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I was going to do my January wrap-up along with today’s post, but I figured my Wednesday posts are usually long enough as it is. So, I did it and my goals for February yesterday. So you can go check those out if you’d like.

I’ve had a pretty decent start to the week. Monday was a good wording day. Yesterday not quite as much, but not too bad. And things are heating up in Defending the Heart(in nice contrast to the weather outside my window).

Speaking of, it’s Wednesday which means WiPPet time!! Woohoo!! Yeah, I get a little excited about that. As I figured last Wednesday, I did finish the first draft of Crash and Burn on Friday. Which means Defending the Heart has moved up into the main project slot. So, that’s what I’ll be sharing from, probably at least the rest of this month. Today I have 13 sentences(2+1+2+1+7). Piers was worried about Xavier when he didn’t show up for work so went up to his apartment where Xavier started to attack him but didn’t seem to realize it was him. It didn’t take Piers long to realize what was going on.

“Flashback?” Piers asked softly when Xavier took his arm away.
“I’m fine,” Xavier said. Which didn’t exactly answer Piers’ question. He wasn’t really surprised, though.
“Does this happen often?”
“That I have hot guys breaking into my apartment? I wish.”
Piers knew Xavier was just trying to get a rise out of him, but he didn’t bite. “You know just what I meant, X.”
“And I told you I’m fine. You surprised me, that’s all.” But, he’d turned his back so Piers could no longer see his eyes.

Is Xavier really fine? What was he flashing back to? Will he let Piers in?

Now, as for my progress so far this week:


  • Write: Shoot for 10000 between all projects – 3939/10000. Okay not as much as I’d like at this point.
  • Edit: Stained Blood – finish Story Toolkit & outline new scenes – I got through the subplot worksheet on this one
  • Plot: Playing with Fire – finish Story Toolkit, the last 2 Just Jot It January prompts, and outline if I can – I got through the subplot worksheet on this too. And I wrote 1 more Just Jot It piece for this one, though it probably takes place after the end of the story
  • Side Projects: Add 1500 words(since I’m moving Midas’ Daughter up under the other writing for now) – 329/1500 words so far.
  • Listen: Changeless(Gail Carriger), Be Mine Forever(Marina Adair), The Sapphire Brooch(Katherine Lowry Logan) – finished Changeless(loved, though the end broke my heart. just glad there’s more or that end would have pissed me off), I still have about 3 hours left on Be Mine Forever but enjoying it.
  • Read: Finish Idol(Kristen Callihan), Mixed Signals(Alyssa Cole), Act Like It(Lucy Parker), & Engaging the Bachelor(Cathryn Fox). Added: No Place to Run(Maya Banks), Along Came a Spider(Kate Serine), Born Wild(Julie Ann Walker), Gena/Finn(Hannah Moskowitz & Kat Helgeson) & Make It Right(Megan Erickson) – I finished Idol(enjoyed), Mixed Signals(really enjoyed), set aside Act Like It because it didn’t pull me in & the hero was being set up as a completely unlikeable asshat & I didn’t see why I’d want to root for the heroine to get together with him. Then, I read Engaging the Bachelor which I liked. I started No Place to Run last night and got to page 69.
  • Loom: Meadow Moss Headband – I started this again and ended up ripping it out yet again. I just can’t seem to get it right, so I finally decided to give up on this one. So for this week, I added:
  • Knit: Clean Slate hat – haven’t started this quite yet
  • A to Z Challenge: Draft – Posts A-Z – I got the theme reveal post mostly written up. I was going to list out the titles for each post but realized there’s only 25 days not counting the Sundays this April. So, I’m not sure where that extra day will go. I checked the website, but it’s not up there yet, so I’ll wait to finish that one up. I’m still counting this one as in progress.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Month" (9)

  1. Oh, I’m guessing he’s not really fine. Piers clearly doesn’t want him to have to do this alone, so I hope he lets Piers in.

  2. Did Piers overlook a compliment there?

  3. Let him in, X. You need him. He needs you.

    Do it.

    As for A-Z, I just stuck mine at the end of the month. I figure to do my theme reveal post last, anyway (most of my posts are at least rough-drafted poems; can’t remember now if I got through all the essays yet, but, if not, they’re pretty short, and there’s only a week or two left.

    So I’ll play wait and see…there’s supposed to be a big announcement, which I suspect has something to do with the Facebook group.

    Sounds like a good week overall!

    • Not quite yet, but they’re getting there. 🙂
      It has been a pretty good start to the week/month. And this morning I moved all the Just Jot It posts that will happen during Playing with Fire into my scrivener project. Over 6000 words, which doesn’t count the few that take place before and after the story itself. I’ll have to fill in around them and may shift some around once I start writing.

  4. Why does it seem that the people who most need to open up just a little bit do the most to hold the world at an arm’s length (or more)? I’m a big believer in a happy-for-now ending (if one can’t go all happily ever after), so I’m going to root for X letting Piers in… even if you haven’t got that planned. 😉

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