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WeWriWa: Owed Him

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Today is my niece’s 14th birthday. Gah! That’s just hard for me to wrap my mind around. She was born my senior year of high school, and I can still remember holding this little thing and watching her as a toddler. So hard to believe she’s 14 now. And tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. Hope all the mothers have a wonderful day and anyone who the day is hard for, take care of yourself.

Anyway, for today I have more from Staring at the Sun. Last week Icarus and Trace were worrying over news they’d gotten and how they’d be able to keep Trace’s mom safe. Now, Trace is trying to assure his mom that they’ll be fine. I got creative with punctuation to make it fit. 😉

“He won’t get us,” Trace said, his voice firm. “You should know this by now. You’ve been here long enough to see that the club circles around us when there’s trouble. He won’t get through that to us; Dad won’t let him.”

Icarus had tried to tell her basically the same thing, and she wanted to believe him, both of them, but it was hard to trust in something she still didn’t completely understand.

Trace slid his arm around her shoulders. “We’ll be okay, Mom, I promise you.”

She still wasn’t sure she believed him, but she walked with him into the house. She’d pretend if it made him feel better. She owed him that much at least.

Who is it they’re so worried about? Will the club be able to keep them safe? Why does Cassie think she owes this to Trace(if you’ve read Into the Sun and Come Back Down, you’ll know that answer).


Comments on: "WeWriWa: Owed Him" (21)

  1. Let’s hope he knows what he’s talking about. To some extent, it strikes me as youthful braggadocio, or at least exaggeration in an attempt to make her feel better.

    • Yeah, there’s definitely a bit of that, but he really does have faith that his father and the other guys in the club will come through as they usually do.

  2. Nice to have Mom show up on mother’s day in your snippet. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Good snippet. I like that he’s protective of his mom.

  4. What’s going to happen? I need more

  5. Hmmm, they’re both trying so hard to protect the other, I hope the truth doesn’t get lost along the way. Sounds like danger ahead for sure.

  6. At least everyone is trying to set her mind at rest, whether they can fulfill the promises or not.Good snippet, definitely works for Mother’s Day!

  7. I hope he’s not just trying to make her feel better, and that she really will be safe.

  8. Despite the attempts to reassure, why do I get the feeling it’s not going to work out as planned? Great excerpt. Happy Mothers Day.

  9. nancygideon said:

    What a great statement on motherhood, Fallon. Always willing to believe the best but expect the worst.

  10. I’ve missed Trace! (And, since you know I’m one of the moms Mother’s Day is hard for, I especially appreciate your well-wishes).

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