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So, this week is going pretty well so far. I’ve actually changed up how I’m going through my goals. I have a weekly goal to get to for each of my projects. A certain scene for drafting, adding 1000 new words to my editing project(though maybe I should change to scene goal as well), and finished a back story for plotting. Then, there’s my side projects. I’d been trying to get to a little of each of these every day. Splitting my morning time between drafting, editing, & plotting. And spending the afternoon sprint time on side projects.

Well, starting yesterday, I decided to change that. For now, I’m going to work on my drafting project until I reach the weekly goal. Then, I’ll move on to editing then plotting. And if I still have time for the week, onto my side projects. As of right now, I have 2 more scenes to write in Stay a Little Longer. I’m hoping to at least get close to the end of this during this afternoon’s sprint. I’ve added 3 scenes into what I was going to write, so that may not happen. But, either way I should be able to start editing tomorrow. And should still be able to meet my goal of finishing the draft by the end of the month.

But, for right now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday again, and I’m bringing you another snippet from Stay a Little Longer. I have 7 paragraphs for today(3+8+2+1-7). Jess and Terrall have run into each other a couple other times, but they haven’t really spoken too much at this point. He didn’t expect to run into her at the lawyer’s office or what she’s about to tell him.

Something in his face softened at that, and he brushed that thumb over her cheek again. “Did someone else hurt you? Is that why you’re here? I hope you take them to the cleaners, if that’s the case.”
She let out a watery laugh. “Not exactly. No money involved in this case. Just my sanity. And my son’s happiness.”
He jerked back as if he’d been slapped. “You have a son?”
She met his eyes, then. This was something she wouldn’t be ashamed about. She’d made mistakes, a lot of them—pretty much every man she’d fallen for—but she loved her children. “I have two,” she said. “And a daughter.”
He stumbled back, coming to his feet, and rubbed his hand over his mouth. Then, his gaze dropped to her hands. She didn’t wear jewelry, especially not when she was working in the vet’s office.
“Jess,” Brian said from the hallway. “You can come back now.”
She stood and moved past Terrall who was still just staring at her. In shock, she thought, not derision. But who knew? She’d been wrong about men before.

Why is he so surprised? Will it change how he looks at her? What will they do next?

On to my progress for the week so far:


  • Primary: Heart of Christmas(BC Security 3.5) – write back stories, plot summary, and complete Story Toolkit – 427 words on Alaina’s back story for this month, 0 since last check-in
  • Secondary: Still Burning(Hunter Family #4) – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Stay a Little Longer – add 45000 words/finish 38 scenes – 16662 words/45000, 15/42 scenes for the month. 10089 words/9 scenes since last check-in
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words, edit Chapter 1 of Patrick & Sarah– 1528/5000 words so far this month. 418 words since last check-in. 25/63 comments applied to Chapter 1.


  • Primary: Stained Blood – 10 new scenes & apply CP edits to 40 scenes – 0/10 scenes finished this month. 0/40 scenes edited. 458 words added this month. 0 since last check-in
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal(if I get back from CP) – complete CP edits
    • In the Moonlight – start revisions


  • A-Z posts – draft 24 posts – 2/24 for the month. 508 words on D post, 361 since last check-in. Finished D.
  • A-Z posts – edit & format 26 posts


  • Listen: 8 books – 3/8 for the month, 2 since last check-in
    • In Her Sights(Robin Perini) – enjoyed this one.
    • Need You for Keeps(Marina Adair) – finished this one last night. Really enjoyed it(and listened to the end as a break from the emotional rollercoaster I was reading).
    • King’s Cage(Victoria Aveyard) – just started this one this morning. On Chapter 3.
  • Read: 31 books – 5/31 for the month, 3 since last check-in
    • Hope Burns(Jaci Burton) – enjoyed this one, though the resolution seemed a little too, I don’t know, rushed I guess.
    • Gone to Die(Stacy Green) – I had some issues with this one. Some of it felt out of character. And I just went “of course, the sadistic killer was raised by her killer truck driver father. Because truck drivers are always criminals.” That portrayal bothers me. My husband was driving truck when I met him, and I just…ugh, it irritates me.
    • Crimson Stain(Jim Fisher) – this is a true crime story about an Amish man who killed his wife not very far from where we live(It happened when I was about 8 years old). Reading this when I finish the rest of the books on my weekly list.
    • Lucky Break(Carly Phillips) – I liked this one okay. Probably wouldn’t have finished the trilogy, though, if I hadn’t had all three books. Still, it was a light read.
    • History is All You Left Me(Adam Silvera) – I’m on page 235/292. This had me crying within 50 pages. And a couple pages later, I was laughing again. I actually had to take a break and listen to the end of a romance. This was breaking my heart so bad. There are some downsides to being such an emotional reader.


  • Knit: Georgian Lace Cap – started this on Monday. Have 4/4 rounds knitted for the brim. 0/40 rounds knitted for cap lace section.
  • Crochet: Cross-over Long DC Hat
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf & Last Minute Slouchy Hat – I finished the scarf on Sunday. wp-1488797998936.jpg


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Charging Into the Week" (11)

  1. You really have had a good week. And Terrall just got quite a surprise – now I really want to know how he feels about children!

    Love the color of that scarf, but you knew I would! =D

    • It has been a good week. I met my goal for Stay a Little Longer before having to get the kids on the bus this morning. And met my goal for Stained Blood before the end of this morning’s writing time. So, I’ll be working on back story this afternoon during the sprint.
      Haha, well, let’s just say he isn’t even sure of that yet. He’ll figure it out though 🙂
      Thanks. It’s one of my favorite colors, too.

      • I would imagine he’s got a lot to figure out. If one child was enough to give him pause – well, three is a triple threat! =)

        I’ve got a lot of goals that hinge on completing other goals this month. So I’m chafing a little at the ones I haven’t gotten to yet, even though I know that was the plan all along…

        But I’m making good headway on the foundations, so hopefully, I’ll have smooth sailing for the structure-building to come…or something like that. =)

  2. That scarf is fab!

    It’s interesting how people always look for wedding rings when children are mentioned. Although…that suggests he’s still checking to see if she’s available and her having kids might not be an issue.

  3. I love the color of the scarf.

    Interesting exchange between these two. I like how she’s resolved not to make apologies for her life. Hopefully he likes kids!

  4. I love the emotion in this week’s WIPpet. It comes across really strongly, and I was instantly drawn in. Well done!

  5. Huh! I wonder too. I wouldn’t know what to expect yet from these characters, but the situation feels real and very relatable.

    And ooh…. cool book list this week. I confess, I’m a sucker for a really emotional story. And true crime… yeah, I’m SO sad. 🤐

    • Thanks.
      Yes, I’m a sucker for emotional stories, too. Even when they have me reading through tears. I don’t usually read a lot of true crime, but when we had satellite tv, I used to watch Discovery ID all the time.

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