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A to Z: Theme Reveal

It’s time to gear up for another year of the A to Z challenge. One year I did a whole month of fire themed posts. Last year I wrote short pieces of back story for characters across my different series. I’ve enjoyed doing both. This year will be similar to the last one, except each of the posts will be at least one scene of a bigger story. They’ll all be connected together as well to make a serial story. As for the title for this year’s:’



For anyone who has followed me, you may know about the novella series I’ve been working on the last couple years. The first book, Into the Sun, was released as part of 2015’s World Unknown Review. That one was about Trace and his search for family and just what that meant for him. He found it and his biological father with the Riders of Justice. Grady Hartson Jr, better known as Icarus now, has his own story to tell. I’ve told bits of it through the other stories in this series, but this one will focus on Icarus and his possible second chance with Cassie.

The parts of the story(some are named for who will be also be in the scene, or something else that happens during it):

1 – Arrow

3 – Birdie

4 – Cassie

5 – Dive

6 – Edge of Control

7 – Flashback

8 – Grady

10 – Henry

11 – Icarus

12 – Jumper

13 – Kidnapped

14 – Love

15 – Medusa

17 – Never Again

18 – Options

19 – Promises

20 – Quitting

21 – Raven

22 – Set Up

24 – Taken

25 – Understanding

26 – Vengeance

27 – Wraith

28 – By eXample

29 – Your Love

30 – Zenith

And the song that inspired the title(all the titles in the series have been after songs):


Comments on: "A to Z: Theme Reveal" (4)

  1. […] & format 27 posts – Edited 8/27(almost forgot about the theme reveal post) posts. And my theme reveal went live on Monday. A, B, C, D, E, F, & G are scheduled. So, I’ve got through Week 2 […]

  2. Arlee Bird said:

    Sounds like a good way to get your writing in order and out to readers.

    Have fun in April!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Theme Reveal: It’s About Time

  3. It’s fun to see the stories people put together following the them of the A to Z Challenge posts.

    Good luck with it. 🙂

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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