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I’ve been updating my progress for my goal list as the week has gone along. Easier than trying to remember everything at the end of the week. And less I need to do before posting. 😉

Thursday some of us who used to sprint under the RoW80 hashtag decided to pick it up again. Of course, my husband and I were out shopping that day. So, I missed most of the sprint. But did start a new side project(it’s added to the list below) on my phone on my way home. Now, Friday, I got a lot of words written during the sprint writing on each side project for ~5 minutes(though often I’d keep writing for a minute or two before I reset the timer for the next story)

Yesterday, husband and son went to a hunting expo with some friends up in Erie. He dropped the girl and me off at the bookstore on the way through. And I realized the problem with following so many book people on twitter. All these books I’ve seen recommended, but I can’t get all of them. *sigh*. I did get the next book in a series I’ve started that I’ve had trouble finding. And History Is All You Left Me(Adam Silvera) – which is one of those highly recced books. And resisted getting any others.

I have a wide range of reading interests.

I have a wide range of reading interests.


  • Primary: Heart of Christmas(BC Security 3.5) – write back stories, plot summary, and complete Story Toolkit – got 427 words written on Alaina’s back story.
  • Secondary: Still Burning(Hunter Family #4) – Brainstorm
My plan for the year

My plan for the year


  • Primary: Stay a Little Longer – add 45000 words/finish 33 scenes – 6573/45000 words. Finished 6/37 scenes. 4 of those were added in as I went.
    • He hated the tear that coursed down her cheek. Damn it. He hadn’t meant to make her cry.
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words, edit chapter 1 of Patrick & Sarah – 1110/5000 words. Edited through 17/63 scenes(not counting the two I did in February). And read through 2/9 chapters in Snow White Twist
    • Midas’ Daughter – 235 words – He hadn’t caught them there together. That was the most important part. Flip wasn’t exactly sure what the old man would have done if he had caught them, but he couldn’t imagine it would be even close to giving his blessing. *Flip has good reason to be worried, even if all they did was kiss. Her father isn’t exactly understanding.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 97 words(which includes those 17 changes I edited through) – “Whoa,” Patrick Bailey yelled to the team of horses, yanking back on the reins, not caring they dug into his hands, when a little figure dashed out in front of him. His heart slammed against his ribs, sweat slicking his hands as he sawed on the reins again. What if his touch wasn’t enough to bring the two farm horses to a halt? *new opening paragraph
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 287 words – She let out that laugh again. “He does like to give us his wisdom. Whether we want it or not.” *She’s talking about her brother here, who you’ll know if you’ve read Stained by Ashes
    • Roman – 229 words – “I won’t ever lay a hand on you, Tereza. Not in anger or malice. I promise you that.” *a little soon for her to actually believe him.
    • Dougal & Shae – 301 words – And the woman of his dreams showed up. Only for her to hate his guts. He let out a sigh. *Oh, poor Dougal. Though hate might be a strong word. 😉
    • Mason & Lila – 303 words – Mason rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “Your sources, Bri? Huh, I wonder who that could be. Does her name maybe start with Ash and you try to pretend you don’t want to stick your tongue down her throat?” *oh, best friends. Aren’t they great?
    • Jacob & Matthew – 198 words – Jacob shifted on the mattress and reached across it. He didn’t open his eyes until he touched nothing but sheet. He blinked up at the ceiling then sat up, letting the thin sheet pool at his waist. *this story was inspired by a new character I introduced in rewriting Stained Blood. And the reason I’d struggled when trying to give Jacob his own story. I was trying to put him in a box he didn’t belong in.



  • Primary: Stained Blood – 10 new scenes & apply CP edits to 40 scenes – started 1/10 scenes. 458 words
    • Something down the street caught his attention. Jacob was standing down in the street, his hands on someone’s shoulders. Matthew, he realized after a moment. He was the only man in town who dressed any dandier than Barrett himself. Barrett smiled a little at that thought and brushed a hand down his brocade vest. He started toward them then realized they were arguing. Jacob shook his head vigorously, but Matthew nodded and put his hands on Jacob’s shoulders. Then, he cupped the other man’s cheek, only for an instant. Then, they were stepping back from each other, Jacob’s shoulders slumping slightly.
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal(if I get back from CP) – complete CP edits – not back yet
    • In the Moonlight – start revisions – I’ll start this when I finish Stained Blood, unless I get Flames of Renewal back first


  • A-Z posts – draft 24 posts – added 151 words to finish my ‘C’ post. Wrote 147 words for ‘D’ post.
  • A-Z posts – edit & format 26 posts


  • Listen: 8 books – 1/8 books
    • Accidentally Hers – had some issues with this one. I mentioned it in Wednesday’s post. Really didn’t like how they handled the drunk driving issue(this is a sensitive issue for me). I was fairly satisfied with the romance part of the book, but that issue bugged me.
    • In Her Sights(Robin Perini) – Started this Friday. Enjoying it.
  • Read: 31 books – 2/31 books
    • Passenger(Alexandra Bracken) – really enjoyed this one. Though some spots were really detail-rich, maybe a little too much for me. And I almost threw my kindle near the end. Glad the second book is out already and I don’t have to wait after that ending.
    • Cleon Moon(Lindsay Buroker) – loved this one. Really like how the character arcs are developing. And the relationships. And seriously, I just love her writing.
    • Gone to Die(Stacy Green) – I got about halfway through this Friday night. And…I don’t know. I just don’t feel invested in the characters, or really, what happens to them. I don’t know if it’s because it’s been a while since I read the last book or it’s just not what I’m in the mood for right now.
    • Hope Burns(Jaci Burton) – started Saturday morning. Got 110 pages in. Enjoying it, though I’m not quite sucked in. So, today I’ll be starting:
    • The Marriage Merger(Jennifer Probst) – this is one my MIL gave me. It looks like it’s book 3 in a series & about a billionaire hero, so we’ll see if I finish it or not. If I end up setting it aside(or finish it today), I’ll get back to the other ones. *So, I started to read this. Got a few pages in and just went “nope”. And she hasn’t even met the “hero” yet. Just didn’t even care.


  • Knit: Georgian Lace Cap
  • Crochet: Cross-over Long DC Hat
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf & Last Minute Slouchy Hat – 12 rows of the Ambrosia Love Scarf on Wednesday and another 32 on Saturday.

I’ve made some good progress for the beginning of the month. Hoping to at least turn some of that red to green as the month goes on.


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Charging Ahead" (4)

  1. Very good progress!

    I love the idea of sprints. When are they? Thursday only?

  2. Teamsprinty is back up at 1pmEST? Awesome… Might see you all there then too. I could really use that kick in the patootie these days.

    Still enjoying the one-liners from the stories, definitely giving us something to look forward to.

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