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Sunday Summary: Easter

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates in any way. We went and got groceries Friday afternoon and the husband kept the kids with him so I could sneak away and get the stuff for their baskets since once again we put it off to the last minute. I’m actually writing this post on Saturday because we’re planning on going to the sunrise service in the morning(if we’re all up in time), then going to his stepmom’s for a bit, hitting my mom’s around lunch time, and then heading to his aunt’s. So, if I don’t get it posted first thing, it will be pretty late. And I’m already finished with Saturday’s goals by 3:30 p.m. So, I figured I’d go ahead and start on Sundays.

And for anyone wondering about our dryer issues, the part came in on Thursday. When my husband got home from work, he installed it, had to adjust it a little(it still wouldn’t start when the door was closed unless you pushed against the door) but then it worked. So, we now have a working dryer again. Don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be able to do laundry. 😉

As for the computer chair issue, still nothing there. So my computer remains plugged into the tv. Which means writing while the kids are up is a bit problematic, as they sit there and watch me type. So, I guess the steamier scenes will have to wait until they’re back to school on Wednesday.

And the week of breaking things continued into this week. I came back up onto the porch from hanging clothes out on Wednesday and saw the pup sitting on the porch, the cable from his run just hanging down from his collar. It was broken in three pieces. Whether it was just wear and tear or because he likes to grab it in his mouth(maybe a combination of the two), I don’t know. But, thankfully we had an extra cable so I was able to hook that one up.

So, it’s been an interesting week+ around here. And I’ve continued getting stuff done.


  • Heart of Christmas – finish Story Toolkit, Outline in scrivener21/21 sections of the Story Toolkit done. 610 words this month,  14/14 chapters outlined in Scrivener(about halfway through I started just writing summary of what will happen in scenes. Will outline more as I get there, I think).
  • Still BurningBrainstorm, Character back stories, plot summary, through Story Toolkit: Romance Arc – 5/5 mind maps done, GMCs done, finished Jess’ back story(590 words) & Austin’s(924 words), and Glenn’s(406 words). And I wrote Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness post with these characters.


  • Playing with Fire – Add 73000 words/66 scenes(some of these include bits from my Just Jot It posts in January, they may be fleshed out to scenes of their own or merged into other scenes, but I’m counting them all for right now). – 22030 words/33 finished scenes for the month, 10765 words/17 scenes for the week
    • Jeremiah let out a rough laugh then pressed his lips to Silas’. “It means you’re human, and don’t have everything figured out,” he said, leaning back again. “Just like the rest of us.”
  • Side Projects – add 4000 words between all projects. – 2291/4000 words for the month, 1057 words this week
    • Patrick & Sarah – 110 words – “Why haven’t you left?” she asked, nearly wincing at the bite in her voice. Why couldn’t she say anything to this man without sounding so defensive?
    • Roman – 170 words – So, he sat. But, he noticed Tereza holding herself stiff on the other side of the table, her gaze darting between him and Cristine. He kept his own gaze on the girl, until she saw he didn’t offer any threat. Not to her, and certainly not to Cristine.
    • Hang On – 146 words – Yeah, definitely something wrong. I could tell just from the way he spoke. “Maybe because I’ve known you since we were two and always know when something’s going on with you.”
    • Mason & Lila – 133 words – So, right now, she hurried from the classroom and to her locker to replace her textbooks and grab her lunch bag. She didn’t want to waste any time she could have with Mason.
    • Dougal & Shae – 129 words – She turned away, not wanting him to see how much his words affected her. “If they think that way, how do you think a husband would feel about me being out on patrol? I don’t think I could stand to just stay home, though.”
    • Jacob & Matthew – 110 words – Matthew supposed that was the best he could hope for. When they couldn’t live their lives out in the open, he’d make the most of what he could.
    • Midas’ Daughter – 103 words – He just wished Calla’s affection was as easy to earn.
    • Mike & Fadil – 156 words – His father had made it clear nearly a decade ago just where Mike fit into his life.Absolutely nowhere.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 105 words – He wanted to ride out several times a day to try to find her. 
    • Preggers – 113 words – “Really?” Marika asked. “I would have thought I’d remember you. I don’t usually forget faces.”


  • Stained BloodAdjust chapters(some are really long after adding new scenes in), double-check for missing details, 50 search & destroy items, send to readers – Adjusted chapters(went from 20 to 26 counting the epilogue) and filled in a few missing details(added 7 words). 24/50 search & destroy items(cut 745 words).
  • Snow White Twistrename, polish 48 search & destroy items, send to readers Polished 48/48 items for the month, 13/13 for the week, and sent to 2 readers. If anyone else is interested in reading a f/f snow white retelling and offering feedback, I’ll send it to you, too. I’ve already gotten it back from one of the beta readers and started going through the notes.
  • Flames of Renewal – CP Edits once I get it back
  • In the Moonlight – transfer from One Note to Scrivener(on two different computers)


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts6/13 finished. 1984 words. +1075 this week. + 921(S)Q & R added to the ready to edit queue.
  • A-Z posts: Edit 18 posts – 11/18. N, O, P, Q, R, & S are ready to go.
  • A-Z posts: Post 25 posts – 12/25 posted. You can find links to all current ones on my theme reveal post(I’m updating as they go live)


