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So, yesterday, one of the Erie County libraries had their yearly romance paperback sale. All the books were $1. We met my mother-in-law there while my husband and son went over to the RV show pretty much next door. I wasn’t expecting to find a lot. But, there was a much bigger selection than I’d expected. I found 12 books, some that I’ve been having trouble finding at the used book store I usually go to but need to continue the series(I really hate reading out of order). Plus my MIL had 2 bags of books for me. I’d only read one of the books. In fact, most of the authors are ones I haven’t read anything from. So, needless to say, I have a lot of books to read right now.

About 10 of these were already there.

About 10 of these were already there.

After that, we got groceries, and I finally got a new pair of wireless headphones. I’d ordered some from Amazon around Christmas, but after I got them, they didn’t work. Didn’t want to connect with my phone and the sound was bad when they did. So, I ended up sending them back. Well, Walmart had some on sale, so I grabbed some. So far they seem to be working pretty well.

We came home, got changed, and the kids packed bags and sleeping bags then we took them to grandma’s. They got to spend the night and we had dinner out with some friends. We’d thought about seeing a movie, too, but ended up just going home after dinner. It was still a good time. Apparently the girl didn’t fall asleep until after midnight, though. So, the next day should be interesting. And even without the kids here, I was awake early. Of course.

I’ve got quite a bit done this week. So, I’ll get right into that.

  • Write: Shoot for 10000 words between all projects – 8754/10000 – not quite there this week. But, I made some progress on all of the projects.
    • Defending the Heart – 6427 words – Not that he should have been worried, with what the lieutenant reported to Alex and Casey. Xavier had it all handled, but Piers still couldn’t shake off the fear. And he knew Xavier wouldn’t appreciate that, so he shoved it down and tried to put a lid on it.
    • Midas’ Daughter – 252 words – “Flip,” he said. “It gets less confusing that way when we’re together.” That was the problem with naming your kids after yourself. But, they’d found a way around it. He’d been Flip for almost longer than he could even remember.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 670 words – What if he couldn’t do it? What if he ended up letting the lieutenant, the only one who seemed to believe in him, down? Again. He wasn’t sure that was something he could come back from.
    • Not Meant to Be – 559 words – Garren actually laughed at that. “Careful or I’ll start calling you a young whippersnapper or something. Anyway I was just joining the Academy when he was killed. I remember Michael talking about it on one visit out to the ranch, though. Said the guy had so many enemies, they’d probably never find the one who’d finally done him in.”
    • Playing with Fire – 516 words(some of this was from a Just Jot It I decided to include with the main story) – He glanced over at Nolan, who was dropping down beside him. From some of the other guys at the station, he’d take that as an unfunny joke. But, Nolan was different, so he smiled over at him.
    • Buried Secrets – 330 words – She’d always been friendly since he’d started this process. And now it almost seemed like she couldn’t get away fast enough. He couldn’t figure out what that was all about. But, that didn’t really matter anyway. He only had a short amount of time before he had to go, and he wanted to explore his new house.
  • Edit: Stained Bloodfinish Story Toolkit & outline new scenes. Start writing new scenes – I finished the Toolkit & outlined the new scenes. And got the first 323 words written of a new opening scene.
  • Plot: Playing with Firefinish Story Toolkit & outline scenes. – finished the Story Toolkit but am still going through and outlining scenes. Have 33/69 scenes outlined. And I did end up starting the first scene even without everything outlined. I’ll keep working through them during my plotting time and working on writing it on one day a week(which happens to be Thursday with my current schedule).
  • Side Projects: Add 1500 words – 1847/1500 words. And I finished Dance with the Devil!
    • Dance with the Devil – 711 words – I did as he asked and he took my hand, holding it to his chest. He brushed his lips over mine, and I slid my tongue into his mouth. This was all we needed. And I was going to make damn sure no one ever took it from us.
    • Fade Away – 540 words – I dodged people on the sidewalk. No one even tried to get out of my way. Like they didn’t even see me. Sure, I felt like I walked through this life almost invisible, but I was pretty sure people could see me. 
    • Patrick & Sarah – 153 words – Sarah’s head jerked around, and he saw all the pleased color drain out of her face. “Oh, nothing,” she stammered. “A dog got in and my son thought it was a wolf. He had to protect his little brother. It was a mistake.” *yeah, Sarah, you know that’s not what really happened, but just go on believing Tommy
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 144 words – “I wanted to see you again,” she said, sounding the words out. Not speaking in her own tongue took some effort. It was easier to know the meanings of those words, but he wouldn’t understand them.
    • Roman – 148 words – The other pocket bulged too, and he thought back to what Cristine had said. Hoarding food. In case she didn’t get more later.
    • Dougal & Shae – 151 words – She’d been afraid of whatever had risen up between them in those moments. No. That’s something Maureen would say with her fanciful books she liked to read. There was nothing between her and that man.It wasn’t like she’d ever see him again anyway.
  • Snow White Twist – fill in [xx] – forgot to add this last week – but I got 37/52 of them filled in. Will be working on this on weekends.
  • Listen: The Sapphire Brooch(Katherine Lowry Logan), Walking on Her Grave(Melinda Leigh), & She Can Kill(Melinda Leigh) – I finished The Sapphire Brooch(loved), Walking on her Grave(really enjoyed), & She Can Kill(really enjoyed, couldn’t stop listening) and finished the re-listen of Red Queen. Then, I went and got Glass Sword(the sequel) right after that
  • Read: Finish Born Wild(Julie Ann Walker), Gena/Finn(Hannah Moskowitz & Kat Helgeson), Make It Right(Megan Erickson), Duke of Thorns(Sara Ramsey), Illegal Motion(Erin Nicholas), Shadows and Silk(Liliana Hart), Dead Before Dying(Kerry Schafer), & The Unsung Hero(Suzanne Brockman) – I finished Born Wild(really enjoyed) and Gena/Finn(LOVED and made me cry) on Sunday. Finished Make it Right on Monday(loved). I’m about 70% through Duke of Thorns, finished Illegal Motion(was enjoying until I got to a part that brought me to a screeching halt), finished Shadows and Silk(enjoyed though there were some parts when I wanted to give the hero a good smack upside the head and a few things that made me roll my eyes), got about 70% through Dead Before Dying on Friday, and am probably almost 70% through The Unsung Hero(that one I’m reading in paperback). I’m trying to finish a book a day, but if I don’t, I’m moving on to the next book and I’ll get back to the others when I finish that day’s, unless one of those has really dragged me in, and I just have to finish it. I’ll be using today to finish the ones that are still hanging, though.
  • Knit: Clean Slate hat – made more progress on this and got more yarn for it since it looked like I was going to run out wp-1486918829184.jpg
  • A to Z Challenge: DraftPosts A-Z – nothing yet on this. May start on the A post later today

