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Sharing more of In the Moonlight this week for Teaser Tuesday. From Yasmin’s POV this week. They’re heading up a hidden staircase here.

“Do these go all the way up?”
“Right up to the attic,” Nola said. “Or they used to. The door to the attic has been closed off for a long time. Ms. Adriane wasn’t even sure how long. We were always told to stay off the third floor, though.”
I’d been given the same warning, too. Not that I’d always heeded it. I’d never been able to get through the door to the attic, either, though. And there’d been a heavy feeling on that third floor. I’d never been able to explain it.
But, I felt it back there, too. Maybe it had just been the fact no one used these spaces anymore.
I took a couple more steps up the stairs and it was almost like whispers swirled around me. Words of desire, wishes, promises. I gripped the railing a little tighter even though it didn’t feel all that sturdy. “Nola,” I said quietly, my heart hammering faster.
She stopped and looked back at me. “What is it? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
I shook my head. “No, but I think I felt her. Something must have happened back here.”
She gave a soft laugh and turned back to go up the steps. “I’ve told you. Those are all stories. There aren’t actually any ghosts here.”
“Haven’t you ever felt her, seen her?”
She shook her head a little too fast. Maybe she just didn’t want to believe it. But, I knew there was something more here. And I was going to find out exactly what had happened to have her haunting this house.
But, then, Nola took my hand and led me up to the next landing. We went down a short corridor and she opened another door. The hallway was empty, but I recognized it. My bedroom was just down to the right. I didn’t have any idea how I’d never noticed this door. Until Nola closed it again, and it nearly blended right in with the wall.
“Mom hated when we’d play hide and seek back here,” Nola said. “Teagen did, too, because she always forgot where the opening was. So, she’d tattle on us for it.”
“Gotta say it again, Nola,” I said. “But, your older sister is a bitch. Always has been.”
Nola laughed then turned to me and pressed her lips hard against mine. At least she wasn’t angry at me for badmouthing her sister. “I know,” she said, then she was tugging me the rest of the way to my bedroom.


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