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This week, the temperature was pretty cool, dipping down to chilly most of the days. I don’t really mind that so much. Throw on a sweatshirt and my slippers and all is good(except my hands, but they don’t seem to be happy about much these days). I do prefer the cool over the hot. Though, we still haven’t taken the air conditioners out of the windows and it’s nearly time to start up the pellet stove. It might be a good idea to do that soon. It rained pretty much all day yesterday and is raining again this morning. So not sure when that will happen.

Yesterday, I decided to do something different with the books I still have on my list to read for the month. I’ll read to at least 25%(or calculate 1/4 or so of the pages if it’s a physical book) and unless it’s really dragged me in, I’ll move on to the next book. Once I get through them all, I’ll go back and get to 50% and so on. We’ll see how that goes.

For now, I’ll get right to the update:

Color Code:

Monthly Goal met/finished

Weekly Goal met

Progress made

Nothing done


  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – Story Toolkit, Outline Act 1 in Scrivener – Finished Story Toolkit. 9/9 sections. Have scenes organized into chapters in Scrivener On Target


  • Primary: Write 35000 words on main projects – 29016/35000 words Off Target(about 2.5k below target)

    • Still Burning – 2403 words
      • His brother took a step toward him, and Austin was running. Then, he was wrapping his arms around the boy. “You had us so scared. Mama is nearly out of her mind. How could you do this to us?”
        “I’m sorry,” Levi sobbed against him. “Danny needed me. Then, we saw everyone coming and tried to go deeper in the woods. But, Danny twisted an ankle.”
    • Whatever It Takes – 2225 words
      • “Stop talking about yourself like that,” Carisa snapped. “I don’t care if that’s what she says. It’s not true.”
        “It is,” Jayla said, her voice soft. “I did do all that before.”
        “You were a kid. You were taken advantage of and used. That isn’t your fault.”
        Jayla felt like she was going to cry. And she hardly ever cried. Especially in front of anyone else. “That doesn’t matter,” she said.
        “Of course it does.”
    • High on Loving You – 3686 words
    • By the Gun – 1640 words
  • Secondary: Write 4500 words on side projects – 4703/4500 words On Target
    • Patrick & Sarah – 177 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 102 words
    • Roman – 167 words
    • Dougal & Shae – 107 words
    • Jacob & Matthew – 157 words
    • Mike & Fadil – 124 words
    • Hawk – 100 words
    • Sean & Braeden – monthly goal met
    • Melanie & Garren – 96 words
  • Stretch: Write 25 pages for Jonas & Isaac project – 26/25 pages. On Target


  • Primary: Stained Blood – Beta edits as they come in – 2/24 chapters,  got Chapter 4 back, copied notes for 3/3 scenes into Scrivener, edited 3/3 scenes  Target in Sight
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits once I get them – 0/25 chapters Not even sighted in yet
  • Stretch: Love Who You Love – type from Word to Scrivener – 10/11 chapters On Target


  • Listen: 5 audiobooks – 8/5 Bullseye!
    • Lord of Shadows(Cassandra Clare) – Started this Thursday(10/12) morning. Finished it Monday morning. I have so many feels and nowhere to put them! Gah!
    • Geekerella(Ashley Poston) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday night. Really, really enjoyed this one.
    • Tower of Dawn(Sarah J Maas) – Started this Wednesday afternoon. On Chapter 13/69.
  • Read: 30 books – 20/30 Off Target
    • Ride Hard(Laura Kaye) – Started this Saturday evening. Finished this Monday evening. Really enjoyed it.
    • Echoes at Dawn(Maya Banks) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Thursday evening. Another one I had to really suspend my disbelief for.
    • Spiral(Mila Ferrera) – Started this Thursday night. At 35%
    • Finding Miss McFarland(Vivienne Lorret) – Started this Friday afternoon. At 34%
    • Love in a Snowstorm(Zoe York) – Started this Saturday morning. At 28%
    • The Recruit(Monica McCarty) – Started this Saturday afternoon. On page 125/414

Social Media

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Weekend Writing Warriors, & Sunday Summary each week – 20/20 posts Bullseye!
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon 4x – 1/4 Off Target


  • Knit: GENEie Hat – Started this Tuesday(10/3?). 6/6 rounds of ribbing done. 53/53 rounds of cable pattern done. Finished it Thursday(10/26) Bullseye!
  • Crochet: Dreamy Scarf – I need “Dreamy” yarn for this(I could probably use another kind, but the pattern is based on using this yarn) and I haven’t found it yet. So haven’t started this. It will get moved to November’s goals.

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Rainy Update" (11)

  1. You have been busy as always and whittling away at those goals.
    When it comes to reading, I have such a hard time not finishing a book, no matter how much I am struggling with it. It takes me that much longer to read it and then I am that much farther behind on books to read. I might have to try your idea and just not finish a book if I am not sold on it 25% of the way in. I probably won’t go back to that book, however.
    Also, I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I have decided that I have no use for it and will take the heat any time.

  2. Amazing progress — as always. I really like the way you highlight both Monthly and Weekly goals (I do goals for the round and by the week), because your method makes overall progress clearer. Those snippets from wips draw me right into the story; participating in those writing challenges is a good reinforcer (I haven’t done this lately, except for ROW80). The hat is gorgeous. Have a great week.

  3. Yay on the progress! Looks good.

    I have such a hard time not finishing a book. Even if I can’t stand it. It’s a stubborn thing. I’m trying to be more conservative with my time these days an put aside stuff that doesn’t grab me.

  4. Wonderful progress on goals. So much writing and reading. All the best in the week ahead.

  5. I’m always drawn in by your snippets, like Beth said. And like many, I have a heard time putting down a book I’m not enjoying. I think your approach is interesting–I look forward to seeing how it works for you.

    • Thanks!
      It’s worked out pretty well so far. I ended up setting one aside a little more than halfway through and have finished all but 1 of the others.

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