate cake I baked and frosted earlier. Think that will pay my entry into your family’s Christmas?”

Her face fell, and he knew the joke hadn’t hit its mark. He gathered her into his arms again. “I’m kidding. If anyone says a word, I won’t let them have even a sliver of the cake.”

She let out a soft huff of laughter, though it might have been closer to a sob. They’d been together, all three of them, for over a year and a half now. Eventually her father, and some other extended family members, would have to accept this was a forever situation.

“Jeremiah should be home anytime,” she said. “I thought he would have been already.”

“He called me while you were in writing. He decided to stop at Kayla and Adrian’s on his way home.”

“We’re going to be seeing them tomorrow before we head over to your parents’. Why’s he stop now.”

“Something about last minute gifts he needed to wrap without us seeing. You know how he is.”

“Sweet,” she said, smiling at him. He liked seeing that smile. It was better than the pinched, worried look whenever her father made a comment about their non-traditional relationship. “Just like you. I’m going to get a shower and change before he gets here.”

He watched her moved off toward the bathroom, swallowed the urge to follow her, and turned back to his preparations. She usually wanted to be alone to compose herself before they headed to see her family. And he needed to finish up this cake and have it ready to go before they needed to head out.

And if any of her family gave her a hard time, he’d do more than not allow them a piece of his cake. They’d been through enough to be together. It was time her family accepted them just as they were.

If they couldn’t, maybe they didn’t deserve a place in Corrin’s life anymore.


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “contrast”. This is part of a Christmas short I started writing this week using a prompt from a Patreon I subscribe to. Cranberries is part of that prompt(I worked one of the other words into another scene–with Jeremiah–) and still have one more word to work in, which will probably be in a scene from Corrin’s POV. I’m hoping to have it up on my Patreon page sometime in the coming week.

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Contrast”" (8)

  1. I love this piece. The closeness, the sense of people just trying to get on with their lives in the midst of others’ expectations…

    At first I thought Slias was trying to make cranberry sauce, and I was like… WHOA, don’t add too much sugar (it’s what I often dislike about most canberry sauce is how sweet it actually is), but when he said he was making a cake glaze, it was ‘Yeah, you may even want more than that, Silas’. Frostings need a lot of sugar just to cling to things right.

    • I’m glad you like it. I love writing about these three.

      Ha. I’ve never cared for cranberry sauce, and a glaze for a cake was the first other thing to pop into my head. I’m a recipe follower myself when it comes to cooking/baking. πŸ™‚

      • Never liked cranberry sauce much either. Then my MiL started making this thing with pears and cranberries with ginger and cinnamon. THAT I like. I could get the recipe if you’d be interested in trying it. It’s a nice twist for people who don’t like the traditional side.

      • That does sound pretty good. I like pretty much anything with cinnamon in it. πŸ™‚

      • I’ll ask her then. Though I won’t be seeing her until the 30th.

  2. Mmm… cranberry glaze on chocolate cake. That sounds really yummy! I like the image of the white sugar mixing into the red glaze. If I’d been making the glaze, I’d have left a little sugar out, to make it tart. πŸ˜› I like that you use his extra sugar to introduce the theme of sweetness you have going on here.

    • It does after writing that, and I’m not usually a cranberry fan(I love most berries, other than blueberries, though I’m not sure I’ve had cranberries outside of the sauce, which I don’t care for).


  3. […] than that, I really just did a lot of reading. I wrote another scene for that short(as part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday). There will probably be one more, then I can have it up there in time for […]

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