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Jonas opened his eyes and looked into the hall from where he hung from the pull-up bar in his doorway. A grin crossed his face as Isaac strode a little closer. He dropped back to the ground and staggered.

He forgot he had to be more careful about how he landed these days. “You okay?” Isaac asked, moving toward him.

Jonas nodded and took a tentative step on his artificial leg. It worked just fine. “What are you doing here?” Jonas asked his…he wasn’t sure what they were at the moment.

“Came to see you. Your mom said you were back here. Working out again.”

“Not much else for me to do, is there?” He hated the bitterness that came out with that, but he couldn’t seem to help it. If he could just find something to do with himself during the long days, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“That’s actually one reason I came by.”

Jonas grinned as he leaned forward to press a kiss to his lips. “But, my mom’s home,” Jonas murmured.

Isaac laughed and put a hand to the back of Jonas’ neck. “Not what I meant.”

“Your hand is cold,” he said with a shiver.

“I shoveled your mom’s sidewalk for her. It snowed quite a bit last night.”

Was it any wonder Jonas was falling for him all over again? How could he not when the man was so caring to the people in his life? He pulled Isaac in for another kiss. Even when his hands slid against Jonas’ sides, and he shivered, he didn’t break away. “Cold,” he murmured.

“I could warm you up, but your mom’s home.”

Jonas laughed. “Damn, Isaac, that’s just cold.”


Writing this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday from a hotel room. But, that didn’t mean Jonas & Isaac were going to leave me alone. 😉 today’s prompt was “hot/cold.” Use one, use both, bonus points if you start your post with one and end with the other. Yeah, these two weren’t going to leave me alone for that.

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Hot/Cold" (2)

  1. Bonus score! Good one.

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