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Today is the official end of the first round of RoW80 for this year. So, even though I did a check-in post yesterday, I have my wrap up of the round’s goals today. I’ll have my monthly wrap-up and goals for the next round and month up next Sunday(4/2). But, for now, here’s how I did for the round:

#Row80 Round 1:


  • Loving the Devil – Outline – set this one aside. The idea wasn’t really forming well into a plot.
  • Playing With Fire(Flames #6/The Rileys #1) – Outline – this is done. It’ll be my main writing project in April.
  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security novella) – I’m working on the story toolkit for this one.
  • High on Your Love(Kurztown #6) – Didn’t get to this one.


  • In the Moonlight – 1st draft – Yes! Wrote 14964 words to finish it.
  • Crash and Burn – 1st draft – Yes! Wrote 16098 words to finish it.
  • Defending the Heart – 1st draft – Yes! Wrote 38768 words to finish it.
  • Stay a Little Longer – add 39000 words – 38500/39000 words. Only 500 short. Tomorrow’s words will get me there.
  • Not Meant to Be – add 12000 words – only managed 3683/12000. I changed how I was doing things, so this one got set aside. I think I’ll be getting back to it in May on the new schedule.
  • Loving the Devil – start drafting – no. This one’s shelved at least for now.
  • Playing with Fire – start drafting – I did start this. 6617 words. I’ll get back to it in April.
  • Heart of Christmas – start drafting – No. I don’t have this planned until August now.


  • Stained Blood – Rewrite – Good progress on this. 7864 words added. I have 4 more scenes to add & 19 more to edit through.
  • Demons Rising – Revise – Still nothing on this
  • Flames of Renewal – Send to CP & do edits if I get it back before the end of the round – sent it to CP, but haven’t got it back yet.
  • Snow White Twist – Fill in Details – this is done & I did the read through. Ready to start revisions, which I’m hoping to have done by the end of the month.

Side Projects:

  • Midas’ Daughter – Get to 13000 words – 10441/13000 words
  • Dance with the Devil – finish 1st draft – done!
  • Patrick & Sarah – get to 5400 words – 5413/5400 words
  • Tavin & Haiwee – get to 4675 words – 4627/4675 words
  • Roman – get to 5800 words – 6350/5800 words
  • Dougal & Shae – get to 4000 words – 4163/4000 words

I also started a few other side projects, and have 2 more I plan to start this week. In all, I’ve added 17,262 words between all side projects.


  • Row80 – keep up to date with own posts & others – did pretty well with this.
  • Just Jot it January – 30 posts(since I already skipped day 1) – 28/30. Pretty close. I did all except for day 1 and a couple of the One-line Wednesday prompts.


  • Listen: 12 books – 24/12. I’d met this goal back in January.
  • Read: 90 books – 77/90 books.


  • Knit: 3 projects – 3/3 projects
  • Crochet: 3 projects – 2/3 projects. Close to finishing the third, though.
  • Loom: 3 projects – 1/3 projects

Overall, it was a pretty good round. Looking forward to the next one.

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  1. I didn’t think anyone could be this productive!

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