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Actually a little less than a week. That’s when the kids go back to school! (Does it make me a bad mom if I throw a little party?) This hasn’t been the worst summer. The kids may actually be starting to get a long better, or at least handling it better when they get upset with each other. Although the last week or so, there’s been more arguing over little things. Tomorrow the list should be up so we find out who their teachers are. We got the girl everything on the list for what she’ll need for 4th grade. And she’s said she’s ready to go back.

We’re having the boy’s birthday party this weekend. His birthday isn’t for another week after that, but since that’s Labor Day weekend, and people usually have plans, we decided to have it early. Of course, my dad still won’t be there. But, I ranted about that on twitter last week(I think). No need to go into it again. Needless to say, I’m not surprised, and it’s nothing new.

I mentioned on Sunday about working in two hour blocks and writing a “day map” for getting everything done. I’m still doing that this week, and it seems to be going well for me, so I think I’ll keep doing that. Until it becomes more of a pain than a help anyway. This was my map from Monday(I adjust it as needed, but I think I like this basic format):

Now, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday, the blog hop where we share a snippet that somehow corresponds to the day. Today I have 9 paragraphs(8-2+3) from the next scene of Jonas & Isaac’s story. He took the dinner order back to the youth center where both he and Konner(may remember him from Whatever It Takes snippets) work. They aren’t together anymore, but still good friends.

Konner sat on the desk in front of him. It was a position they’d been in plenty of times during college. There was nothing sexual in it right now, though. There hadn’t been for a few years. “You’re worrying me, Isaac. What’s going on?”
“He’s home,” he said softly.
He didn’t have to say more. Understanding dawned in his eyes. “It’s not the first time. Usually you just avoid him when he has leave. Didn’t Tereza tell you this time?”
Isaac shook his head. It was the only time she even mentioned his name. “It’s not just leave this time. He was hurt.”
“Oh.” Konner leaned forward and pressed his forehead to Isaac’s. “I’m sorry. How bad?”
“I don’t know,” he said, choking slightly on the words as tears welled in his eyes. “I only saw his face, and the scars there.” And one eye hadn’t seemed to track him. “I couldn’t stand it. It shouldn’t hurt. This is why I walked away five years ago. So, it wouldn’t hurt. Why didn’t that work?”
“Because you still love him.” Konner slid off the desk to wrap his arms around Isaac.
“No,” Isaac insisted. “I don’t. I can’t.”
Konner smiled softly at him. “Sometimes I don’t think we have a choice. Now, eat.”

Is Konner right? Will Jonas & Isaac get another chance? Does Konner still love Isaac? While you wait for those answers, why don’t you check out the other WiPPeteers? 😉


  • Primary: Write 50000 words on 5 main projects – 39987/50000 On target
    • Heart of Christmas -1054 words
    • Still Burning – 1180 words
    • Whatever It Takes – 1109 words
    • High on Loving You – 1273 words
    • By the Gun – 1109 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 8149/10000 On target here, too. I’ve already met my goal for the week.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 275 words
      • “I’m not worrying,” the boy said, practically hissing the words at him. “I just want you to stay away. Leave my mama alone.”
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 268 words
      • “He does not belong with us, Haiwee. He has his own people.”
    • Roman – 257 words
      • Roman couldn’t understand it. There had to be some redeeming quality to the young man she could see, and he couldn’t. “I did everything I could,” he said again
    • Dougal & Shae – 354 words
      • It was better for all of them if she just forgot all about him. And the way he’d made her feel. Particularly the way he made her feel.
    • Jacob & Matthew – 261 words
      • Jacob put his hands on Matthew’s shoulders, staring hard at him. “You can’t be serious. No one in this town would trust me with that badge. What if I gambled it away?”
    • Mike & Fadil– 250 words
      • His mother turned to look at him, and he hated seeing the tears in her eyes. Yet there was still a slight smile on her face. “When you used to ask me that, it was because you really wanted one for yourself.”
    • Preggers – 359 words
      • Lyndi started to turn back, but Marika kept a hand at her back. “Leave her to her anger,” she said. “Don’t let yourself get sucked into it. You don’t deserve it.”
    • Hawk – 286 words
      • “Are you still worrying?” he asked as he placed another kiss at my wrist.
    • Sean & Braeden – 285 words
      • For a moment, Sean thought he might tell the boy. But, no, he couldn’t make himself vulnerable like that. “It’s nothing,” he said. “I’ll go up to the house. I’m sure Mum is wondering where I am.”
    • Melanie & Garren(Patreon bonus content from Healing the Heart) – 275 words
      • She hadn’t even talked to Jared since they’d finished medical school. She doubted she ever would again. *If you’ve read Healing the Heart, you know why this is sort of prophetic.
  • Stretch: Write 50 pages in composition notebook on Jonas & Isaac’s story – 54/50 pages. Way ahead of schedule here.