  • Listen: 5 books – 3/5, 1 this week
    • Blameless(Gail Carriger) – started this Thursday morning. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. Really enjoyed it. And the ending was a lot more satisfying than book 2.
    • Girl on a Wire(Gwenda Bond) – Started this Thursday. Wasn’t too sure about it at first, but I’m on Chapter 10 now and enjoying it.
  • Read: 30 books – 16/30, 8 this week
    • Hammer of the Gods(Christina Ochs) – this is book 3 in her Desolate Empire series. I got the boxed set, but I’ve already read the first 2 separately, so I jumped right to this one on my phone. I’ll read it in the between moments. I’m on Chapter 51/166(If I counted right. The chapters are labeled with POV characters’ names instead of numbers).
    • Consumed by You(Lauren Blakely) – Started this Saturday afternoon. Hot firefighters, that’s really all I have to say, right? Finished it Sunday night. Enjoyed it.
    • Before I Fall(Jessica Scott) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Willing Victim(Cara McKenna) – Started the Monday night. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. Liked it, but not enough to get the sequel. Honestly, I don’t think the characters’ story needed to be continued. It was a pretty good ending, I thought, or rather beginning to their relationship.
    • Full Coverage(Erin Nicholas) – Started this Tuesday evening. Finished it Wednesday afternoon. Really enjoyed and it left me with some happy tears(I’m a sap, it’s okay).
    • Kids in Love(Nikki Godwin) – Read this one Wednesday afternoon. It was a shorter one. Not sure if it’s because it’s been a while since  I read the first one or what, but was kind of meh about it.
    • Arkadian Skies(Lindsay Buroker) – Started this Wednesday night. Finished it Friday night. Loved it.
    • Winning Miss Wakefield(Vivienne Lorret) – Read this Saturday. Really enjoyed it.
    • Riskier Business(Tessa Bailey) – Started this Saturday afternoon. Finished it Saturday evening. Enjoyed it.


  • Knit: Duo Cable Hat – started this Monday. Finished the ribbing for the brim and the increase row. I have 18 of the cable pattern rounds done, 6 rounds of decrease done, but I ran out of yarn.
  • Crochet: Crystal Drops Beanie
  • Loom: Newborn Loom Knit Baby Hat

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Easter" (7)

  1. Wow! Despite the Breaking of All the Things. you’re rocking this round so far! And I KNEW Mike and Fadil were going to demand their own story!

    I’ve gotten a bit behind with my word count andsharing my A-Z posts, due to a busy away from home last week, and helping Jim with his business venture, but made some progress on the writing, and the characters have surged to life, so I expect it to go fairly quickly at least for a bit (I’ve got beat sheets through Chapter 16 (and 17 just needs to be typed in). That’s through Pinch Point 1 for each character, about midway through Act 2. Since I’m about to start Scene 13, it should keep me going for at least the next few thousand words before I do the beat sheets for the rest of the act.

    I don’t understand your knitting terminology, but I love reading about it! =)

    • It is going pretty well! Mike and Fadil haven’t quite met yet in this one, but that should be coming soon.
      I adjusted my word count for camp nano because I’m not sure I’ll quite get 50k, at least where I am now. I figured out which scenes I’ll be working on today, and some of the steamy ones will come tomorrow, so I may end up putting them off to Wednesday when kids are back at school. Which will mean a good bit of catching up.
      I did get my T post written up last night, though, so thankfully that’s at least one of the last week’s done.

      • Ah, steamy scenes and younger kids….I remember those days.

        Miah and Lise have grown to the point, at 15.5 and closing in on 13, where they’re aware enough that I don’t so much have to worry about it. Besides, I do most of my drafting on my bed in my room, because I’ve written there since I was a kid, and it feels more like a creative cocoon than my study. That space works better for planning, plotting, and revision stuff.

        Maybe you could use your next couple of days on those last six A-Z posts, so that you could hit the writing ground running and ready for steaminess on Wednesday! =)

      • yeah, it wouldn’t be bad if the girl didn’t sit there and stare at the screen as I wrote. And since the computer chair is broken, I haven’t been sitting at the desk(where I’m used to writing), and have the computer plugged into the tv, it makes her over the shoulder reading easier.
        I managed to get two of the scenes done before they got up this morning. And tonight my husband has the Explorers meeting with the fire department tonight, so once the kids go to bed I should have a couple hours to myself to work on it. If I can’t get the rest of the scenes done, I’ll play catch up tomorrow when I have the house completely to myself. In the meantime, I’m getting everything else done and probably will work on those A-Z posts. I’m down to 5 left now.

      • I’m so glad you’re getting close to the end. I’ve fallen way off on comments, visits, and getting my posts added to the linky and the link added to my posts…

        I am caught up (and even 300 words or so over that magic line!) with Camp, so I’m starting to add in some of the goals that slid into oblivion to make way for last weeks’ activity.

        Happy to be revising, drafting FDWR, and even starting to plot and answer questions, amid the other things…

        Yeah, a young one reading over my shoulder would STILL slow me down! May you have a resolution to your computer chair woes before you read this!

  2. It never used to be a problem with my son and the screen… if it didn’t look like a video, he didn’t care. I asked him once if he wanted to read something, and he said ‘no’ he wanted a book he could ‘hold and read’ (his usual reading spot was in a closet, so…)

    Now though, he does want to see what is on the screen, and that does feel really weird. I haven’t been inspired to write something really steamy for a bit now. I really feel your predicament, because my characters are… well, not very happy at the moment.

    Add to that, my son also does NOT like ‘Listii. *sad sigh*

    At least you’re making headway anyway. And soon, I’m sure, you’ll be back in the right chair and the kids will be doing their own thing… and the words will flow.

    • The kids were back in school yesterday and I did manage to get a lot of writing done(almost 7k actually). Which did get me caught up, including those steamy scenes. 🙂

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