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When Toby dropped him off at Cristine and Roman’s house, Jonas hadn’t expected for Isaac to be the one to answer the door. he should have at least thought of the possibility. He knew Isaac still lived there. Still hearing his voice had thrown him back more than five years. Maybe that’s why those teasing words had been the first to slip out.

As if they could pretend the last five years hadn’t happened.

Jonas looked down at what was left of his right leg. He could never pretend that again. He shook his head and picked up another balloon. his face warmed a bit remembering what he’d said to Isaac. He’d need to keep the sexual innuendos out of the rest of their conversations. They couldn’t go back to where that came so easily for them.

Hell, Isaac was going to graduate school, and Jonas didn’t have a clue what his own future held anymore. Still on such different paths, there was no way they could walk them together.

Jonas didn’t even know why he wanted so much to do that. They’d been high school sweethearts, that was it. That didn’t mean they were meant to be together.

“How are those balloons coming?”

He jerked his head up at Isaac’s voice. “You okay?” Isaac asked. “is your leg hurting?”

Jonas shook his head and wiped his yes. He needed to get control of his emotions. he’d been better at that before. Now they seemed to be everywhere. So much for leveling off. “I’m fine,” he said.

“You’re not,” Isaac said, dropping into another chair at the table. “And that’s okay. I know the feeling,” he said. “It’s been seven years since I’ve had to live with my dad. You know I still wake some mornings afraid of leaving my own room, thinking he’ll be waiting to knock me around. I don’t think I’ll ever be okay. And that was when he was still in prison.”

Jonas closed his eyes against the ache of that thought. Then, he felt a hand on his knee. He opened his eyes and saw that Isaac had scooted his chair closer. “It’s all right, Jonas. He hasn’t even made contact with me. He’s not supposed to, but we know he doesn’t care about that. I’ve got Toby’s number on speed dial if he does approach me.”

Jonas couldn’t help but smile. Toby had promised to do whatever he could to make sure Isaac stayed safe. “My brother,” he said, “the protector of one and all.”

Isaac laughed at that. “I’d say that’s the perfect description of him. Do you need any help with these?”

Jonas shook his head. “Just a couple more to finish.” But, he couldn’t take his eyes off Isaac’s mouth. God, what was he even thinking? He couldn’t go there again. Hadn’t he already told himself that? “Is there anything else we need to do to get ready?”

Isaac shook his head, but he still hadn’t moved. “I’ve got the living room decorated. Cristine decorated the cake before they left this morning. I’ll get the rest of the food out while you finish those.”

When Isaac stood up, Jonas should have been relieved. So what was with this overwhelming sense of disappointment? He pushed it away and grabbed one of the last balloons. It was nothing. Maybe if he kept telling himself that, it would become true.


Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was to start the post with “When”. I ended up ending it with it too(at least at the beginning of the last paragraph). I wasn’t sure exactly where this was going to go after that first sentence. But, I did want to get Jonas & Isaac to a point where they’ll be able to come back together.

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