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Writing Wednesday: Burnt

Ouch. I mentioned in Sunday’s post, that we were taking the kids to the local water park with some friends and their kids. And we did. They had a lot of fun. Especially with the new attraction: “The Battle of Lake Erie”. it even has the Brig Niagara up top that dumps out water and references to Erie’s role in the War of 1812. We were there for 5 hours and I managed to get rather burned. And that was even with putting sun screen on. The kids’ face got a little pink, but otherwise they didn’t seem to get anything. Me, on the other hand:

And I usually don’t burn too bad.

Other than dealing with the sunburn, this week has been pretty good. I spent Monday finishing up my July goals(and I posted my July Wrap-up on Tuesday). Tuesday I planned to focus on working on By the Gun for the day. But, the words just weren’t coming. So, I decided to switch things up again. At least for this month, I’ll be spending an hour on each of my main projects, an hour for editing, then an hour on side projects. That leaves me another hour at the end of the day to play around with another project(that I have mentioned below). We’ll see how this works for me.

And for now, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday, the blog hop where we share a snippet of a current work in progress that somehow coincides with the date. Today I’m going to be sharing from that new project I mentioned up above. You may recognize characters here, though it’s been about five years since we see them in Whatever It Takes. Today I have 6 paragraphs(8-2) from the very beginning of this story.

“So, the hero returns.”

Jonas Pedera looked toward the voice. He’d always liked Carlos Armas. Right now, he just wanted to punch him in the face.

“Vete a la mierda.”

He saw Carlos flinch at the harsh words, but he didn’t care. Using his crutches, he swung his way to an empty table. At least in the couple months he’d been stateside, he’d gotten more adept at using them. He doubted that was the silver lining his therapist wanted him to look for.

“Someone’s been teaching him more Spanish, I see.”

Jonas tightened his hands around the grips of the crutches. Santiago. They’d spent many nights talking and he’d taught Jonas more of the language from the heritage they shared. Jonas’ own father had taught him some before he died, and so did his mother and brother, but they’d left out all the curses. Santiago had taught him even more than that. And now he was gone.

Why is Jonas so angry about being called a hero? What exactly happened to him? Both are explained a little later in this scene. I think I’ll be sharing from this for now, so you may get to see that soon. 🙂 As for what Jonas told Carlos, it basically translates to “fuck off/you.” There are some benefits to still having my Spanish dictionary from college. 😉


  • Primary: Write 50000 words on 5 main projects – 1743/50000 words
    • Heart of Christmas – 165 words
    • Still Burning – 367 words
    • Whatever It Takes – 190 words
    • High on Loving You – 630 words
    • By the Gun – 391 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 431/10000 words
    • Patrick & Sarah
    • Tavin & Haiwee
    • Roman
    • Dougal & Shae – 150 words
    • Jacob & Matthew
    • Mike & Fadil – 381 words
    • Preggers
    • Hawk
    • Sean & Braeden
    • Jared’s Stepfather(for Patreon bonus content) 
  • Stretch: Write 20 pages in composition notebook on Jonas & Isaac’s story – 2/20 pages


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back – 0/25 chapters
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal once I get it back – 0/25 chapters
  • Stretch: Polish In the Moonlight & Staring at the Sun, post Staring at the Sun on Wattpad, Edit Midas’ Daughter – Polished 3/34 In the Moonlight


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 1/30
    • Falling for the Fake Fiance(Jennifer Blackwood) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Tuesday evening. Loved it.
    • Wrapped Together(Annabeth Albert) – Started this Tuesday evening. At 43%
  • Secondary: Listen to 4 audio books – 0/4
    • Timeless(Gail Carriger) – Started this Monday morning. On Chapter 7/20
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – 0/1

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, SOCS, WeWriWa, & Sunday Summary posts each week
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon at least 1x a week – technically, I did post this week, though it was still in July. Still, you can read about Still Burning and the other stories in the Hunter Family series(all my content is currently being put at the $1 level until I build up some patrons).
  • Stretch: Stay current with blog comments – Caught up as of time of posting this.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Burnt" (15)

  1. Ugh on the sunburn. I hate that.

    But good going on your goals!

  2. Ooh, ouch! Hope that is feeling better quickly.

    Way to go on the goals and progress! I love the organization of your goals–it looks so tidy and ready-for-action.

  3. Ouch, that sunburn looks painful.

    That last line really got me. Poor Jonas.

    • Yeah, he’s hurting right now, both physically and emotionally, and some of that’s coming out as anger. Next week, I should have more about just what happened to him.

  4. Emily Wrayburn said:

    Ooh, what has gone down I those intervening years? There’s so much simmering here. (Also, thank you for the Spanish translation, I had been going to ask)

    • Well, Jonas has been in the Army. He’s back now because of injuries(which should be explained next week). And he’s about to run into someone from his past. 😉
      I’ve had to look up phrases while reading sometimes because I always want to know just what was said. I usually try to put at least a clue into the narrative if they’re speaking a foreign language when I can.

  5. jlgfellers said:

    Owie extreme on the burn. Please take care of yourself. A bad burn can make you really sick. And you are super organized with things. Me, I just give myself overall monthly goals and hope to reach them.

    • Thanks. Staying organized is about the only way I get things done. My head feels chaotic when I don’t make all these lists.

  6. Gosh, that looks like a painful sunburn. Hope it heals soon! Good job on your writing goals so far 🙂
    Poor Jonas…. Seems like Santiago was a special person to him.

    • It’s getting better now thankfully.
      He certainly was. There’ll be a little more about him in the next snippet, I think.

  7. Ooh, that’s a bitter interchange, and gritty. (And great!)

    I hope your sunburn’s healed. :/

    • Yeah, he’s not handling things too well and is lashing out because of it(today’s snippet explains a little more about what happened).

  8. […] 9 paragraphs, picking up a little ways down from where I left off in Jonas & Isaac’s story last week. Jonas is snapping out at people, and Toby realizes why and pushes him to take a pill so he’s not […]

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