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RoWnd 2 Goals

It’s that time again! Time to set up goals for Round 2 of RoW80.

Round 2


  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) – finish outlining
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4/Flames #7(?)) – Outline
  • Jayla’s Story(Gilbert, Co #7) – Outline
  • High on Your Love(Kurztown #6) – Outline


  • Playing with Fire – finish 1st draft
  • Not Meant to Be – finish 1st draft
  • By the Gun – finish 1st draft(I set this one aside a while ago, but hoping I can pick it back up)
  • Side Projects – add 12000 words between all projects.


  • Stained Blood – Polish and send back to CP and to beta(if anyone else wants to read, let me know)
  • Snow White Twist – Polish and sent to readers. Hopefully submit before the end of the round
  • Dance with the Devil – Revise and start posting to Wattpad
  • Flames of Renewal – Apply CP edits
  • In the Moonlight – Revise
  • Demons Rising – Revise


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts, edit & format 18 posts, post 25 posts
  • Story a Day: Write 31 stories


  • Listen: 12 books
  • Read: 90 books


  • Knit: 3 projects
  • Crochet: 3 projects
  • Loom: 3 projects

As for this next month(this will be the list I’ll use for check-ins from now until the end of the month):



  • Heart of Christmas – finish Story Toolkit, Outline in scrivener
  • Still Burning – Brainstorm, Character back stories, plot summary, through Story Toolkit: Romance Arc


  • Playing with Fire – Add 73000 words/66 scenes(some of these include bits from my Just Jot It posts in January, they may be fleshed out to scenes of their own or merged into other scenes, but I’m counting them all for right now).
  • Side Projects – add 4000 words between all projects.


  • Stained Blood – Adjust chapters(some are really long after adding new scenes in), double-check for missing details, 50 search & destroy items, send to readers
  • Snow White Twist – rename, polish 48 search & destroy items, send to readers
  • Flames of Renewal – CP Edits once I get it back
  • In the Moonlight – transfer from One Note to Scrivener(on two different computers)


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts
  • A-Z posts: Edit 18 posts
  • A-Z posts: Post 25 posts


  • Listen: 5 books
  • Read: 30 books


  • Knit: Duo Cable Hat
  • Crochet: Crystal Drops Beanie
  • Loom: Newborn Loom Knit Baby Hat

Comments on: "RoWnd 2 Goals" (4)

  1. Formidable writing goals — as always, well organized and specific. Using ‘just jot it’ sounds productive. I’m not sure how to listen to audio books. Every time I try, my mind drifts. But the scope of your goals (writing-related and personal) sets a clear direction. May the round go well for you!

    • Thanks. I did like the Just Jot It challenge. This was the second year I participated in it.
      I mostly listen to audio books when I’m doing chores and other things that don’t need my complete attention.

  2. Your goals are concise, and I know you’ll get to most, if not all, of them. I’ll be around to read some of your A-Z entries…once the dust of new month and new goals settles some. =D

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