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WeWriWa: “Hold Our Place”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I finished the first draft of Dance with the Devil last week, but I’ll still be sharing from that for now. Let’s see, where did we leave Devil last week? Oh, yes, Devil asked Icarus to stop because he needed time to process everything he was saying. I’m jumping ahead a bit here. Devil is all healed up, and he and Hawk are finally getting onto the same page. After a ride and a talk, they’re back at the clubhouse and rather into each other…until they realize they have an audience.

A whistle broke out just as we hit the steps, and I jerked my head to the side and saw Trace, Birdie, and Arrow leaning back against the wall. I groaned but Hawk laughed and pressed another kiss, a softer one this time, to my forehead. “Hold our place,” he murmured. “We’ll have to pick it back up later.”

He stepped back from me, and I turned back to the other three. “You all suck donkey ass,” I said and retreated toward the basement steps. If I couldn’t be with Hawk now, I needed to find another way to work this all out of my system.

I heard Birdie laugh as I headed down the stairs. “Come on, Devil,” she called, “we know you still love us.”

The hell of it was, I did, and I couldn’t quite stop the smile despite the frustration filling me.

Ah, Devil and his colorful language. One of the reasons I loved writing him so much.


Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Hold Our Place”" (18)

  1. Hmm. Is Devil on the verge of being found out?

  2. I like this group of characters and the way they relate to each other. Great snippet!

  3. Great, fun snippet to read! Already love these characters.

  4. Ah, finally! It’s all coming together with some warm schmoopiness for everyone!

  5. You’re writing some great chemistry between these characters. 🙂

  6. Diane Burton said:

    Interesting camaraderie between the group. Very nice snippet.

  7. This happens a lot in good romances. Hopefully they can pick it back up soon! 😀

  8. Poor thing, having a tough go of it.

  9. Wow, nice interplay between the characters here!

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