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Ok, not literally. That would be really cold. But, it’s been snowing here pretty steadily since the other night. Not as bad as some places, but we’ve definitely gotten a good amount. Not enough for them to even delay school, though.

And I’ve made a lot of progress on my writing goals for the week. As in, I’ve checked everything on my weekly goals list off. So, I’ll be working on my A-Z posts for the rest of the week during my writing time.

And before I get to more on that, it’s WiPPet Wednesday!! I thought I’d be sharing from one of my side projects, if that’s what I had open when I got to working on this post, but since everything is done, I’ll share some more from Stay a Little Longer. I have 15 paragraphs today(simple math this time). Mike is Jess’ daughter’s father, and their at his house for the daughter’s birthday.

Twenty minutes later she was pulling into his driveway. And saw Terrall’s car already parked there. Her stomach twisted a little. He was early. She was hoping to get there in time to introduce him. She looked up and saw the two dark-skinned men standing on the porch together, looking out at her.
She took a deep breath then stepped out of the car, going around to get Clay out of his seat. Paul was already standing at the front of the car, the gift he’d made and wrapped himself in his hands. “Why’s he here?” he asked, looking at Terrall.
“He’s my friend, Paul,” she said, wishing they could be even more than that. “I invited him.”
Her son didn’t say anything else, but he seemed wary as he approached the porch. Mike ruffled the boy’s hair, and Paul ducked away even as he laughed. Then, her ex took Clay from her arms and quickly flipped him upside down. Her son giggled, and Jess couldn’t help but smile. She loved hearing that sound. He might not talk much, but he was a happy child. That meant she had to be doing something right, didn’t it?
She glanced at Terrall then back to Mike. “I’ll get the rest of the things out of the car. Be right back.”
By the time she’d opened the trunk, Terrall was standing next to her. “Do you need help with anything?” he asked.
She looked up at him, feeling the smile spread even as razor-tipped wings fluttered in her stomach. She couldn’t remember any one else ever making her feel like this. “You can tell me why you’re here so early,” she said.
“You told me the party started at one, but you’d be here earlier to set up. I figured I’d lend a hand if I could.”
It was a sweet thing to do. She hadn’t asked him to do it. She handed him the cake box. “You can take this into the kitchen.” She grabbed the box of favor bags and started to lift it. But, he nudged her aside and set the cake on top of it, lifting both boxes at once.
Jess sighed. “I can lift a little box, Terrall.”
He leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. She moaned and leaned into him. His tongue grazed her lips then he jerked back, as if he’d forgotten himself for a moment. And his eyes were dark when she met them. He just smiled at her then started toward the house. She sighed again and grabbed the pinata she’d purchased the other day. At least he was letting her carry that.
“So, I met Mike,” he said as they walked up the sidewalk. “Seems like a nice guy.”
“He is,” Jess said. “Like I told you, we’re still friends even though we didn’t work out. Neither of us see Alex as a rope that needs to be tugged between us.” Unlike the way Frank seemed to think of Paul.
“Met his…partner, too.”
A corner of her mouth ticked up at his hesitation. “Boyfriend is the term they use,” she told him. “And it’s fine. I knew when Mike and I first got together that he was bi. It never bothered me. And Fadil has been good for him. I wish them all the happiness in the world.”

So, I almost want to write Mike and Fadil’s story now. Every time mike shows up in this one, I like him more and more. Not sure I’ll ever get to that one, though it may end up being a short story or novella.

Now, as promised, my progress for the week.


  • Primary: Heart of Christmas(BC Security 3.5) – write back stories, plot summary, and complete Story Toolkit – 1496 words on Alaina’s back story, 649 on Caelen’s back story. 2145 words so far this month
  • Secondary: Still Burning(Hunter Family #4) – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Stay a Little Longer – add 45000 words/finish 38 scenes – 28269 words/45000, 27/38 scenes for the month. 7906 words/9 scenes this week. I wrote 5k on this just Tuesday morning. The words were definitely flowing.
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words, edit Chapter 1 of Patrick & Sarah & Chapter 1 of Tavin & Haiwee, read through 9 chapters of Snow White Twist(there’s actually 10, but I read through chapter 1 in February) – 3349/5000 words so far this month. 1014 since last check-in. 63/63 comments applied to Patrick & Sarah & posted to Patreon. And sent chapter 2 to beta.  51/51 comments applied to Tavin & Haiwee, have read through 5/9 in Snow White Twist.