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal once I get it back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting.
  • Stretch: Polish In the Moonlight & Staring at the Sun, post Staring at the Sun on Wattpad, Edit Midas’ Daughter, Rename, Fill-In details, read through, revise, & polish Jared’s Stepfather – Filled in details(there were only 2), read through, revised, polished 50/50 items


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 22/30 Almost on target
    • Hot Rain(Kat Martin) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished it Sunday morning
    • Cyborg Legacy(Lindsay Buroker) – Read this Sunday afternoon. Loved it
    • The Saint(Monica McCarty) – Started this Sunday night. Finished it Monday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Leaps of Faith(A.M. Leibowitz) – Started this Tuesday morning. I read the end of this with tears just streaming down my cheeks. So, you know, LOVED IT. Yes, I’m weird, I know this. But, seriously, it was so good.
  • Secondary: Listen 4 books – 5/4 Target reached. Ahead of target.
    • Need You for Always(Marina Adair) – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. This one made me cry, too.
    • This Time Around(Tawna Fenske) – Started this Wednesday morning. On Chapter 4/20
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – 0/1

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday(Chapter one of Staring at the Sun), SOCS(a playful moment between Jonas & Isaac), WeWriWa(the end of Chapter 1 of Hawk’s story), & Sunday Summary posts each week – 5/5 last week(all linked above except WW). Staying on target
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon at least 1x a week – Didn’t post anything last week. Posted an excerpt of Midas’ Daughter this week. If you were my patron(and you can be for only $1 a month if you click on the link), what would you want to see from me? I feel like I’m talking to a void there since I don’t have any patrons there, but I don’t want to just stop posting content.
  • Stretch: Stay current with blog comments – Current as of Wednesday morning

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: One More Week" (13)

  1. Oh, Isaac. Nope, it’s never that simple.

    This summer has been nice for me, with a teenager and an almost-teen. They’ve done well and shown a lot of responsibility. Even so, I think I may be joining in that party! Mine have two weeks left, but I think we’ll make it. 🙂

    • It really isn’t. But, they’ll figure things out eventually. I hope anyway. I don’t really have any of this plotted out, so I’m not even completely sure how they’ll get there.

  2. That’s very neat how you create a “map” for each day – seems like a good way to get organized!
    Seems like Isaac still has a soft spot for Jonas… I’m going to guess and say that Konner only has platonic love for Isaac (since he doesn’t seem at all jealous of Jonas), although I am waiting to be proven wrong 🙂

    • It does seem to work pretty well for me. Today I lack motivation so I’m not following it quite so well.
      Yeah, Isaac hasn’t gotten over Jonas as much as he’d like to think. Of course, that goes both ways. They just have to figure that out. I think Konner still has feelings for Isaac, maybe somewhere between friends & in love.

  3. The map thing is neat!

    Awesome progress this week!

  4. There’s a lot of pain in this scene. If only it were that easy to turn off love. Beautifully portrayed.

  5. jlgfellers said:

    Oh, I so know the feeling, the dread of someone returning and knowing they’re there to stay… it’s a loathing and longing combined that tears you apart. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I like the idea of a day map. Maybe I’m already doing somewhat the same, for I use a journal in Word with daily entries organized under a weekly chart for all my goals. Especially when a lot is going on, the chart keeps most important goals visible. But I still can only work on one writing project at a time. Re the snippet for the week, lovely emotions revealed that hook the reader right into what Isaac is learning about himself and the man he cares for.

    • It doesn’t seem to be helping today when I lack motivation to do anything. Those days happen occasionally, and I’m trying to go with them instead of fighting it.

  7. […] Post Writing Wednesday(mid-week check-in & snippet from Jonas & Isaac), Fiction Friday(Chapter two of Staring at […]

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