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…of the month & this WiP!! More on that second one later.

It’s warming up again, so Sunday and Monday I was out picking sticks up in the yard. We still have wood from the tree that came down last year, and about half a tree came down during another storm. So, there are a lot of sticks and other wood out there. I ended up using the wheelbarrow to move it around the house to our wood pile for about 3 hours on Sunday. And about 45 minutes on Monday(I’m totally counting that as my workout for the day).

On Monday I also started blocking out my time differently. I started using the odd hours for writing goals and working on everything else on my list during the even hours. I didn’t get quite everything done on my list, but I had also slept in(yes, 6 is sleeping in for me). And the only thing I really didn’t get done was my reading and crafting goals. So, it was still a good day. Tuesday went even better. I was done with most of the other goals before 9 a.m. Though I still had to carry over some of the reading to today(and 2 of those books were ones I didn’t finish last week. I’m weird about this. I start a new book every day then get caught up on the reading from before, unless I’m so into the book I *have* to finish it before moving on).

Today is Wednesday which means it’s WiPpet Time!! This will probably be the last one I share from Playing with Fire, at least for now. Today I have 10 paragraphs(4+2-6+2+0+1+7) of Silas talking to his younger sisters. And still denying what could be between him, Corrin & Silas.

His sisters practically ambushed him as he left the kitchen, though. He put Hadley in a light headlock. “Happy birthday, brat,” he said, planting a kiss on the end of her nose.
She shoved him away with a smile. “I’m not a kid anymore, Si.”
“I know. A whole fifteen years old. About time to send you to the nursing home.”
Shelby didn’t break a smile, though. “Why’d she come with Jeremiah?” she asked with little hesitation. “I thought he was your boyfriend.”
Silas dropped his arms to his sides. “What are you talking about, Shel? Jer’s never been my boyfriend. We’re just friends.”
She rolled her eyes. You could hardly tell she’d be eighteen in another six months. “You don’t actually expect us to believe that, do you? You’ve been in love with him since you were fifteen.”
“And how would you know? You were all of ten then.”
“I’m not stupid,” she said, rolling her eyes. “She’s going to ruin everything for you.”
“There’s nothing to ruin,” he said sharply. “And don’t talk about her like that. She’s a good person, and she’s had a rough time lately. They’re both just friends.”
And he strode away to go find those friends before his sisters could try to dig any deeper into his feelings.

Yep, just friends. Suuuuuuure. 😉


  • Heart of Christmas – finish Story Toolkit, Outline in scrivener
  • Still BurningBrainstorm, Character back stories, plot summary, through Story Toolkit: Romance Arc –  Finished the protagonist sheets for both characters& the sheet for the antagonist. 6/22 sections for the Toolkit. And I wrote another Stream of Consciousness post for this.


  • Playing with Fire – Add 73000 words/66 scenes(some of these include bits from my Just Jot It posts in January, they may be fleshed out to scenes of their own or merged into other scenes, but I’m counting them all for right now). – 50998 words/66 finished scenes for the month, 8554 words/11 scenes this week. I still have at least 7 scenes to finish, so it will definitely end up with more than 66 scenes, but probably not 73000 words for the month.
  • Side Projects – add 4000 words between all projects. – 4571/4000 words for the month, 806 words this week.
    • Preggers – 264 words – But, she did go in, her gaze scanning until she found Marika again. She was smiling at another woman who had a hand resting on a rather large baby bump. Something moved through Lyndi at that. She wasn’t sure if it was the sight of what her future held for her, or that smile on Marika’s face. One a part of her wished was aimed her way.
    • Dougal & Shae – 114 words – Maybe if he figured that out, he’d be able to stop obsessing about it. And her. And maybe not, he thought as he saw the man walking toward the bar. *What could Shae’s brother want with him now? 😉
    • Hang On – 102 words – It bothered me probably more than it should. And definitely more than I’d ever admit. Especially to him. 
    • Tavin & Haiwee  – 115 words – And from the rough sounds from down below, not treating the horse in the best way. It wasn’t anything unusual. And like every time he saw it, Tavin wanted to thrash the lad the way he did the horse.
    • Mason & Lila – 211 words – Mason knew the truth without Brian saying anything. His father hadn’t allowed his mother to give Brian money, or he’d spent it all on alcohol over the weekend. Either way, his friend didn’t have it now. Mason took the cup of fruit from his tray and set it in front of Brian along with his spoon without a word. It wasn’t much, but he knew Brian wouldn’t accept more. *I already knew how bad Brian’s past was, and I still want to give him a big hug, and maybe a good meal.


