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Morgan strode out of the courtroom, his steps heavy, his mood almost as much so. The man beside him was silent as they headed through the courthouse. Until they reached the steps outside. “I’m sorry, Morgan,” Brian said.

“I just can’t believe it. Why would he side with her?”

Brian sighed. “Because there are still some judges who believe a child is better off with their mother. Even if all the evidence points to the contrary. And it’s not custody. You still have that. It’s just visitation.”

“Unsupervised visitation,” Morgan grumbled. “The last time Raina was with her unsupervised, she ended up with a broken arm. She doesn’t want Raina, she only wants to use her as a weapon against me.”

“And I am sorry for that,” Brian said. “We can take her back to court, but there’s no guarantee that the outcome will be any different. She made a convincing portrayal of contrition for her past mistakes. If I hadn’t seen the uglier side of her during this whole debacle, I might have believed it myself.”

“So, you don’t think she’s really changed? That she’ll do the same things all over again.”

“It’s a very good possibility,” Brian said. “And if she does, she’ll be lucky to keep even supervised visitation.”

Morgan just hoped his daughter wasn’t hurt by the fallout of that.


Today’s Story a Day prompt was to write a story dealing with societal worldbuilding. This might not be quite what the prompt was going for, but it’s some plotting for the next novel in my Kurztown series. There’s been bits and pieces of this through the last few books, but I’m finally going to get around to writing Morgan’s story.

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