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I used the “A couple are leaving on their honeymoon” prompt for today’s story. I wrote about Jonas and Isaac heading through the airport for their trip. And the fact Jonas’s pass through security may be more complicated than for others.


“Are you sure we packed everything?”
Jonas looked over at Isaac. “Relax. We double and triple checked your lists. If we did actually miss something, we probably don’t actually need it.”
“And if we do?”
“We’re not staying out in the middle of nowhere. We can buy it if we really need it.”
And since they were at the airport now, it would be a little too late to worry about it anyway. But, he knew that was one of the things Isaac did. He worried about everything. He tried to keep control of everything in his power. As if that would keep everything else from going wrong.
Usually it was fine, but sometimes it went a little overboard. And that was when Jonas was there to reel him back.
“Are you sure we should have flown?” Isaac asked as they rolled their suitcases through the airport. “We could have driven there.”
They’d had this argument already. “Our parents paid for the tickets. What were we supposed to do, just turn them down? And I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is to be cooped up in a car for like ten hours.” He wasn’t sure if the trip would have taken that long, but car rides were near torture for him. Especially since he couldn’t break it up by switching into the driver’s seat.
“And what about getting through security?”
Jonas sighed and turned to face him fully. “I checked into it. Stop worrying. I might get a more through pat down.” His lip quirked up. “Depending on the agent, I might enjoy it.”
Isaac elbowed him in the side, but he was laughing. Jonas’ mission was achieved then. He kissed Isaac then took his hand before continuing on to the check luggage line. “I printed out that card from the website to hand to security. They’ll know about my leg. I don’t even have to take it off. And we got bulkhead seating so I’ll have more leg room. It’s going to be fine, Isaac. Stop worrying.”
When they got to the security line, Jonas checked out the security agent. “Oh yeah,” he said, nudging Isaac, “even you wouldn’t mind him patting you down, right?”
Isaac laughed. “You’re terrible,” he said.
“Don’t worry, I still love you. But, look at those hands.”
Isaac bent over, laughing. “I thought you liked my hands.”
“I love your hands,” he said. “They’re the only ones I want on me forever.”
“Good,” Isaac said, sliding one of those hands into Jonas’ hair and pulling him down for a kiss. Then, there was a clearing of a throat.
“Gentlemen,” a rough voice said. “You need to continue through the line.”
Jonas looked up at the security agent and grinned. “Yes, sir.” He handed over the card he’d filled out before they left the house.
The man looked over it then nodded. “I’ll need to see the prosthetic.”
Jonas lifted his pant leg up above where the socket connected to what remained of his leg. His jaw tightened as the man ran the scanner over and around the leg, checking for who really knew what. He’d lost his leg saving other soldiers from the battlefield. But, none of that mattered. And he got it, really he did. But, no matter what he’d said to Isaac, and he’d continue to assure his husband that everything was fine, it was a bit humiliating to be put through more extensive security than anyone else.
“You’re clear,” the man said, finally stepping back.
“Thanks,” Jonas said, forcing his jaw to relax.
“Thank you for your service,” the man said. “My brother was a Marine. He didn’t come back.”
“I’m sorry for that. I’m sure he was a good man.”
“The best,” the man said with a grin, though there was a sadness behind it. “Not that I always appreciated it when he was here. But, your boyfriend’s waiting.”
Jonas glanced up to where Isaac was waiting after continuing through the line. He held up Jonas’ ring, which had gone through on a tray along with Isaac’s ring and bracelets. “Husband,” Jonas corrected the man. “This is our honeymoon.”
The man grinned even wider now. A relief, since Jonas never knew how that would be received. There were still some hate-filled people, even if things were getting better. “Then, you’d really better get going. Congratulations.”
Jonas didn’t waste any more time. Isaac slipped the ring back on Jonas’ finger and pressed a hard kiss to his lips. “Come on,” he said. “We’ve still got to catch the flight.”
Jonas kept his hand in Isaac’s as they made their way to their gate. He tried to push away the lingering feeling of distaste from all that attention paid to him. He’d have to go through it again on their way home, but for now he was going to focus on the time he got to spend with Isaac without work, school, or family pulling either of them away.
He was going to savor every second.

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