  • Stained Blood Adjust chapters(some are really long after adding new scenes in), double-check for missing details, 50 search & destroy items, send to readers –  42/50 search & destroy items(cut 1136 words).
  • Snow White Twistrename, polish 48 search & destroy items, send to readers –If anyone else is interested in reading a f/f snow white retelling and offering feedback, I’ll send it to you, too. I’ve already gotten it back from one of the beta readers and started going through the notes.
  • Flames of Renewal – CP Edits once I get it back – Talked to CP on Sunday. She said she should have this to me this week.
  • In the Moonlight – transfer from One Note to Scrivener(on two different computers)
  • Beta Read: I figured this was the best place to put this. I’ve read 6/73 chapters


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts 13/13 finished. 9500 words.
  • A-Z posts: Edit 18 posts – 18/18 – All posts are scheduled to go up now!
  • A-Z posts: Post 25 posts – 21/25 posted. You can find links to all current ones on my theme reveal post(I’m updating as they go live)


  • Listen: 5 books – 6/5,  2 this week
    • Emperor’s Edge(Lindsay Buroker) – I’ve actually read all these books, but I’ve been wanting to do a re-read, so I decided to start getting them in audio(which are only $1.99 since I have the ebooks). I’ll listen to these when I finish my other audiobook for the week. Loved it as much as the times I’ve read it.
    • Tracks of Her Tears(Melinda Leigh) – started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday afternoon. It was a short one(part of a series of novellas). Really enjoyed it.
    • Dark Currents(Lindsay Buroker) – Started this Tuesday morning. This is the second book in the Emperor’s Edge series. I’m on Chapter 3.
  • Read: 30 books – 22/30,  1 this week
    • Hammer of the Gods(Christina Ochs) – this is book 3 in her Desolate Empire series. I got the boxed set, but I’ve already read the first 2 separately, so I jumped right to this one on my phone. I’ll read it in the between moments. I’m on Chapter 104/166(If I counted right. The chapters are labeled with POV characters’ names instead of numbers).
    • A Rogue by Any Other Name(Sarah MacLean) – Started this last Tuesday afternoon. On page 198/386.
    • Wild Card(Mari Carr) – Started this Sunday morning. At 34%
    • Causing Havoc(Lori Foster) – Started this Monday morning. On page 161/342. I’ve read her other MMA-inspired books that are basically spin-offs from this one, but I’m just now getting to this original series.
    • When You Got A Good Thing(Kait Nolan) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday evening. Loved it so much. Think I’m going to love this series as much as I have her Wishful one.
    • The Crown’s Game(Evelyn Skye) – Started this Wednesday morning. Only at 6% so far.


  • Knit: Duo Cable Hat – 6 rounds of decrease done, but I ran out of yarn. and still haven’t gotten more.
  • Crochet: Crystal Drops Beanie
  • Loom: Newborn Loom Knit Baby Hat

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Almost the End" (10)

  1. Watch your rolling eyes. 😉 Just something to catch on your edit. I just love sibling interactions, they are so revealing.

    And, yes, wood toting definitely counts as a workout.

    • Ha! Yeah, I noticed that I was pasting it in here. I’ll make sure to fix it later.
      I still haven’t moved all the wood yet. It rained yesterday, so I got a reprieve from it at least. 🙂

  2. I’m rolling my eyes at the fact that both of you already caught the rolling eyes before I could catch them with the butterfly net left over from when the kids were small!

    You knocked it out of the park, this week, Fallon!

    And I really need Silas, Korinn, and especially Jeremiah to realize a couple can be three! =)

  3. Oh, that’s hard. Being open about what most people consider a “non-traditional” relationship can be tough. I hope the people they love are able to accept them.

    • And they’re still denying to themselves what’s between them. I actually think his sisters will be pretty accepting once they find out what’s going on.

  4. I was too caught up in the conversation to notice any eye rolling… No point fibbing to siblings.

    • Haha. Yes, us little sisters are usually more observant than we get credit for(not that I was ever a meddler, of course) 😉

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