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Writing Wednesday: Finished!

Yes, that’s right, I finished NaNoWriMo early this morning. I almost had it finished last night, was less than 500 words away when I could barely keep my eyes open. So I decided to set it aside. I didn’t have any problem getting those last words this morning. I’m only a little more than halfway through the story, though. I might finish it in December, if it’s the main project I decide to put in first priority. We shall see.

Now, it’s time to WiPPet Wednesday again! And I’m still sharing from Jonas & Isaac. Last week, we had Konner giving Jonas a ride home after getting his prosthetic leg. Today I have the next 13 sentences(1+1+2+9).

Konner shook his head as he navigated the snowy streets. “Just that I had to run some errands. He was too busy studying for his last final to even ask what errands they were.”

Isaac had been distracted this week finishing a project and studying for tests. “So, he’ll be done after tomorrow?”

Konner sent him a crooked grin as he turned into the driveway. “No need to go fishing, Jonas. But, yes, he’ll be all yours for the next month.”

Jonas’ face burned now. “That’s not what I was asking.”

“Sure, it’s not. You coming to the center again tomorrow? Isaac should be there sooner, depending on how long that test takes him.”

Konner is so not believing your denial, Jonas. 🙂

As for all my progress this week:

Color Code:

Monthly Goal Met/Finished

Weekly Goal Met

Progress Made

Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky FieldsOutline Act 2, Act 3, & Act 4 as I come to themOn Target
  • Secondary: Outline Upcoming Acts for Still Burning & Whatever It Takes Target Sighted in
  • Stretch: Flames of Knowledge – Brainstorm Target Not Sighted In


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields – Write 50000 words – 50004/50000 words Bullseye!
    • “So, I should just live me life knowing he killed our parents, that he killed people who gave us shelter. And not do a bloody thing about it?”
      “Aye. Because it would mean you were still living. Why can that not be enough for you?”
  • Secondary: Other main projects – Write 17500 words – 17801/17500 Bullseye!
    • Still Burning – 668 words
      • Jess felt exhausted, but the last thing she wanted to do was go to her apartment and sit. She couldn’t remember ever feeling restless and so damn tired at the same time. All day she’d had to field questions from the men. About why they’d been pulled off a job then suddenly called back. Why they were letting some coward cause chaos on their own job. Why she was still in charge if she couldn’t even handle something like this.
        Okay, so mostly that last had been asked by her in her own head. She didn’t want the other men to know just how much her confidence had suffered because of this. Maybe [xx] had been right and she only had this job because her father was the boss.
        No. She wasn’t going to think like that. Yes, her father might have given her a chance another boss might not have. It’s not like she was the only woman on a construction crew, though. And he never would have kept her on if she wasn’t good at her job. So she shouldn’t have these doubts.
    • Whatever It Takes – 899 words
      • Then, there was the fact she hadn’t heard anything from Alexa. Konner had told her Gail had given the girl her phone back after a couple days. But, she still didn’t respond to any of Jayla’s texts. It was worrying her. She’d given a message to Konner for their sister, though, and she hoped she’d heard something from him today. Soon, hopefully. Of course he was probably spending time with Isaac while they were both on break.
    • High on Loving You – 767 words
      • “Because he loves you, too. And it would be damn obvious if the both of you would open your eyes. Now, go. I have houses to sell.”
        Anna laughed, but she did exactly that. And she really hoped the woman was right. Otherwise she was going to lay everything on the line for nothing.
    • By the Gun – 350 words
      • Alejandro closed his eyes, even though he was afraid that would mean falling back asleep. “We were getting ready to ride out of the clearing. Something hit me. Shot. I was shot,” he remembered.
  • Stretch: Side Projects – 2250 words – 2518/2250 Bullseye!
    • Patrick & Sarah
    • Tavin & Haiwee
    • Roman
    • Dougal & Shae
    • Jacob & Matthew
    • Mike & Fadil
    • Hawk
    • Sean & Braeden
    • Melanie & Garren
    • Desmund – 174 words
  • Stretchier: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 15 /15 Bullseye!


