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A to Z: J is for Jumper

Last time we left Icarus heading back to the clubhouse, even though he wanted to go back and make sure Henry didn’t follow him. Now, for what happens next.


Icarus slowed his bike as they reached the edge of town, and he saw another bike approaching him. He couldn’t tell who was riding it at first. He hoped it wasn’t one of the Ivory Crows. The last thing he wanted was for them to think he was breaking the truce. And only a few weeks after it had been agreed on. Hawk was still healing from what they’d done to him. Now was not the time for more trouble to start.

Especially with Henry promising to come after them.

The other biker began to slow as well, and Icarus saw the small patch on the front of his vest for his own club, and his shoulders relaxed. It was one of his Riders. Nothing to worry about then. Except he didn’t know of anyone who’d planned to ride this way. Jumper, he saw as the other man drove across the street to meet him off to the side.

Jumper flipped up the visor of his helmet, and Icarus could see the lines digging into the younger man’s face. Concern. So, this wasn’t just a chance meeting. “What’s going on?” Icarus asked. “Something happen back at the clubhouse?” Trace. Birdie. Hawk. Devil. They’d all been targeted by the Ivory Crows. Despite the truce, Icarus wouldn’t be surprised if they made an aggressive step, just to see how far they could go.

But, Jumper shook his head. “Everyone’s fine. They’re just worried about you. Didn’t know you planned to stay gone so long. With her.”

Icarus knew it was the addition of Cassie that worried most of them. Not that they thought she would do anything. But, with Henry a possible threat–more than possible after today–taking her out was risky. But, he’d needed this. They both had. He should have known better than to stop in town, though. He hadn’t thought that one through.

“We’re both fine. Had a little run-in with Deputy Kearns, though.” He saw Jumper’s face tighten at the name and nodded. “He didn’t appear to follow us out of town, but I want to be sure.”

“You want me to keep my eyes peeled for him.”

“Yes, get a lock on him. Surveillance only, Jumper.”

“Yes, sir,” he said, snapping out a quick salute before pulling the visor back down into place and starting up his bike.

Icarus chuckled as the younger man pulled away. “Sometimes I think he forgets he’s no longer in the Army.”

“How long has he been out?” Cassie asked leaning against his back.

“Regular army? About five years. Then, he did a turn as an airborne ranger. The reason he left is his story to tell.” He was sure she’d heard that said about just about everyone in the club. But, that’s how it should be. It wasn’t his right to tell anyone else’s story. “You ready to get back?”

He felt her nod against him and waited for her to settle back into the seat. Then, he twisted the throttle and pulled back onto the road. When they reached the clubhouse, he saw Chief and Bull waiting on the porch. Both seemed to slump with relief as he parked the bike in front of the garage. By the time he’d helped Cassie off with her helmet and gloves, the two men hadĀ reached them.

“Everything okay?” Icarus asked.

“It is now,” Chief said. “You were starting to worry us, boy.”

Icarus’ lips tilted up slightly. It had been a while since Eric Parnell had referred to him as boy. It brought back old memories. Not necessarily good ones, but still. “We’re fine. I do need to let you know what happened, though.” And he’d have to tell him about Jumper’s little side mission. He’d get to that. First, he turned to Cassie. “I’ll find you in a while. Okay?”

She nodded, and he pressed his lips to her cheek, then followed Chief up to the clubhouse. Bull fell into step beside him. “You sure everything’s okay?”

“It will be,” he told his friend. He had to believe that was the truth, or he wasn’t sure how he’d deal with everything that could be coming their way.


Will everything really be okay? Or is there some trouble in store for them?

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