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A to Z: G is for Grady

Last time we left Cassie having a flashback to the time her and Icarus first officially met. Now, it’s his turn to remember the past(not that he’s ever really forgotten).


Icarus couldn’t believe he had convinced Cassie to finally get on the bike with him. He’d been waiting nearly a year for her to come around. She’d used to love this, loved holding on while they raced down the highway, holding on tight to him. She hadn’t done any of that in the last year. And she’d ridden with Trace the only time she’d been on a bike, only for the ride here to the clubhouse.

It had been a lot longer than that year since he’d felt her against him. All because of her father and Henry Kearns.

He didn’t think he’d ever forget the last time they were together. It had starred in his nightmares way too many times.


Grady pulled Cassie to him, pressing his mouth to hers. Just over six months since she’d first climbed on his bike with him, and he still hadn’t gotten enough. After the first week of meeting every chance they got, she’d asked him to take her away. It would only be for a couple days. She just had to get away from her father and his demanding ways.

He perfectly understood having to get away. Staying away from his own home had been a necessity much of the time. But, every time he suggested taking her back, she begged him not to. She wanted to continue their adventure.

So, that’s what he did.

They were back close to town now, though. He couldn’t help the need to check in on his mother. Even though she’d never cared about making sure he was doing okay, even when they lived in the same house. He couldn’t simply walk away.

He took a step back, but still kept his hand on her arm as he looked around the site where they’d slept the night before. Everything had been picked up and packed away in his saddlebags and the pack he had strapped to the backrest. They were ready to go.

He pulled her in for another kiss, wished they could just do that all day. And really what was stopping them? Only wanting to make sure his father hadn’t finally gone too far. With a sigh, he pulled back. “Are you sure you don’t want to let your dad know-”

“No,” she said quickly. “He won’t let me leave again. I was two minutes late that day we met, and he totally flipped. He’ll never let me out of the house now.”

His throat nearly closed at the thought of that, of never being able to see her again. “Okay,” he said, stroking her hair back from her face. “Okay, Cassie, we won’t contact him. I just have to see my mom, and we’ll go again.”

“You’re not going anywhere, boy,” a hard clipped voice said from behind him, “except far away from my daughter.”

He started to turn, to put Cassie behind him, but a hand jerked him away. Pain screamed through his shoulder, but he still tried to pull away, to get free. He had to get back to Cassie. Make sure she was okay. But, something hit him in the small of his back, and he dropped to his knees.

“Henry,” Sheriff Vallis barked, “don’t do anything to him that will come back on the department.”

“He had his hands all over her, sir. He needs to pay for that.”

“And he will. Trust me on that. Get him out of here.”

Grady tried to struggle, but his hands were already cuffed behind his back, his shoulder still on fire. He tried to look back when Cassie cried his name, but the deputy shoved him forward. “You’re not ever going to see her again,” he hissed in Grady’s ear. “But, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her.


Icarus shuddered at the memory then helped Cassie tighten the strap on her helmet. She was watching him as if she knew where his mind had gone. He should have known from what Henry had said that day what was really going on. They weren’t saving Cassie from him. They’d only wanted her back under their control.

And because he hadn’t known how to fight for what was his, he’d lost everything that mattered. “I won’t let it happen again,” he murmured before kissing her then sliding his own helmet on and climbing onto the bike. He’d give his all to make sure that was a promise he wouldn’t break.


Will he be able to keep his promise this time? Or will she be taken from him again? Hold on, we’ll get there. 🙂

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  1. I haven’t read the previous ones but this was a nice piece in itself – it drew me in and made me think about the situation, the characters, their motivation. Well done!

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