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Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Today I’m moving on to the next story in my Riders of Justice series. I’m still not too far into Hawk’s story(no official title) yet, but I’m going to start sharing from it anyway. For now, I have the first ten sentences of this:

I stopped next to my bike and looked back over my shoulder. The wind picked up the ends of my hair, brushing them along my cheeks. It reminded me of the way Devil often touched me.

My hair wasn’t exactly long, it didn’t reach far past my ears in the front and not even close to reaching my shoulders in the back. But, I knew my father would say I looked too much like a girl, and I needed to shave it all off.

It was what he’d said every time I had ever started to grow it out.

I cursed to himself and turned back to my bike. I didn’t know why my father had been on my mind so much lately. The man had made his feeling about me clear years ago, way before I’d become Hawk. We hadn’t had anything to do with each other since.

What are his father’s feelings about him? Why is it on Hawk’s mind? Do you hate Hawk’s father as much as I do?

And I posted Chapter 2 of Dance with the Devil to Wattpad on Friday. So you can check that out if you like.


Comments on: "WeWriWa: ‘Become Hawk’" (12)

  1. Sounds there are a bunch of resentments and regrets standing in the way of this relationship. I would assume, since you lead with this, that his relationship with his father is going to be really important, in one way or another.

  2. Fascinating glimpse into this character’s back story, really enjoyed the excerpt!

  3. Hawk’s father sounds horrid. The question is why is Hawk thinking of his father now?

    • Oh, he certainly is. I’ve got some ideas for why it’s on his mind now, though those may not come out in the text.

  4. In spite of a long estrangement, it sounds like Hawk still has business with his father.

  5. Interesting glimpse into his past. Makes me wonder how he became “Hawk”.

  6. Baggage always adds so much to characterization. Great snippet.

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