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Just Jot It January: Day 24 – “Elusive”

Jeremiah stepped into the apartment but stopped when he heard Corrin’s laugh ring out from the kitchen. He’d loved that sound from the first time he’d heard it. But, it had been elusive lately. He wondered how Silas had managed to bring it out.

He shut the door behind him and pulled off his boots before walking toward the kitchen. Exhaustion filled every cell of his body. He wanted to hit his bed, but it would have to be coffee for now. He had a class he couldn’t miss in two hours. Most of his professors understood if he missed a class because he had a shift at the station, but there was always one.

“You are absolutely awful, Silas,” Corrin was saying as Jeremiah stepped into the kitchen, but she was still smiling.

“I try to do my part,” he said, grinning back at her. Then, he glanced over at Jeremiah, and his smile softened. “You look like shit. Hard shift?”

Jeremiah nodded. He wasn’t ready to talk about it, though. “I need to shower, change, and get to class. Is there still any coffee?”

“It’s just about out,” Silas said. “I’ll get some more started while you get a shower.”

“Thanks. I won’t be long.”

“He needs a nap more than coffee,” Corrin muttered.

He smiled a little as he closed his bedroom door to shed his uniform. He did need a nap, but it would have to wait a little longer.


Today is day 24 of Just Jot It January and the prompt was “elusive”. This one, I think, takes place earlier than the last few I’ve been sharing. I’m going to have to go through and figure out where each will fall.

Just Jot It January: Day 23 – “Compromise”

“Can’t we just compromise on this?”

Corrin smiled at Silas. “I grew up in the middle of a big brother and little sister, both as bullheaded as the other. I would have gotten walked right over if I started compromising. So, I never quite learned the art.”

Silas couldn’t help but laugh. He was the oldest, with two younger sisters, but he’d been starting school when the first was born. He loved both of them but they’d never been particularly close. Not like Corrin was with her family. Of course, he’d never met most of them since he’d turned down all her invitations to any of the gatherings.

He just didn’t know if he’d be comfortable around all of them, or how comfortable they’d be with him. No matter how many times she told him how accepting they were.

“Seriously, though, Corrin, there has to be some middle ground we can find here.”

“I’m not really sure there is. You’re just going to have to deal with it,” she said, grinning across the table at him.

He blew out a breath. No wonder Jeremiah was crazy about her. Even when she was arguing with you, there was something magnetic about her. Even he didn’t seem to be immune to it.


It’s Day 23 of Just Jot It January and today’s prompt was “compromise”. I really do love writing these two. Can’t wait until I get to the full story.

Sunday Summary: Starting New

I mentioned on Wednesday that I’d finished the first draft of In the Moonlight(after about nine months of working on it). So, that meant I had a slot open for another of my standalone ideas. Loving the Devil was supposed to fill that slot but the plotting of it wasn’t coming together. So, instead I decided to do one that is already plotted but had gotten shuffled aside when Nola and Yasmin decided their story needed to be told more. So now I’m working on Buried Secrets. I don’t know if this one will take off or not, but I’ll give it a little bit before I make a decision on that.

Yesterday we went up to Erie, made a couple stops before we went for dinner at Outback. While we were there the boy kept saying his right ear hurt. So, when we finished eating, we headed over to one of the local urgent care places. Sure enough, he has a really bad infection in his right ear, and one starting in the left ear. So, I’m glad we took him in now. He’s made it almost 6.5 years without an ear infection, though. The girl had several between about 3-6 years old, but she hasn’t even had one for a while.

I had a pretty good week over all.

