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Lyndi waited a week before revealing her secret. It wasn’t even that she wanted to keep it. But, she really felt Darren should be the first person she told. His family was starting to get suspicious, she was sure of that. Every time his mom or sister, Clare, came by the house, she was sure they were giving her odd looks. She wouldn’t be able to hide it for much longer.

But, it wasn’t like she could just call him up and tell him the news. Their life together had never been that simple. Not that she would have changed a moment of it.

Now, she sat staring at the computer screen as the image of her husband pixelated once more. The connection was crap, as it often was. But, this was the best she could get. And even through that, she could see the shock on his face as he absorbed the news.

“Pregnant?” he finally said. “But, the doctors-”

“I know what they said,” she told him. “But, I don’t think five positive tests could be false.”

The shock on his face turned into a blinding grin. “We’re going to have a baby. Have you been to the doctor yet?”

“Tomorrow. Then, I’ll go to your mom’s and tell them so they stop wondering what’s wrong with me.”

He laughed at that, and she couldn’t help smiling, either. “I wish I could be there with you,” he said.

“I know. But it’ll only be five and half more months before you’re home.” She knew that was optimistic. After nearly five years as an Army wife, she knew how easily plans could change.

On the screen, he looked over his shoulder and nodded at someone she couldn’t see. “I have to go, Lyndi,” he said when he looked back at her. “Take care of yourself and our baby.” He looked absolutely tickled to be able to say that. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Darren,” she said before ending the call and shutting down her computer. “He’ll be back,” she whispered, setting a hand over her stomach. Five and a half more months. She wished that didn’t seem so long away.


For Day 8 of Story a Day the prompt was “She waited a week before revealing the secret”. I reworded it slightly. This is actually some back story for one of my current side projects(currently titled “preggers”).

Comments on: "Story a Day: Day 8 – “The Secret”" (5)

  1. I really want things to go smoothly for these guys, but this snippet has made me apprehensive for them!

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