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Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m sharing more from Hawk’s story. They’re still trying to figure out who sent the sniper after Hawk, if he really was the target.

“And you’re sure he meant one of us?”

Wraith just raised that eyebrow again. Right, we were the only ones around here known for our vigilante work, and the ones the Crows seemed to hate the most. “But, we have a truce with them.”

“And if we can’t prove they hired the sniper, we can’t claim they broke it either.”

“Fuckers,” I cursed and heard an echo of that from Damon, still standing at my side. “Did he say which one of us? Was it really me he targeted, or was I just the easiest one to lure into a trap?”

“He claimed they were going to get rid of someone who should have been dead months ago. You and Devil were the ones they planned to kill back then, and if he hadn’t been with you, he wouldn’t have been in that area, so that only leaves one option to my mind.”

Are they right? Was Hawk the sniper’s target? And was it the Crows who hired him? I may have more answers for you at some point.

And I’ve posted the final chapter of Staring at the Sun, so you can check that out if you’d like. It’s going to be a while before I have Hawk ready to start putting up there.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Leaves One Option”" (14)

  1. Could you send a clone or two my way, so that I can find time to read all the great things you write, please? Because I’ve got this beta project I want to get finished…

  2. Well, the way he reasoned it out, it seems to leave just one option. 🙂

    Your dialogue seems very natural and fluid–believable. 🙂

  3. It sounds like he is indeed the target. Maybe it’s because of the crosshairs on his forehead?

  4. Sounds like he is the target, which leaves me wondering why. The mystery and tension continue to build.

    • There’s a lot of history between the two groups and the other group does hate Hawk more than the others. Mostly because they’re assholes. Thanks.

  5. A dangerous environment they live in, and so many questions…hope things clarify for them soon. Enjoyed the excerpt!

  6. Great tension building here. Nicely done.

  7. Diane Burton said:

    If it’s not the other gang, then maybe a rival wants those 2 to eliminate each other then they can be top dog. Very tense scene. I’m fascinated by this story.

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