  • Write: Shoot for 10000 words – 10403/10000
    • In the Moonlight – 3819 words – “Sorry you wasted your time coming here,” I said, too tired to work up too much sarcasm. “As you can see, I’m fine. Or I will be once I can take my girlfriend home.”
    • Crash and Burn – 4561 words – He’d have to try not to worry about it. If he started firing texts off at her, she’d claim he was being overbearing again. And that’s just what he would be. But, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen soon. If anything happened to Jaya…He shook his head. He couldn’t think about that. It would drive him mad.
    • Defending the Heart – 700 words – He just needed to get away from here for tonight. Get some dinner, maybe a drink. Possibly he could even find someone to go home with and forget all about Piers. For at least one night that would be enough. It had to be.
      Even if the thought of touching someone other than Piers made him feel ill.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 177 words – Terrall was re-folding a shirt to put in his suitcase when there was a knock on his door. He let out a sigh and dropped the shirt onto the bed. He didn’t really have to guess to know who it was. Very few people would visit him here at the bed and breakfast. He didn’t see Erik coming up after they’d basically fired him. And he didn’t exactly have any other friends around here.
    • Not Meant to Be – 613 words – He groaned again and dropped his head back against the couch. “That’s because I wanted you,” he said, the words sounding gritty as if scratching against sandpaper. “And I knew I couldn’t have you.”
    • Buried Secrets – 533 words – Sometimes he didn’t want anything to do with his colleagues outside of work, though. Doctors could be arrogant bastards.
  • Edit: Stained Blood – finish Story Toolkit & outline new scenes – still working my way through the Toolkit
  • Plot: Playing with Fire – finish Story Toolkit & continue exploring characters with Just Jot It prompts. Outline if I get that far – still working through the Toolkit here, too. I have three character arcs to plot through and have to figure out how I’m going to handle the romance arc. Doing good with the Just Jot It prompts, too.
    • Impenetrable – Jeremiah tries to get Corrin to talk to him but won’t push too far
    • Complaint – Silas & Jeremiah flirt and kiss
    • Rubbish – Corrin & Silas argue about who Jeremiah really loves
    • Transcendent – Jeremiah teases Silas as Corrin watches
    • Glass – Silas gets Corrin to talk
    • Contempt – Silas trying to deal with what Corrin told him and faces off with a professor
  • Side projects – add 2000 words(added new project to the list for possible submission to this year’s WUR) – 1910/2000 words. Only one I didn’t reach goal on was “Fade Away” my new project. Though, I did get it started so it might start coming better now.
    • Midas’ Daughter – 509 words – But, right now he had more work to do. He didn’t need to worry about riling up Mr. Midas’ temper yet again. Not that any of the other times had been his fault either. No matter what his boss claimed. But, it had never taken Mr. Midas much to punish any of his employees. Or his daughter.
      Their one and only kiss was all the proof of that he needed.
    • Dance with the Devil – 514 words – I couldn’t, though. I couldn’t just ride away and leave Hawk there. He’d never do it to me.
    • Fade Away – 162 words – He glared at me and said something I didn’t understand. I didn’t like the shiver that skidded down my spine. I backed away and turned my cart, deciding I didn’t need those last two items so bad after all. I just wanted to get out of there.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 176 words – She saw something flash through his eyes. Hurt? No, that didn’t make any sense. It would make a lot more for it to be anger. But, there weren’t any signs of that. This man just didn’t make any sense to her.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 141 words – The man stopped and stared at her, but she was already looking back toward Tavin. Something weird was happening with his mouth. Like it kept trying to turn up, then it would flatten out again. She did not know what made it do that.
    • Roman – 206 words – Dinner was silent, but Roman couldn’t help looking over at Cristine every few minutes. She looked tired. And still so damn sad. He just wished there was something more he could do about it. But, she’d made it pretty clear she didn’t want him to do anything. So, what was he supposed to do? Just let them fall apart?
    • Dougal & Shae – 202 words – She glared at him then turned and stomped away. The older of her brothers laughed. “You’ve gone and done it, Dougal.”“Done what?” he asked, still watching her walk away.“Joined the club of men who can easily peev Shae off. Don’t worry, we’ll be good company for you.”
  • Listen: Lady Midnight(Cassandra Clare), The Pale Dreamer(Samantha Shannon), & The Professor(Robert Bailey) – I finished Lady Midnight(loved), The Pale Dreamer(really enjoyed), stopped listening to The Professor, started and stopped Evil Never Dies(T.R. Ragan). Listened to Her Grave Secrets(Kendra Elliot) which I enjoyed and have listened to most of She Can Hide(Melinda Leigh).
  • Read: Finish Nothing Like Paris(Amy Jo Cousins), All Summer Long(Susan Mallery), Love, Exes, and Ohs(Violet Duke), Sweet Cinderella(Penny Watson), Under a Painted Sky(Stacey Lee), Lady of the Star Wind(Veronica Scott), Shattered Past(Lindsay Buroker), Last Seen Leaving(Caleb Roehrig), & Burned(Sarah Morgan) – I finished Nothing Like Paris(really enjoyed), All Summer Long(enjoyed), Love, Exes and Ohs(liked), & Sweet Cinderella(liked). Also finished Under a Painted Sky(loved), Lady of the Star Wind(enjoyed), Shattered Past(really enjoyed), and I’m a little more than half through Last Seen Leaving, which I’m loving.
  • Crochet – Giraffe Hat – almost finished with this wp-1485089109696.jpg
  • Loom – Meadow Moss Headband – haven’t started yet
  • A to Z Challenge: Plot – L-Z posts – I got L & M outlined.

