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It’s time to get Chapter 2 out there. If you didn’t start last week, you can always go check it out here. And here’s the beginning of Chapter 2:

I dropped my booted foot on top of the coffee table, not caring at the thud it made as I brought a bottle of beer to my lips. I still couldn’t believe Hawk hadn’t said anything to me about the Crows being around. He knew how I felt about them.

He was supposed to be my partner. Hadn’t he thought I might need that information during our patrols? Was this supposed to be some sort of punishment? Because I wouldn’t let us go back to one night that never should have happened anyway.

No matter how upset I was with him, he would never do that. He wouldn’t put the club at risk because of a grudge against me. That wasn’t Gavin’s way.

I winced then took another deep pull from the bottle. I had to keep thinking of him like Hawk. The lieutenant who could keep information from me.

Not Gavin, the boy who saved me more than once.

The knock on my door nearly had me dropping the bottle of beer and did have me sputtering some of it down my chin. I swore as I set the bottle down and wiped my face with my forearm. That couldn’t be Hawk, could it? I imagined he had stuff to take care of with the other officers. He was the last person I wanted to deal with right now. In my mood, who knew what would happen between us.

I couldn’t let anything happen between us.

When I opened the door as far as the chain would go—no peepholes in my crappy apartment—it wasn’t Hawk standing there. I released the chain and let the door swing all the way open. “What? Did Daddy send you over to check up on me?”

Trace stood there, staring at me. “Do you try real hard to be offensive, Devil? Or does it come natural as an asshole?”

I stared at him for a moment, then a laugh burst out of me. “Might as well come in. Since you’re here and all.”

And if you want to read the rest of the chapter, you can find it here.

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