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This is a continuation of an earlier story. Bree and Jenny just may become an actual story for me to work on.


Bree groaned and rolled over, nearly falling off the couch. Why had she fallen asleep out here? Lissa hated it when she fell asleep on the couch. Especially if she was bringing a friend home after a night at the club.
Bree opened her eyes and instantly knew something was wrong. Either Lissa had rearranged the living room while she slept or…no, this was definitely not her apartment.
The sunlight slanting in through the window, linger on a bowl of fruit on the coffee table in front of her. A bookshelf actually stuffed full of books instead of pictures and knick knacks sat on the other side of the room. And that same window letting in the light currently searing her eyeballs looked out on a grassy area across the quiet street. This definitely wasn’t the third floor apartment she’d lived in for the last year.
Then, the memories of what happened the day before came back to her. Leo calling her into his office. She’d thought he was finally considering her request for a raise. And he had. In exchange for her…No, she wasn’t going to give that memory any thought. She’d picked up the closest thing at hand, the stapler from his desk, and she’d thrown it right at her head. Him ducking in time was probably the only reason he hadn’t pressed assault charges. But, he had called security to escort her out of his office and the building after letting her grab her personal effects from her desk.
And Lissa had kicked her out of her own apartment. Thrown everything outside and had the locks changed. Then, Bree had met Jenny.
“Good morning,” a voice said from behind her. “How are you feeling this morning. After finishing off most of that bottle of wine, not good, I’m sure.”
Bree pushed herself up to a sitting position on the couch then braced a hand against her reeling head. “That’s what I figured,” Jenny said, holding a couple small pills out to her. “These should at least help the headache. I told you you’d regret it this morning. But, I guess after your day, you deserved to indulge a bit.’
“Should have listened to you. I really don’t do that often.”
“I believe you. Just like I did all the times you said it last night. And sleeping on the couch? I did remind you last night you have a perfectly good bed to use.”
Bree felt a smile pull at her lips. “Yeah, I do that more than I should. It drove my roommate crazy. Apparently finding me on the couch put a damper on the mood when she brought someone home.”
“That won’t be a problem for me, don’t worry,” she said.
Bree wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that, but she had time to figure it out. As long as she didn’t do something to screw it all up. Jenny smiled at her, almost brighter than the sunlight. But, this didn’t hurt Bree’s eyes.
No, hurt wasn’t even close to what she felt when Jenny smiled at her. She just hoped that wouldn’t come to be a problem between them.

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