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I got a late start to Monday. Woke up at 6 when husband’s phone rang. He was supposed to be to work at 6. Oops. So, the kids were already getting up for the morning by that point. The boy didn’t want to get dressed. I told him he had to anyway. “You’re such a, such a, such a, so mean” I guess I’m so mean, he couldn’t come up with a name for it. He might be an early riser, but he’s not a very happy morning person.

I got back from getting them on the bus and can’t find my mouse. It had been sitting on the arm of the couch the night before. Not there. Didn’t fall into the side of the couch. Not on the floor right beside it. Looked around for about 5 minutes before I finally found it behind the little rocker next to the couch(my guess: the cat knocked it off while jumping up or down from back of couch). Then, I go to write my Story a Day piece and see that the post I wrote on Sunday no longer appears to be on my blog. Instead it was showing an older draft of it in my draft folder. I was able to find what I’d posted in the revisions of that, not sure why it kicked back to the older version. But, I got it restored and posted again.

But, yeah, it was a day. And I usually look forward to Mondays. but, I di manage to catch up and have everything except my reading goal done by dinnertime.

Tuesday I was awake around 3:30 and at my computer around 4:15. A lot more like normal. Wednesday I slept until 5:30. So not too much done before kids got up this morning. I’m usually a lot more consistent in my waking up than this.

But, anyway, to get on with things: It’s Wednesday!! Which means WiPPet Time. *makes up a WiPPet Dance* Trust me, be glad you can’t see that. 😉 I have 7 paragraphs(5+10-1-7). You might remember from snippets of Shed Some Light(Carlos & Tereza’s story) that Adriane was Carlos’ little sister. Who was killed about 20 years before this. And Toby had some history with her, too.

“What are you going to do with me?” he asked, his voice coming out rough. “Since you’ve got me where you want me.”
“Explore,” she said on an exhale. “I’ve always wanted to explore you.”
She slid her fingers over to his side, where she could see ink scrawled from his hip to the bottom of his ribs. She shifted so she could read what it said. The first words were in Spanish and with the script she couldn’t quite make it out. But the words below it had her fingers stilling for a moment. Adriane and Edward. She glanced back up at him. “These are the people you’ve lost.”
“Yeah,” he choked out.
She traced the first name again. “You really loved her, didn’t you?”
“As much as a thirteen-year-old punk can love someone.”
She rose over him again and pressed the tips of two fingers to his lips. “Don’t talk about yourself like that. You weren’t any worse than Jared or Carlos. Yet they aren’t the ones denying themselves love or anything else.” Love? Really, Denise? You are going to send the man running again if you talk like that.


  • Still Burning – finish Story Toolkit, Outline – finished Act 3 beat sheet, Act 4 beat sheet 8/13 sections of Story Toolkit done
  • Jayla’s Story(Gilbert, Co #7) get through Story Toolkit: Supporting Characters


  • Not Meant to Be – Add 53000 words/28 scenes to finish 1st draft – 9138 words/11 scenes finished this month, 4462 words/5 scenes this week
  • Side Projects – Add 4400 words between all projects – 2684/4400 words, 691 words this week
    • Midas’ Daughter – 134 words – This was an unusual indulgence. To be able to move around without anyone having an eye on her. She moved straight to Ariadne’s stall. “Hey, girl,” she said as the horse huffed softly. “I know it’s early. But, I’ve missed you.”
    • Roman – 128 words – Roman would have argued away the inciting a riot charge, but Toby said he deserved it. Roman didn’t understand why. Yes, he’d done wrong, but there was more haunting him than carrying a gun he shouldn’t have and following his fellow gang members into this fight.
    • Mike & Fadil – 322 words – “You do that, Mike,” his boss said, and he was pretty sure there was laughter in the man’s voice. Mike decided to ignore that and went back out to face Fadil.
    • Dougal & Shae – 107 words – “What do you know? Not my sister. I do know her. She’s been thinking of you, whether she’ll ever admit it or not.” *Oh, Donovan, you meddler.


  • Flames of Renewal – CP Edits
  • In the Moonlight – Transfer from OneNote(on my Surface) to Scrivener(on my laptop) – 27 chapters(there’s actually 32, counting the epilogue, but I’d already started it before) – 7/27 chapters typed up.
  • Snow White Twist – Beta edits, rename, & submitcompiled notes from 1 beta reader to the main document(so I can put them all in one place when I get them back from other reader) for 2/8 chapters(1st 2 chapters done last month). Have a potential title for it as well. Still simmering on that, though.
  • Dance with the Devil – read through & make revisionsI’ve read through 10/10 chapters.
  • Beta Read – Read 58 chapters(total of 73, but that’s what I have left) & return to author – 20/58,


  • Story a Day – Write 31 stories – 9/31 stories written, 2 this week


  • Listen: 5 books2/5 for the month, 1 this week
    • A Thousand Pieces of You(Claudia Gray) – Started this at the end of April. It’s my second time listening to it. I finally got the second book in the series, and it had been a while since I listened to this one, so decided on a re-listen before I start the next one.
    • Behind the Lies(Robin Perini) – Started this Monday. Finished it Wednesday morning. Really enjoyed it.
  • Read: 31 books – 8/31, 2 this week
    • Signs of Attraction(Laura Brown) – Started this Saturday afternoon. Finished it Sunday evening. Really enjoyed it.
    • All Fired Up(Elle Kennedy & Vivian Arend) – Started this Sunday night. It was in my ‘free’ collection, so will be my ‘read after everything for the week is done’ book(I choose from my free & unlimited collections for this). I’m at 17%.
    • Managed(Kristen Callihan) – started this Monday afternoon. At 61%
    • Timekeeper(Tara Sim) – started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday night. Loved it.


  • Knit: Duo Cable Hat

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Late Start" (10)

  1. Oh, I love Carlos! So anything that gives us even a tiny bit of him is perfectly fine with me. 🙂

    This is a nice moment. She maybe worried about sending him running, I’ll bet he’ll find she’s worth sticking around for.

    • Thanks. And yeah, he’s basically said he’s not good enough, that she deserves better. She’s working on convincing him that he’s exactly what she wants though. 🙂

  2. Nice scene! Makes me really interested in these characters. 😄

  3. I want to know what the Spanish script says. Love this snippet, and will be popping back to see some of your StoryADay (haven’t gotten to see you yet).

    Also – it’s the full moon. Always wreaks havoc with our sleep schedules, too!

    • I may have to figure that out 😉 Thanks! I have all of last week’s stories linked in my Sunday update, and of course, I have two more posted since this update. 🙂
      I’m putting Monday off to staying out late Saturday night and still needing to catch up from that. I seem to be getting back to my normal routine now at least

  4. You’re working on a lot of things! When do you breathe?

    • Ah, breathing’s overrated. 😉 I like keeping busy. And once I have my writing goals for the day done, I mostly just read. Which I do consider my break for the day 🙂

  5. Sounds to me like there’s some good advice in there, even if she mght be a bit worried about how she’s delivering it.

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