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“What do you think his motive is?”
Isaac glanced over at Konner, arching one eyebrow. “What are we, staring on a cop show now?”
Konner laughed, a little more than the statement probably warranted. He’d been like that a lot lately. Of course, Konner had always been able to find more humor in every day things than Isaac had. And it wasn’t because he’d had an easier life.
He hadn’t. But he apparently had something that was broken in Isaac. He ruthlessly shoved those thoughts—planted there by his father so many years ago, even though he’d thought he’d uprooted them by now—and turned back to the discussion. “Anyway, I thought it was your brother who was the investigator now.”
Konner snorted now. “I could set Maddix on him if you want. A little surveillance, and we’d have some answers.”
Isaac shook his head. “I’m not setting your private investigator brother on my ex-boyfriend. He hasn’t done anything.”
“Last time I saw him, he looked like he wanted to be your current boyfriend once again.”
Something flashed through Konner’s eyes, but he just grinned back at Isaac. “What would I be jealous of? I’m single and loving it, babe.”
Isaac knew when he used that pet name, he was covering up what he really felt. And Konner, single? Yeah, that never lasted long. “You are chronically falling in love, Kon. Single isn’t a state you exist in well.”
“But, it means no one is jealous when I flirt. Well, except that ex of yours. He didn’t look too happy when I flirted with you.”
“You’re being ridiculous. He doesn’t care. He just knows we’re exes, and thinks you might hurt me again.” He paused. “He obviously doesn’t know that you didn’t hurt me the first time.”
Their break-up had been a mutual parting. Konner had seen he still loved Jonas, even when he’d tried to deny it. Like he was still trying to do years later. And Konner had already been falling in love with someone else. As he’d said, it seemed to be a chronic condition for Konner.
“You did say you wanted to know why he keeps coming by, hanging out when you’re not busy. But, he leaves just as that tension starts snapping between you.”
“I don’t need a private investigator for those answers. I don’t need those answers.” Wasn’t sure he wanted them.
“You keep telling yourself that, Isaac. I can see the truth. Hell, everyone around here sees the truth.”
“I will,” Isaac said, ignoring the last two statements. “Thank you very much for your permission.”
Konner snorted again and bumped his shoulder against Isaac’s. Then, he started rambling on about…something. Isaac barely followed the conversation. Because…why did Jonas keep coming by? He shouldn’t care about the answer. But, he did. And he was afraid finding out would destroy him.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “motive” in any form. Combining it with the Story a Day challenge. Used the prompt to go for emotion(was going for laughs, though may have fallen short there, though Konner always is a riot to write).


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