  • Primary: Stained Blood – Edit chapters as I get them back – 0/22 Got chapter 5 back Wednesday morning. Transferred comments for 2/2 scenes Target Not Sighted in Yet
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal – Edit once I get it back from CP Target Not Sighted in Yet
  • Stretch: Transfer Ready When You Are from Word to Scrivener – 23/23 Bullseye!


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 19/30 Off Target
    • The Hunter(Monica McCarty) – Started this Thursday(11/16) evening. Finished it Tuesday(11/28) morning. Enjoyed it.
    • Slow Burn Cowboy(Maisey Yates) – Started this Saturday afternoon(11/18). Finished it Sunday(11/26) evening.
    • The Girl with the Red Balloon(Katherine Locke) – Started this Thursday afternoon. At 62%
    • Beyond Reason(Kat Martin) – On page 99/388
    • Chasing Destiny(Megan Erickson) – At 55%
  • Secondary: Listen 4 books – 9/4 Bullseye!
    • Something About You(Julie James) – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Sunday afternoon. Really enjoyed it.
    • When Tony Met Adam(Suzanne Brockmann) – Listened to this Monday morning. It’s a short story/novella in her Troubleshooters series. It’s a little farther along than where I’m at in the series currently, so I probably should have waited. But, I did enjoy it.
    • Mine to Possess(Nalini Singh) – On Chapter 25/50

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Weekend Writing Warriors, & Sunday Summary each week – 17/21 On Target
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon 4x – 1/4 Off Target
    • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – The Beginning


  • Knit: Slip n Purl Toque –  Bullseye!
  • Crochet: Prayer Square  & Dreamy Scarf –  Bullseye!

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Finished!" (14)

  1. Congrats on finishing NaNo! That’s awesome. 😀

  2. Your prodigious writing is inspirational. those snippets pull me in to each story in a way that circles right back to the characters, their feelings, their inner life. Congratulations on ‘winning’ NaNo. Of course, you did finish! Have an equally great December.

  3. I think byhis point the only one who is buying into BS is Issac… and he’s not even doing great with that.

    WOOT on NaNo… though, really, I’m not all surprised. You’ve been rocking the #writingcrew sprints.

    And Jess… she needs to trust herself so much more than she is.

  4. LOL. Yeah, I don’t think Jonas even buys his own BS, but he sure is trying hard to convince himself he does.

  5. I didn’t get to write “The End” on my NaNoWriMo either, but I am also hoping to finish by the end of the year. More denial, Jonas? But I don’t think he’s really believing it anymore either. However, maybe… Denial can run very deep.

    • I ended up moving one of my other projects into the “main” project for the month. I’ll still be working on the others, but Still Burning will get most of my focus for the month. If I finish it before the end of the month, another will take its place. But, this week has gotten messed up already with “other stuff” so we’ll see how far I get toward that.
      Yeah, the denial won’t last too much longer, though they have other stuff to work through too. They’ll get there. 🙂

  6. I’m also in the “finished NaNo but not the draft.” Like you, I’m about at midpoint, and I hope to finish it this month (then I have three other novels waiting to be wrapped up….and a great deal going on besides…

    So, everything is a “we’ll see.”

    I do hope to have another chapter ready for you to edit in the next week or two….not nearly as fast as I hoped, but it helps that you understand…and it’s not likely to take longer than Stained Snow took me, so there’s that! =)

    • If it hadn’t been for Desmund popping up and insisting on sticking around and having more than just a periphery role, I’d probably be further along. But I wouldn’t have such good material along the way. I’m actually farther along in Still Burning, percentage finished wise, so I moved that one into the top slot for the month. If I finish that, then I’ll move something else(maybe even GH&SF) there next.

  7. All those bullseyes! Nice work! 🙂 Dear Jonas…do you really believe you’re fooling anyone?

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