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I’m back with another teaser from Stained Blood. This one is just about ready to go out to betas. Then another round of edits and hopefully ready for release this summer. For today, here’s a bit from Chapter 4:

Barrett stepped out of the church and glanced around. He could have sworn he’d seen Deryn near the back of the church when he’d stood up after the service. He’d had to stick around and usher everyone out. Now she seemed to be gone.
Maybe it had been some wishful thinking. He didn’t see any sign of her out here.
“Who are you looking for, brother-in-law?”
He turned and Adam grinned at him. He still wasn’t used to seeing that expression on the man’s face. Leah seemed to bring it out in him a lot.
“A woman,” Barrett said, and Adam laughed.
“I thought you usually knew where to find one of them. What’s the matter? All the saloons kick you out?”
Something twisted through him even though he deserved the jab. He’d spent more time in the saloons during the last half a year than anywhere else. Granted, he did usually end up leaving with more money than he’d walked in with, even after dropping a good portion on whiskey and a woman for the night.
“Not that kind of woman,” he said, his voice tight. The surprise came into Adam’s eyes. He wasn’t sure if it was the words, or the tone of his voice. It didn’t matter. “I saw her at the back of the church right after the wedding. She’s gone now.”
“Well, who is it? I’m sure we can find someone who saw where she went.”
Barrett shook his head. “She’s new in town. Came in on the stage with Will and Maggie. I don’t think she knows anybody.”
“Maybe you should ask them. Maybe they spoke to her and know why she’s here. Maggie’s always been the friendly type.”
Something flashed again in Adam’s eyes, but it passed even quicker this time. Adam had spent quite a few years on Maggie’s father’s ranch. Barrett wondered if there was more between them than growing up together. He supposed it didn’t matter, as they were both married now to different people and living far away from each other.
Adam loved his sister, but if he ever did anything to betray her, Barrett would end him. No matter how good of friends they’d become.


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