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“Didn’t you ever play that game as a kid?”

Isaac looked at the other kid, not sure exactly how to answer that. This privileged kid wouldn’t understand. The only game he’d played as a kid had been the game of fear his father had been a master of.

Sometimes he felt like he still played it even though his father had been in prison for two years now.

“Just leave him alone,” another voice said from a desk to the right and just behind him. “Not everyone spent their formative years dicking around behind a computer.”

“You’re such an ass, Konner.” But the kid left Isaac alone, finally giving him a chance to put his books in his bag and get out of the classroom.

“Hey!” There was that voice again. His hand tightened on the strap of his messenger bag as he felt the man coming up behind him.

The kid came up behind him and tapped on his shoulder when he didn’t even slow down. Isaac spun around, one hand coming up between them.

“Easy,” Konner said. “I’m not going to do anything. You just left this under your desk.”

Isaac lowered his hand and took the sketch book from him. “Thanks,” he said.

“I’m heading over to the dining hall for lunch. You want to join me?”

He didn’t have any afternoon classes today, so he’d planned to go back to the Pellas to eat. They’d only been in classes for a week, and he’d not done anything on campus that could be called social. No matter how Cristine insisted he should.

Still, he found himself saying, “Sure. I can do that.”


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use the title of the book you’re currently reading or the one sitting closest to you when you’re ready to write your SoCS post and base your post on the title only. I just finished reading a book last night and haven’t started another one, but I am listening to Game of Fear by Robin Perini on audible. And that made me think of Isaac. He and Konner do have some connections to each other that they’ll find out about soon. Maybe I’ll be able to work that in to a future SOCS. 😉

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