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WeWriWa: “Don’t Deny”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I feel kind of like I’ve been up and down and around this week(and I’m really not much of a fan of rollercoasters myself). The kids had Monday off from school, then only a half day Wednesday because of the funeral of a teacher who died the week before. And that all threw me off a bit, but I still made progress. And I’m here with the next bit of Hawk’s story. Wraith was talking to a relative of one of the group that the Riders have been fighting with, though they’ve made a truce recently(that was at the end of Dance with the Devil). He’s relating that to Hawk & Devil here.

From the arch of Wraith’s eyebrow, he’d had the same thought. I didn’t really care right now, though. I needed to know what was going on, but he answered easily enough. “He said his relative told him they were planning to take out at least one of the pretentious vigilante assholes. His words exactly, not mine; I of course don’t think we’re pretentious or assholes.”

I nearly laughed, but it got stuck somewhere in my chest. “You don’t deny the vigilante part, though.”

“Why would I? That’s basically what we do. If the law isn’t going to help, who else will?”

Is this other group really the ones behind this? Will they accomplish what they have planned? I’ll have more next week.

And I got Chapter 9 of Staring at the Sun up on Wattpad this week, so you can check that out if you’ve been following along with Icarus & Cassie’s story.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Don’t Deny”" (16)

  1. nancygideon said:

    Great scene, Fallon!! Who else will, indeed. Nice slice of tension and humor.

  2. Interesting and complicated world going on here, shifting alliances, who to trust – lucky they have each other in the group to rely on. Enjoyed the excerpt!

  3. Harrowing world they live in. I’d love to read a blurb to get the bigger picture.

  4. Interesting snippet, made me wish there was more!

  5. He makes a point…

  6. Interesting glimpse into the way he sees them.

  7. Diane Burton said:

    If no one else will… That’s how things get done. Good snippet.

  8. I trust you show elsewhere that the vigilante’s justification isn’t just self-serving, because for many people vigilante’s aren’t automatically considered nice people.

    Sorry for being tardy to comment. Blame *#@!@ LAX for getting me home a day late.

    • Yeah, they’re all about helping people who need it. Sometimes that means getting justice no one else will, sometimes in other ways.

      Glad you made it home, even if it was delayed. 🙂

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