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Denise knew she was going about this all wrong. Toby said he’d take care of it. Jared told her to have faith. Even Melanie thought she should stay out of it.

No one thought she could take care of herself. Even her brother, who had always been on her side, told her it would be better to leave this alone. Like she hadn’t been basically taking care of herself since she was eight years old. Jared may have helped with that, but he hadn’t always been there.

Now, she was being reduced to a helpless bystander in her own life again. To a victim, who needed someone to sweep in and save her. As a kid, she’d let that happen over and over again. Jared, Toby, even the few foster parents who had actually cared.

No, she wasn’t going to do that. She was going to take care of this and prove to them all she wasn’t helpless anymore, that she could save herself.


That was harder than I thought it would be. Today’s Story a Day prompt was to write a “prose sonnet”, a story told in 14 sentences. There were a few examples given, and I decided to go with 3 groups of 4 sentences followed by a 2 sentence ending. This fits right in to where I’m at in Not Meant to Be, though I don’t know if I’ll use this, though maybe pieces of it.

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