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Austin was sure his knees would liquefy when he met Jess’ eyes across the space. She hadn’t gone inside, had she? Had she had to see the same things he had?

God, he really hoped not.

But, she took her mask off, and he could see the horror in her eyes. Yeah, she’d seen it, too.

He started toward her, but she turned away from him. Of course, she did. She was always turning and walking away from him. But, he didn’t take his gaze off her until she’d made it to the fire truck.

He turned away and nearly ran into another man. Jess’ father. Great. But, he didn’t see anything but compassion in his eyes. “She thought Tate might be inside when the call came through,” Carrick Hunter told him. “The crew was supposed to be finishing up this job today. And he always likes to get to a job before everyone else. The relief her big brother is fine and wasn’t inside–he’s the one who called it in, though– is nearly as overwhelming as that fear had been. I hope you’ll forgive her for handling it the best she can.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Austin said, but his throat felt raw. And he knew it wasn’t from all the times he’d walked into that fire. “She doesn’t have to stop and talk to me or let me be reassured she’s fine. There’s nothing between us anymore. She’s made that clear.”

Her father shook his head. “The both of you. So damn foolish. I hope you figure it out before it’s too late.”


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “liqu” either as the beginning of a word or as part of a word. This fits just about right in with where I currently am in Still Burning. They’ll figure things out and probably soonish. 🙂

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