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I got to today’s Story a Day first thing. I think that’s going to be how I handle it from now on. It tends to be my best writing time anyway. Today I went with the ‘It was the smell that caught my attention first…’ prompt. Only I changed it to 3rd person. And I used Jonas & Isaac. This will take place sometime after their story ends(which is a Romance, so how it ends isn’t much of a spoiler).


It was the smell that caught Isaac’s attention first. No one had answered his knock, so he’d just let himself in. He’d been coming by the Pedera’s so many years, no one ever thought much of him just walking right in. Except those five years Jonas had been gone. But, he preferred not to even think about that.
He took a deep sniff of the air, but he couldn’t place exactly what the smells were. Not Angelia’s famous enchiladas. Well, famous in the Pedera household anyway. He knew that smell well. This was something else, but it had his mouth watering and his stomach rumbling.
He probably shouldn’t have skipped lunch in lieu of finishing his final project for one of his classes, but he had. There were some habits that were very hard to break.
He walked through the living room before finally stepping into the kitchen. It wasn’t even Angelia standing at the stove. “Jonas?” he asked. “What are you doing?”
His boyfriend turned and grinned at him. “Come on, college boy, I thought you had all the smarts. You should be able to figure that one out.”
Isaac laughed and moved over to wrap his arms around him. “That much is obvious. The question is why you’re the one cooking. Didn’t you work today?”
He was wearing his uniform pants, the ones with so many pockets, Isaac wasn’t sure how he remembered what he had in each of them, but had changed into a Gilbert Fire Department t-shirt. “Until noon. I go back in at noon tomorrow.”
He’d been working for the town’s ambulance department for a couple months now. He’d been afraid some of his injuries from the war would keep him from being able to qualify for the job. But, they’d made some adjustments so they could have someone with as much training as he’d gotten in the army. And Isaac still had trouble keeping track of his schedule.
“I figured it would be your mother cooking. Maybe Arcelia.”
Jonas turned into him and held up the spoon for him to taste. The spices burst along his tongue. “Holy hell. That’s good.”
“Mom left the recipe. She has a date tonight.” Isaac looked carefully at Jonas, but he didn’t seem upset by this. Jonas apparently read the question in his eyes because he shook his head. “I don’t think she’s been on a date since she married Dad. He’s been gone more than fifteen years. It’s about time she got back out there.”
He lowered his head to kiss Jonas and got lost in him until the smell changed. “Shit,” Jonas said, spinning back to the stove. He was moving on his new leg a lot better now, though he was still going to physical therapy twice a week for it. He moved the pan off the stove then turned back to Isaac. “You’re too distracting.”
“I like distracting you,” Isaac murmured. “Just not if it means burning down your mom’s house.” That was something he was hoping to talk to Jonas about. He’d found the perfect little house for them. Now if only he could convince Jonas. Once they ate he’d start on that. After all they’d been through, he wasn’t going to let anything hold him back from moving on to the next step with this man.


Comments on: "Story a Day: Day 5 – “Moving Forward”" (6)

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  2. […] Moving Forward – a bit of ‘after ever after’ for Jonas & Isaac(though it comes before ‘Birth’. […]

  3. […] Moving Forward – a bit of ‘after ever after’ for Jonas & Isaac(though it comes before ‘Birth’. […]

  4. Sweetness. And I bet dinner was just fine, even if maybe a little scorched. I can picture them in their little house. I hope Jonas says yes! =)

  5. […] Moving Forward – a bit of ‘after ever after’ for Jonas & Isaac(though it comes before ‘Birth’. […]

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