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Sunday we had the boy’s birthday party, even though his birthday isn’t actually until this coming Sunday. But with Labor Day weekend, we figured it was easier to have it early. I actually don’t think in 7 years we’ve ever had his party on his actual birthday. I think part of that is the fact he shares it with the day my father-in-law died, so that’s always a bittersweet day. Anyway, he had a good time, got a bunch of stuffed dogs and some new clothes.

He wanted a Bumblebee Transformers cake, so this is what I came up with

And Tuesday they started back to school. I swear it’s impossible to get a serious picture of this child:

I may have listened to Hamilton at full volume(which isn’t really all that loud on my computer) while they were gone. That’s about the extent of my partying ways. And I did a good bit of writing. Yeah, it was a good day.

And now, since it’s WiPPet Wednesday time, I have another snippet from Jonas & Isaac today. Today I have 12 paragraphs(8+3+0+1 bonus to celebrate back to school time). Jonas’ brother, Toby, has shown up while Jonas is with the physical therapist. Realize the brother and therapist know each other from Toby’s time in the Army. Will likely be changing therapist’s name because having a Toby and Tony in the same scene is a bit confusing. 😉

He tried to ignore not being able to do a damn thing for himself and looked back at his brother. “Why are you here? You knew about my appointment today, so it’s not like we can leave early. Please don’t say you came to tell me you knocked Denise up again. What would this make? Six?”
It sounded like Tony was choking on laughter, but Jonas didn’t take his eyes off his brother. “Four, you brat. And, no, that’s not why. She didn’t want to tell anyone yet.”
“Damn, Tobes,” Tony said, “I’m surprised she hasn’t made you get it snipped yet.”
Toby grinned, but there was definitely something off about his eyes. “What can I say? She likes making babies with me.”
“Ew, gross. Think I’m gonna puke,” Jonas said, getting his crutches under him and heading for the door. Toby had caught up to him by the time he reached it.
“Maybe we can grab some lunch before your appointment,” he suggested.
Jonas stopped just outside the room. There was definitely something going on. “Tell me, Toby. You’re starting to worry me. Just tell me.”
Toby leaned back against the wall and sighed. “Mama didn’t think we should tell you yet. Didn’t want to worry you when you need to focus on recovering.”
Jonas wasn’t sure he could breathe. “Is she sick? Is it bad?”
Toby shook his head. “It’s not Mama. It’s bad, but not her.”
“Arcelia?” he asked, his breathing even shallower.
Toby put his hands on Jonas’s shoulders. “No. No one is sick, Jo. It’s Isaac’s father. He’s being paroled.”

Yikes. That doesn’t sound good, does it? What’s Jonas going to do about it? Might this be what finally gets him to talk to Isaac again?


  • Primary: Write 50000 words on 5 main projects – 51706/50000 Goal completed
    • Heart of Christmas – 1969 words
    • Still Burning – 1712 words
    • Whatever It Takes – 1384 words
    • High on Loving You – 1216 words
    • By the Gun – 1473 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 9833/10000 Almost to goal.
    • Dougal & Shae – 72 words
    • Jacob & Matthew – 223 words
    • Preggers – 256 words
    • Roman – 211 words
    • Hawk – 88 words
    • Melanie & Garren – 265 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 194 words
    • Patrick & Sarah – 276 words
  • Stretch: Write 50 pages in composition notebook on Jonas & Isaac’s story – 73/50 pages. Goal Completed. Way ahead of schedule here.


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal once I get it back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting.
  • Stretch: Polish In the Moonlight & Staring at the Sun, post Staring at the Sun on Wattpad, Edit Midas’ DaughterRename, Fill-In details, read through, revise, & polish Jared’s Stepfather 


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 29/30 Goal almost completed
    • Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit(Jaye Robin Brown) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished Sunday afternoon. Loved this.
    • Make It Last(Megan Erickson) – Started this Sunday evening. Finished it Monday afternoon. Loved it.
    • Hell On Wheels(Cynthia Rayne) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Tuesday morning. Liked it.
    • Dirty Distractions(Taryn Quinn) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. Finished it Tuesday evening. There didn’t seem to be much plot other than a lot of sex(seriously, almost every scene) and it ended at 51% with excerpts following of like 4 other books. And just…no. That drives me nuts.
    • The Ex-Trials(Heather Topham Wood) – Started this Tuesday night. At 71%
  • Secondary: Listen 4 books – 6/4 Goal more than completed.
    • Prudence(Gail Carriger) – Started this Monday morning. On Chapter 4/16
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – 0/1

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  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday(mid-week check-in & snippet from Jonas & Isaac), Fiction Friday(Chapter two of Staring at the Sun), SOCS(another moment between Jonas & Isaac right after last week’s), WeWriWa(the beginning of Chapter 2 of Hawk’s story), & Sunday Summary posts each week – 5/5 last week(all linked above except WW). Staying on target
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon at least 1x a week – Didn’t post anything this week. If you were my patron(and you can be for only $1 a month if you click on the link), what would you want to see from me? I feel like I’m talking to a void there since I don’t have any patrons there, but I don’t want to just stop posting content.
  • Stretch: Stay current with blog comments – Current as of Wednesday afternoon

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Back to School" (12)

  1. jlgfellers said:

    Oh, that’s tough. Either he’ll stay away or come back for what’s “his.” Nice Snippet. And, love the cake. I did such things many times for my own children.

  2. Wow, it seems like yesterday the summer started. And kids start school before Labor Day? Only time I started before Labor Day was when I started college.

    Nice progress as usual! 🙂

  3. Our kids start school this Friday. Yes, the day before the Labor Day weekend, and just for one day. How dumb is that? I think if my kids were still in School, I’d let them stay home.

  4. Nice cake! And your children look adorable 🙂

    Seems like an interesting twist of events towards the end of the snippet. Wondering what it means now that Isaac’s dad is going on parole….

  5. […] Post Writing Wednesday(mid-week check-in & snippet from Jonas & Isaac), Fiction Friday, SOCS, WeWriWa, & […]

  6. Congrats on getting your days back to yourself. Alas, my children are too old for school and the eldest still lives at home, so…yeah. She had to the cheek to complain I talked to her while she was trying to read a magazine the other day!

    I love the snippet – the buildup to the bad news is excellent. Sounds like there’s trouble ahead.

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