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Admit it. I know what you’re thinking.”

Carisa wanted to sigh, but what was the point, really? “then, why would I bother saying it?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Jayla shot back. “Might as well get it off your chest. It won’t bother me.”

“Judging from your tone, that’s exactly what it would do. Except I’m sure I’m not thinking what you’ve assumed I am.”

Jayla looked confused for a moment then she scowled again. “Sure you are. It’s what everyone thinks. I see how people look at me. I know what they think of me. They don’t believe I actually left that life behind more than five years ago. But, I did.”

Her bottom lip trembled at that last, and she pressed her lips together as if to hide that. Carisa wanted to go to her, but she was sure Jayla would not appreciate that. So, she kept her distance. “I believe you,” she said. “Trust me, I am not judging you.”

“And why should I trust you. I still barely know you.”

Not for a lack of trying on Carisa’s part, though. The other girl had some quite tall and thick walls erected around herself. Carisa didn’t know if she’d ever be able to get through them.

But, she’d certainly like to try.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “admit” any way we want. I’m going to be getting back to outlining Jayla and Carisa’s story, since I finished the first draft of Not Meant to Be on Friday, so these two jumped into my head.

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