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On Monday, I once again decided to change how I work on my projects. When it came time to work on my secondary project, I…just didn’t want to. And I’ve been feeling like that more and more. So, I decided to take the secondary projects off the table for now. I did look at what scenes I have left to write for Defending the Heart. And realized if I write 3 a day, I can have it finished by the end of the month. So, that’s what I’m shooting for right now. We’ll see if I can keep up with only 1 project. Well, except for my editing. If I get all those scenes done before the end of my writing time, I’ll switch over(after eating some breakfast, which I’m just finishing as I type this) to my editing/plotting. At the end of the writing time(9 a.m. which gives me about 4-5 hours), I’ll do chores and all that then get to my social media stuff. And my afternoon will pretty much remain the same as it has been. And now that breakfast is done, to editing! I’ll be back to finish this post later.

Chores are now done, so time to finish up this post! Yesterday we went and got our taxes done. We don’t always get them done this early, but we had everything together so we decided to get it over with. And we got more back than what I’d expected. We may have to wait a little longer to get the money than usual, but that’s not too bad. Then, we went and got Chinese for lunch(chicken and broccoli with fried rice. yum!) and were still home in time for me to wash dishes, fold laundry and write a few words before the kids got home.

It’s Wednesday which means time for WiPPet Wednesday!! I’m still working on Defending the Heart, so I’ll be sharing from it again. This may be the last one as long as I do get it finished by the end of the month. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be working on next. Depending on which project I choose, I may share one more snippet from this next week even if I have finished drafting it. We’ll see how that all goes. For now here’s 6 paragraphs(2/22=2+2+2) from when Piers and Xavier go out to dinner together.

But, he kept his mouth shut as the hostess greeted them and led them back to a table. He noticed the young woman keep glancing back at Xavier. He couldn’t really blame her, he wouldn’t mind never taking his eyes off the man again, either. But, Xavier was probably a decade older than her, and other than a brief smile of greeting—which he gave to pretty much everyone he saw—he hadn’t given her a second glance.
Piers had an urge to tell her it was a lost cause, but why burst the girl’s bubble? A little harmless ogling and flirting rarely hurt anyone. And, to his surprise, it didn’t bother him that much. Even when Xavier winked at her, and she blushed a deep red. So, maybe Xavier had noticed it, too.
“You didn’t need to encourage her,” Piers said when she’d left them alone with their menus. “It’s not really fair, you know.”
One corner of Xavier’s mouth kicked up, but he didn’t look away from his menu. “Maybe we were just commiserating,” he said. “Being with a handsome bastard like you, no one would notice me.”
Piers snorted out a laugh at that. “Oh, trust me, they notice you. I could point out at least three women and two men who have their eyes on you right now.”
“Oh, I’ve seen them. But, pretty sure they’re actually watching you.”

So, which of them is right? Both? Neither? And just where is this night going to lead? Things are getting intense with where I am in drafting. Yesterday there was some family drama and that certainly made the words flow fast. A lot more fun to write it than to live it. 🙂

And now on to this week’s progress:

  • Write: Shoot for 10000 words between projects – 6375/10000 words. And all of those have gone toward Defending the Heart. I also started brainstorming a Christmas novella for this series.
  • Edit: Stained Blood – continue writing new scenes, shoot for total of 1000 words – 411/1000 words. didn’t work on this until this morning. didn’t finish even one scene yet, but made some good progress on it.
  • Side Projects – 1000 words/200 per project – 62/1000 words
  • Patreon – write new side story(this one will be Mason & Lila from First Choice, Second Chance) & if I get chapter 1 of Patrick & Sarah’s story back from beta & edited I’ll post it too – nothing on either of these yet. But, you can check my page out if you want.
  • Snow White Twist – read through – weekend project
  • Listen: From the Moment We Met(Marina Adair) & The Emerald Brooch(Katherine Lowry Logan) – Still listening to From the Moment We Met. Really enjoying it. Have a little less than 2 hours left to it.
  • Read: Walk the Edge(Katie McGarry), Leveling the Field(Megan Erickson), Ignite(Rebecca Yarros), Forbidden(Beverly Jenkins), Murder Comes Ashore(Julie Anne Lindsey), Destiny(Carly Phillips), and It’s Always Been You(Jessica Scott) – Finished Walk the Edge(loved), Leveling the Field(loved), and Ignite(enjoyed), and started Forbidden.
  • Crochet: Flower Coaster – haven’t started yet. Hopefully will this afternoon.
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf – haven’t started
  • A to Z Challenge: Draft – Post B-Z – I finished the ‘B’ post. Haven’t started ‘C’ yet.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Charging Ahead" (9)

  1. I like this interaction very much. I see this so often – people being admired and not even realising it and then denying it when it’s pointed out to them, although on this occasion, I think they might both be right and they’re just a damn fine-looking couple.

  2. I’m with Debbie on this one! It’s nice to see these two having a happy, light moment. I hope it will hold them through whatever you put them through, next.

    I’m going to see if I have your chapter to you by the time you wake up Friday morning. Not sure I can do it, but I can try, right?

    Good progress – looks like the shift worked for you!

    • Wellll…let’s just say things aren’t looking too good relationship-wise for them right now. They’ll get there though.
      No rush. If I don’t get it up this week, it won’t be a disaster. 🙂
      It does seem to be going pretty well so far.

      • I’m sure they will…and that the rough patches will make them ultimately stronger.

        I know it’s not something I need to rush on, but I have a tendency to forget the smaller things when I get wrapped up in my own big stuff, so I’d rather get to it sooner, so that doesn’t happen as I focus on ticking goals off my own list. Also, I’ll have a fanfic story (Hoshi/Travis) to beta, likely by the end of the weekend, and I’d like to pace myself so yours is done before that one arrives, and that one is done before I get your next one. Holdover from my days waiting tables – sometimes, it’s all about the pacing! =)

  3. Aww, this is cute. I bet they’re both being ogled by various people. 😀

    I’m considering attempting the A-Z challenge this year. Given how my February monthly challenge has gone, I’m not too sure I’d make it righ through, but I’d like to give it a try.

    • Thanks. And that’d probably be a pretty good bet. 🙂
      I’ve found it really helps to at least have them planned out. I like getting them written ahead of time as well if at all possible. 🙂

  4. Although I’m pretty good at multitasking, I don’t like letting extraneous stories encroach into my brain while I’m working on a novel. But sometimes that’s simply what needs to be done.

    • Sometimes I wish I could keep all the other stories out of my head when I’m working on another one, but those characters can get pretty demanding.

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