Looks about equally split between blue and green. Not too shabby. Now for next week’s goals:

  • Write: Target of 10000 between all projects
  • Edit: Stained Blood – finish Story Toolkit & outline new scenes
  • Plot: Playing with Fire – Work through Story Toolkit & explore characters with Just Jot It prompts. Outline if I get that far.
  • Side Projects: Add another 2000 words
  • Listen: It Had to Be Them(Tamra Baumann) & Midnight Betrayal(Melinda Leigh)
  • Read: Loud is How I Love You(Mercy Brown), Love Ignites(Jaci Burton), Just a Girl(Ellie Cahill), Star Seers(Lindsay Buroker), Lucky Streak(Carly Phillips), All I Want(Jill Shalvis), & Idol(Kristen Callihan)
  • Crochet: Giraffe Hat
  • Loom: Meadow Moss Headband
  • A to Z Challenge: Plot – N-Z posts

Just Jot It January: Day 22 – “Contempt”

Silas sank down a little farther in his seat, wishing this class would be over already. He didn’t need it for his degree, but he liked taking at least one different class a semester. And he’d had this professor before and enjoyed his take on literature.

And okay, he wasn’t hard to look at. Not that Silas would ever do more than that. He never would have, but especially not now.

Silas wondered if the professor could feel his glare of contempt even with his back turned to the class. “I have your latest papers graded,” he said as he turned back to the class. “You can pick them up on your way out.”

Silas was already shoving his books into his bag. He just wanted to get out of here. He at least wouldn’t have to look at him for another four days. That was something, since he’d been informed it was too late in the semester to drop the class, particularly without a good reason. And he couldn’t give one. He’d promised Corrin.

“Mr. Lunden,” the professor said just as he’d grabbed his own paper off the table. “I’d like to speak to you before you go.”

Great. He probably had felt the glares. And how was Silas supposed to explain that? But, he had to wait for the rest of the students to file out of the room before the professor finally turned to face him again. “Want to explain that essay?” he asked, gesturing to the printed pages Silas still held in his hand. he hadn’t even bothered looking at the grade yet.

“You didn’t like it?” he asked, barely holding back a sneer. “I thought you’d appreciate that story from another angle. We already know the teacher character’s point of view. I thought looking at it from the student he seduced would bring something more to it.”

“He didn’t seduce her. She came onto him.”

“That’s obviously how you read it, but not how I did. He was a man with power, she was barely an adult.” He kept his gaze direct on his professor as he said it. “As far as I’m concerned, someone who would take advantage like that is little more than a piece of garbage.”

