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Not following the prompt for today’s Story a Day. Instead I’m following up with Mike & Fadil.


Mike stepped through the doorway to the space between the front desk, drive through alcove, and where they mixed the prescriptions. He glanced back over his shoulder once. That man still stood at the counter, his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

Mike probably shouldn’t find that look so hot.

Fadil Asker. He’d seen pictures of the man when he’d gone to visit Layla a few times. He probably should have recognized him. But, neither Layla nor Janine had said anything about him coming to town. And he’d never seen him in the flesh.

“What’s going on, Mike,” his boss asked, coming up behind him. “Kind of hard to wait on customers from back here.”

Mike jerked. Shit. He’d gotten caught ogling a customer. Probably not a good thing. “Yes, but, um…” His boss arched one eyebrow at him. Right. He didn’t usually stammer. “He said he’s here to pick up Layla Asker’s prescriptions. That he’s her son, and Janine was supposed to get it set up for him. But, we don’t have anything.”

His boss sighed and glanced out there. “Yeah,” he said finally. “I can see it. He looks a lot like his father. I haven’t seen him since Asim’s funeral, though.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“You were rather busy with a new baby and vainly trying to make things work with Jess.”

Mike couldn’t help but smile at that. They were a lot better off as friends and co-parents. But, he would never regret what had resulted in his baby girl. “Can we help him?”

His boss nodded. “I’ll call Layla just to double-check he is here for her then we’ll get him in the system.”

Mike nodded. “Good. Thanks. I’ll just go let him know.”

“You do that, Mike,” his boss said, and he was pretty sure there was laughter in the man’s voice. Mike decided to ignore that and went back out to face Fadil.


These two. *sigh*. Mike was only supposed to be a very minor character in Stay a Little Longer(which was Jess’ story). He ended up playing a bigger part and Fadil was even more of a surprise. And then they insisted on their own story, so I started a novella about how they met.

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