A good bit of green and blue and not much red at all. Like I said, not a bad week. And now for next week’s goals:

  • Write: Shoot for 10000 words between projects
  • Edit: Stained Blood – write new scenes
  • Plot: Playing with Fire – finish outlining scenes
  • Side Projects – 1000 words
  • Snow White Twist – fill in [xx] and start read through
  • Listen: Glass Sword(Victoria Aveyard) & Unintended Consequences(Marti Green)
  • Read: Finish Duke of Thorns(Sara Ramsey), Dead Before Dying(Kerry Schafer), The Unsung Hero(Suzanne Brockman), Truths We Tell(Brenda St John Brown), Of the Bauble(Debbie McGowan), Relic of Sorrows(Lindsay Buroker), Best Worst Mistake(Lia Riley), Written in the Stars(Aisha Saeed), The Rule Maker(Jennifer Blackwood), & Against the Sun(Kat Martin)
  • Knit: Clean Slate Hat
  • A to Z Challenge: Draft – Posts A-Z





Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Books, Dinner, & Sleepovers" (4)

  1. You did have a good week! I’m very much enjoying the Toolkit. I’m a ways behind you, but i definitely see some strong advantages, and it’s making me even more excited to begin the writing process, since I’ve learned some things about my stories I might never have thought of, otherwise!

    And HOORAY for Devil! And a wish that won’t be granted that Sarah will wake up to reality….

    • It was good! And the Toolkit does help tease out more things than I’d initially think of.
      Yes, I’m happy to have it finished. Though, we’ll see some of Hawk & Devil during the A-Z challenge and once I get Hawk’s story started after that.
      Yeah, if Sarah would have stopped the denial game sooner, things might have been different.

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on and looks like you’ve had a productive week. I haven’t even thought of the A to Z challenge for this year yet but I guess if I’m going to participate I should get busy with it.


    • Thanks. I like to have a lot of different things to work on. Not so good with focusing on only one thing.
      I like to try to stay ahead on the challenge. Last year I think I was consistently about a week ahead. It was nice.

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