He saw the color drain from the professor’s voice, but before he said anything else, Silas turned and left the room. He just hoped what he’d said didn’t come back on him, or even worse, Corrin.


Today is Day 22 of Just Jot It January and the prompt was “contempt”.  And that’s definitely what Silas feels for this professor.

WeWriWa: “Make You Weak”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil. I’m just about to write the climax of this story, and the next one will be what I’m writing for this year’s A-Z challenge in April. I’m still plotting out what will happen in each of those posts/scenes but will hopefully start writing them soon so I can have them ready to go. But, I won’t be sharing from those until they start going up on the blog, so even if I finish Dance with the Devil before that(and I plan to), I’ll keep sharing from it until then. This is a little further on in the scene, Medusa’s examined Devil and Bull came in with bad news about Devil’s bike. And now Devil’s refusing to take anything for the pain.

“Take them, Devil,” Medusa said, her voice soft, as if she understood what my struggle was. “I know you’re in even more pain than you’re letting on, and they’ll help.” She went silent, but I still didn’t take them.

“Damn it, Devil,” Bull said and slammed the bucket down on the floor, “stop being stubborn and take the damn pills. It doesn’t make you weak. Refusing them when they’re needed makes you stupid.”

“Eric,” Medusa said softly, surprising both of us, “let me talk to him.”

Bull huffed out a breath, but he turned and walked out of the room. She shook her head once the door closed. “Should’ve named him teddy bear,” she murmured.

Why is Devil refusing the medication?(I know, and if you read Into the Sun you might understand, too) Will he end up taking it? What is Medusa going to say to Devil? Is Bull really just a big teddy bear?

SOCS/Just Jot It January: Day 21 – “Glass”

“Can you hand me that glass if you’re done with it?”

Corrin glanced over at Silas, standing at the sink full of soapy water. How long had he been washing the dishes? She’d barely noticed him getting up from the other side of the table. She’d finally broken through the block she’d had on this story and had obviously gotten swept up in it.

She passed the glass over to him and returned her gaze back to her computer screen. She was getting close on this one, just a few more threads to pull together, and she’d know how to end it. As long as she didn’t get in her own way again.

“You ever going to tell us the rest of what happened in January?”

She was almost distracted enough that the words were close to pouring out of her. But, she snapped her mouth closed at the last minute. “I already told you,” she said.

“Not everything. I can tell you’re still holding something back. Even Jer thinks you are, but he’s not going to press you on it.”

“Then, why are you?” Her fingers trembled as she set them back on the keyboard. She didn’t want to talk about this, didn’t really even want to think about it.

He finally turned and leaned back against the counter. “Because I can see it still eating at you. I may not feel the same way he does,” his lips tilted up slightly at that, “but I still care about you. What happened, Corrin?”

She shook her head and even though she kept her fingers on the keyboard, she couldn’t type anything. She didn’t want to go into it. Didn’t want them to see her that way. Especially not Jeremiah. He wasn’t here right now, but she knew he and Silas shared just about everything. Still, if anyone, Silas was the one she could be open with. Her relationship with him was different than what she had with Jeremiah. “This stays between us?” she asked.

“If that’s what you need. I promise.”

She nodded. Silas had never made a promise he hadn’t kept. So, she started talking and felt some of the weight she’d been carrying these last couple months melt away.


Today is Day 21 of Just Jot It January and also another Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Today’s prompt for both was “glass”, either using the word in the post or finding something made of glass and using that. This is going to happen sometime during Playing with Fire. I know what happened with Corrin, but I’m being evasive about it for reasons. You may just have to wait until I finish writing the story to find out. 🙂

Just Jot It January: Day 20 – “Transcendent”

“That was a transcendent experience,” Corrin said with a sigh.

She felt one body hit the other end of the couch. Then, a pillow smacked her in the face. “Turn off the internal dictionary already,” Silas said.

