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Writing Wednesday: Sleeping In

I don’t usually have a problem waking up early. Sometimes I do it even without an alarm. Even on weekends I’m usually up before 6. But, Friday I didn’t wake up until 6:30. Since the kids’ bus comes a little after 7, at least they were already up and getting dressed. Monday morning I slept until 5:30. Not too bad, but later than I’d like, since I like getting some writing done before the kids wake up. Tuesday I was up at my usual time, then this morning I woke at 3 but couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I put my phone down and went back to sleep. Until 6. So, that puts my whole schedule behind, but I can work with that.

I’ve decided to once again implement Mellow Monday. I’ve come to the realization that I need to take at least one day off a week. Just throw a middle finger up to my brain that says I’m not doing enough…no matter how much I’m actually getting done. Because usually by Thursday, I’m just…done. So, I figure if I take Monday off from writing(I’ll probably still do my Story a Day first thing this month and then maybe something laid back after that) and use it mainly as a reading day, this will help. Also, since we’re usually running around on weekends, and that also is when we’re most often social, it gives me a chance to recover from that(I am so not a social person). I did that Monday afternoon, after staring at my screen while trying to work on a story where usually the words flow, and I had…nothing. Tuesday was a much more productive day, so I think it helped.

Now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday time!! This blog hop, hosted by the inimitable Emily Wrayburn, is a place to share a snippet of a current work in progress that somehow pertains to the date. Today I’m still sharing from Jonas & Isaac’s story. I have 22 sentences(9+13) from a little later in the scene I shared from last week. Jonas has just come in to hear Isaac say he still loves him while he’s in Konner’s arms.

Konner shifted away, looking past Isaac. “Guess you must be Jonas, then.”

Isaac turned and watched Jonas’ gaze shift from him to Konner. “What gave you the first clue?”

Isaac twisted his head and saw Konner grinning. Of course. Very little kept him from doing that. No matter how rude someone got, Konner just kept grinning away. It had a tendency to disarm people.

“Well, you did basically just announce it,” he said. “And you look a lot like your older brother, so that doesn’t hurt.”

“So, it’s got nothing to do with the leg?” he asked, and Isaac thought he caught a hint of a smile.

“Didn’t get past the face actually.” He looked back at Isaac. “I get it now.”

“Get what?” Jonas asked, all traces of smile gone now. But, Konner kept his gaze on Isaac.

“Why you still haven’t been able to get over him. It bothered me back when we were dating, but I get it now. He’s a fine specimen. And all that emotion simmering under the surface. Yeah, I get it.”

How is Jonas going to react to that? Is Konner right? I should have a little more from this scene next week. You can go check out the other WiPPeteers here.


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields: Book 1 – Story Toolkit – got through Major Plot Points, finished 2 protagonist character sheets, started 3rd character sheet 5b/18
  • Secondary: Plan out weekly Story a Day offeringsPlotted 8/25(guessing on this number right now) so far. The others from the second set of prompts aren’t really plottable(write in opposite setting from last time/write opposite your usual method). On target.


  • Primary: Write 45000 words on 5 main projects(one almost complete) – 13326/45000 words Off target
    • Still Burning – 854 words
    • Whatever It Takes –
    • High on Loving You – 287 words
    • By the Gun – 299 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 3412/10000 words Near target
    • Patrick & Sarah – 160 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 29 words
    • Roman – 229 words
    • Dougal & Shae –
    • Jacob & Matthew – 188 words
    • Mike & Fadil–57 words
    • Hawk – 103 words
    • Sean & Braeden –
    • Melanie & Garren –
  • Stretch: Write 50 pages on Jonas & Isaac project – 11/50 pages Off target


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal when I get it back
  • Stretch: Edit Preggers short story – Filled in detail


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 10/30 Fell Off Target
    • Of Dreams and Rust(Sarah Fine) – Started this Monday(9/4) morning. At 14%. Not sure if it’s because it’s been so long since I read the first book or what, but I find myself not really caring. So setting this aside until I finish the other books on this month’s list(or at least for the week). Then, I may try to pick it back up.
    • See No Evil(Allison Brennan) – Started this Saturday afternoon. Finished it Monday afternoon. Really enjoyed it.
    • Edge of Control(Trish Loye) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Monday night. Loved it.
    • Yours to Keep(Shannon Stacey) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday night. Really enjoyed it.
  • Secondary: Listen to 6 books – 1/6 Close to target
    • A Court of Wings and Ruin(Sarah J Maas) – Started this Thursday morning. On Chapter 18/84. Had some reservations about this because of things I heard when it was coming out. But, I still wanted to finish the trilogy.
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – I did read a little more of The Story of the Irish Race for GH & SF.

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post weekly Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, SOCS, WeWriWa, & Sunday Summary posts –  On target
  • Secondary: Write & Post 25 Story a Day pieces – 11/25 written. 8/25 posted On target
    • Changing History
    • Birth – takes place after the end of Jonas & Isaac’s story
    • Dazzling Sunset – a bit with Ian and Aidan, from my short story, Hang On.
    • Looking Up – a bit of a “meet cute” for 2 new characters.
    • Moving Forward – a bit of ‘after ever after’ for Jonas & Isaac(though it comes before ‘Birth’.
    • Not Twins – continuation to my Preggers story, not posted
    • Motive – More Jonas & Isaac, combined with Stream of Consciousness Saturday
    • Breaking Rules – A quick 100 words of dialogue without quotation marks(prompt was to break some rules).
    • Konner & Derek – Wrote this by hand then dictated to my phone(both methods I don’t typically use).
    • Rapunzel, Rapunzel – a bit of a gender-bent modernized version of Rapunzel, featuring Konner & Derek.
    • A Good Sign – more with Konner & Derek, something that happens off page in Jonas & Isaac’s story.
  • Stretch: Post to Patreon 4x – 2/4 – posted a monthly writing update & posted Chapter 2 of Patrick & Sarah’s story. On target

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Sleeping In" (14)

  1. Konner is one of those types who’d smile at a gun barrel in face. Unnerving to be on the receiving end of. Nice WIPpet. Can’t wait to read what happens next!

  2. Konner is something else, LOL. Good for him for saying something here. I think the other two needed that.

  3. “Fine specimen”, I love that 🙂
    I have a feeling that Konner is able to read people, so I’d say that he is write about Jonas.

  4. I love this snippet…and the day off. I’ll be doing that as one of my actual goals next round….

  5. Emily Wrayburn said:

    Great dialogue! I think Konner breaking the ice was just what the other two needed. Hopefully.

  6. Ah, those grinny people. They think they can charm the birds from the trees. In Konner’s case, that’s probably true!

    I’ve changed my routine to get some break time too (for writing, though, rather than from it). It’s really helped my productivity, even if sticking to it is proving a bit of a challenge.

    • He probably could at that! 😉

      This has been an off week overall, with both kids having their yearly check-up yesterday, a thing at the school tomorrow, and we’ll be out of town all weekend. So, I’ll wait to see until at least next week if taking Monday off makes any difference in my weekly productivity.

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