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“I think I broke him.”

Her father laughed from the other side of the room. And still Maddix just gaped at her. What was wrong with him? All Maribel had done was walk into the room. At least she thought that was all she’d done.

She glanced over to her father and saw his eyes were twinkling. “Is he always like this? He can’t be too good at surveillance if he stares so obviously.”

Her dad chuckled, and Maddix finally snapped his mouth shut. “No,” her dad said. “I think you broke him, Mari. Are you going to fix him?”

Warmth filled her at his easy acceptance of what she wanted. He wouldn’t stand in her way. Maddix seemed to be the only one holding that position. She looked back at him. “If he’ll let me.”


I’m back with Fiction Friday again! I took most of November off, since I was putting most of my words to NaNoWriMo(which I finished a day early!) This piece comes sometime after “You’re Drunk” and “Psst”. And is basically my response to all those fictional fathers/big brothers that are all “stay away from my baby girl/sister” even when she’s all grown up and can make her own decisions.

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