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I’m back with the next scene from Midas’ Daughter. Last week we left Flip telling Calla she had a visitor. Today we get to meet this visitor.

James Adair pulled up into the circular area in front of the large house. He’d heard plenty about Dario Midas over the years. And he’d definitely been impressed by it. His father had apparently been close friends with him at one time. He didn’t know what had come between them, but apparently it wasn’t so strong it kept Dario from asking a favor of the family.
Because marrying a pretty, and wealthy, girl would be such a hardship for him. Especially when his father was pressing him on that exact issue. It was time to settle down, to ensure the Adair line continued, and on and on. He usually stopped listening. Why would he want to settle himself down with only one woman when he could have his pick of them?
Not that marriage had to mean doing that. His father was perfect evidence of that. Still, he didn’t understand why this merger was so important to his father. But, he’d been pretty much ordered to make it work.
Dario was waiting in front of the house when James stepped out of the car. He pocketed his keys and headed around the car to the front steps. “Mr. Midas,” he greeted the man, holding his hand out to him.
“Mr. Adair, I’m pleased you could stop by.”
Amazing how the man didn’t sound like he was getting ready to sell off his only daughter. But, that wasn’t really a concern for James. He only needed to worry about making this work. Or his father was going to make him regret it.
He wasn’t exactly sure how he planned to do that, but he’d like to avoid it if he could. “Should we take this inside?” he asked. He just wanted to get the details worked out. Then, he could get in his car and put on some speed. That always helped clear his head.
Dario nodded and started to turn toward the house. As James went to follow, something caught his attention. He stopped and turned to look across the yard. He saw a horse moving around a fenced-in area. Not just a horse, he saw. A girl sat on his back. As he took in the fences set up, he realized it was a practice arena. They moved smoothly over a jump, almost as if they were one figure.
It took his breath away.
It did more than that to him, but he tried to shove away the way his nerves danced at the sight. “How many horses do you have?” he asked.
Dario only cast a quick glance over his shoulder. James thought he caught a good bit of derision in the look. “Just the one here currently. A few others on the racing circuit. Useless animal. Not doing any good since she stopped competing, but the girl refuses to sell.”
“It’s your horse, isn’t it? Can’t you make your horse trainer sell it?”
Dario snorted. “That’s no trainer. And you’ll soon see how difficult it is to make my daughter do anything.”
That was Calla Midas? Well, damn. That put a whole new spin on this business arrangement.

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