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WeWriWa: “Hole Up”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Hawk’s story. This week’s snippet picks up right after last week’s. There’s only a few more sentences in this scene, so I’ll jump to the next one next week. For now, here’s this:

If it was possible, Mr. Bentley’s grin widened. “The day you two stopped fighting what you felt for each other and accepted it.”

Damon’s face went red, and I couldn’t help a little laugh. Sometimes I thought he still wasn’t there quite yet, though it had gotten better over the last months. I squeezed his hand and leaned in to him. “That access road up there will take us to some shelter. We can hole up there until dark.”

I caught Damon’s smirk and knew he’d realized exactly where we were going. We’d passed some time there one rainy night, leaving me with some great memories. Which was good since he’d taken to avoiding me after that night.

Where are they going? Will they be safe? What’s going to happen next?

And I posted the final chapter of Dance with the Devil yesterday. So you can go check that out if you’d like. Either next week or the one after, I’ll be putting up the next story. Just need to get a cover figured out.


Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Hole Up”" (14)

  1. Let’s hope they’ll be safe up there.

  2. I thought the same thing as Ed. I hope this out of the way place is safe. 🙂

  3. Interesting history…wondering what new memories will develop.

  4. They seem to have a complicated history. I’m with Mr. Bentley, glad they’re working it out.

  5. I hope things improve as they arrive.

  6. Revisiting the past can be tricky, hope their visit to the shelter he has in mind goes better this time (or the aftermath anyway). Enjoying the story, another great snippet to move us along.

  7. Diane Burton said:

    Is this a good idea? Sure hope so.

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