  • Primary: Stained Blood – 10 new scenes & apply CP edits to 40 scenes – 2/10 new scenes finished this month, started on the 3rd. 3/40 scenes edited. 2580 words added this month. 1022 since last check-in
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal(if I get back from CP) – complete CP edits
    • In the Moonlight – start revisions


  • A-Z posts – draft 24 posts – 2/24 for the month. 160 words on E post. 0 since last check-in. I’ll be working on these this afternoon and the rest of the week, though.
  • A-Z posts – edit & format 26 posts


  • Listen: 8 books – 3/8 for the month, 0 since last check-in
    • King’s Cage(Victoria Aveyard) – just started this one Wednesday morning. On Chapter 23.
  • Read: 31 books – 13/31 for the month, 2 since last check-in. I set aside several that my MIL gave me. They just didn’t pull me in.
    • Crimson Stain(Jim Fisher) – this is a true crime story about an Amish man who killed his wife not very far from where we live(It happened when I was about 8 years old). Reading this when I finish the rest of the books on my weekly list. On page: 181/314(not counting all the end notes & index)
    • Hammer of the Gods(Christina Ochs) – this is book 3 in her Desolate Empire series. I got the boxed set, but I’ve already read the first 2 separately, so I jumped right to this one on my phone. I’ll read it in the between moments. I’m on Chapter 7/166(If I counted right. The chapters are labeled with POV characters’ names instead of numbers).
    • The Ranger(Monica McCarty) – Read this on Monday. Really enjoyed it.
    • Wanderlust(Roni Loren) – I started this one after setting several others aside(ones my MIL had given to me, and they just didn’t grab me). I’ve actually read it before when it was part of an anthology, but I’ll always re-read a Roni Loren book. I finished reading it last night. It was a pretty quick one, but just as good as I remember(though there was one detail I believe was changed).
    • First and First(Santino Hassell) – Just started this morning. At 2%.


  • Knit: Georgian Lace Cap – started this on Monday. Have 4/4 rounds knitted for the brim. 36/40 rounds knitted for cap lace section. Almost finished round 37 but ran out of yarn.
  • Crochet: Cross-over Long DC Hat – will be starting this today probably.
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf & Last Minute Slouchy Hat – I finished the scarf on Sunday.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rolling Through the Snow" (14)

  1. We’ve had a mild winter here in Colorado! I can’t complain, although I do miss playing in the snow and building stuff in the yard. Friends back east are getting dumped on!

    If I wrote in some crochet goals, they’d overshadow my writing. That’s what my OCD has locked onto lately.

    • Most of the winter hasn’t been too bad really. Which doesn’t make my husband too happy because he makes extra money plowing snow while he’s laid off from his main job for the winter.

  2. The snow missed us for the most part, but the cold, unfortunately, did not. It feels more like January than mid-March. My husband was disappointed, though–he loves snow, and I think he really wanted a snow day!

    Excellent excerpt. There’s some good tension in there, and all the characters are really clear. I enjoyed it!

    • y husband likes to be able to go up and plow the snow. Mostly because it brings in some extra money while he’s laid off from his main job.

  3. You should definitely write Mike and Fadil’s story. These are all great characters. I like being in the thick of what they’re doing, like I’m watching from the pavement as they journey back and forth. Good of him to let her carry the pinata, huh? 🙂

  4. I definitely think you’ll be writing Mike and Fadil. You KNOW they want their turn, too! =D

    I loved all the feels in this snippet, and, your progress this week rocks!

    • Oh probably. lol. Once these characters start talking to me, I just can’t seem to stop listening. Don’t know if I’ll write how they met or something more recent. 😉

  5. Aw, I love this! I am a sucker for “stayed friends even after a break-up,” every time. I like that Mike’s found someone, and it sure sounds like Jess is on her way there too.

    • Thanks. Yeah, it seemed like all the exes I’ve written(at least where there are kids involved) were kind of assholes, and I wanted something different.

  6. We’ve had a rather warm week here, and while I realize that most of the country is probably jealous of us, my nose hasn’t appreciated the sudden change in temp one bit. Especially since it’s supposed to be raining next week.

    Great snippet! I can’t wait to read more!

    • Yeah, our weather’s been weird this winter. it’ll snow then warm up and melt everything, then it’ll snow again. I wish it would just stick to one or the other.

  7. I really like the phrase “razor-tipped wings fluttered in her stomach”. It’s a perfect description of that feeling. Great snippet! (And you should totally write Mike and Fadil’s story :P)

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