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WeWriWa: “Gladly”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Dancing with the Devil. Today I have the last ten sentences of the scene I shared last week. They’re now up in Hawk’s room and had a difficult discussion. But they understand each other and are on the same page now.

He stayed right where he was, as if he was afraid I’d reject him if he came to me. So, I went to him instead, sliding my hands over his shoulders before pressing my mouth to his. I kept the kiss light at first, hoping he wouldn’t step away from me now.

He didn’t. Instead he stepped into me and pressed his lips even firmer to mine, one hand clasped the back of my neck as if he was afraid I’d run away if he didn’t hold onto me, but there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be.

“Are we okay?” he asked, resting his forehead against mine when we finally broke from the kiss.

“I certainly hope so.”

His smile warmed almost every part of me, and I slid my hands up into his hair before bringing my lips to his again.

“Come to bed,” he whispered against my lips.


I only have 1 more chapter to share from(though looking at how long it is, may end up breaking it into 2 chapters). I’m hoping that will give me enough to at least get through March. I may start sharing from the A-Z posts for April then, since I’m writing the next story as a serial for that. I’ll have more about that when I do the theme reveal post…sometime this month(have to check the schedule to see when that happens).


Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Gladly”" (10)

  1. This is a very romantic scene. Good job.

  2. Happy little tender moment, enjoyed the excerpt! I do like these characters…

  3. nancygideon said:

    Nice moment, Fallon!! Well done!

  4. Certainly sounds like they’re okay!

  5. Yay, kissing! Lovely romantic scene.

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