From the other end of the couch, Jeremiah said, “Bet you’ve never had a woman tell you that, Silas.”

Another pillow went flying, this one hitting Jeremiah on the side of the head. He laughed even harder. It always amazed her how easy and even playful these two were with each other. She’d gotten along with her roommate when she’d still lived on campus, but it was more of a tolerating and not an actual liking.

“At least he’s good with his hands,” Corrin said, still feeling good from the foot rub Silas had given her when she’d gotten home from work.

Jeremiah snorted again. “Again,” he started, but Silas picked up the pillow on Corrin’s face and threw it at him, too. Jeremiah fell off the arm of the couch but didn’t stop laughing. She knew Silas wasn’t really upset. This was the way they always were with each other. And when Jeremiah came back up off the floor, Silas was grinning back at him.

Yeah, sometimes she was downright jealous of what she saw between the two of them.


Today is Day 20 of Just Jot It January, and the prompt was “Transcendent”. I had initially thought this might go another direction then the boys started joking around in my head. And this is what came out. Silas is gay(though he may realize it’s more fluid than that), Jeremiah’s bisexual. The two have been friends for nearly a decade.


Fiction Friday: Roman

It’s Friday, so it’s time for the first scene of the third back story novella I’ve been working on. This one is Roman’s, who you’ll meet in Shed Some Light(Carlos’ story – who you may recognize if you’ve read Healing the Heart). This is the story of how Tereza came to be Roman and his wife’s daughter.

Roman Pella looked up at the knock on his door and rubbed a hand over his rough cheek. He should have shaved before he came into the office, but it hadn’t been a good morning. Or the night before. Another specialist with news they didn’t want to hear. He’d wanted to stay home with Cristine, but the office had already given him enough leeway with time off and shortened days, so he could make it to the appointments.

There wouldn’t be any children for him and the woman he loved. This last specialist had made that pretty clear.

“You look awful, Pella. You need to go home early?”

Roman glanced up at his boss and shook his head. “Out of personal days. And I’m not sick. I can get through. You got something for me?”

He didn’t like being short with his boss, who had been very sympathetic and accommodating with everything he and Cristine had been going through. But, he didn’t want to talk about it. Not right now when the reality was weighing him down so much.

His boss gave a short nod as if in acknowledgement of what Roman hadn’t said. “Two new clients, in fact. If you can’t take them both, let me know. I’ll figure something else out. But, it’s a big case, and not a one of the defendants could afford a lawyer.”

How many could there be? That didn’t really matter if they weren’t being tried together. “They were all charged separately, though?”

“Only one of them was being charged with the murder. The others have assorted charges, but the DA decided not to lump them all together. The trial would have been a circus.”

Roman’s hand had stilled at the word ‘murder’. He’d worked for the public defender’s office since he passed the bar, five years now. And he’d never defended a murder case before. He really hoped this wouldn’t be the first one.

He swallowed then made himself flip open the first folder. Carlos Armas. That name sounded familiar. He started reading over the report and a few things slid into place. He looked up at his boss. “I saw this story on the news. They insinuated it was part of a turf war between the gangs. The victim was his sister, though?”

“Yes. We’ve seen Armas through here a couple times before, nothing’s ever stuck to him, though.”

Roman skimmed through the list of charges against him. The worst of which seemed to be illegal possession of a firearm. Possibly the intent to incite a riot, too. That seemed a little reaching, though. Of course, Roman knew the DA well, and that he liked to try to prove a point.

He set that folder aside and opened the next one. And his eyes widened a little. “Thirteen? They’re bringing these charges against a thirteen-year-old?”

“Not the first time he’s seen the inside of a holding cell, either. You recognize the last name there? You should.”

He glanced back up at the kid’s name and felt a heavy boulder drop into his stomach. “Isabelle. I heard she was clean now. That she has been for a few years.”

“Not soon enough apparently. You can help her son now, too.”

“All right. I’ll need to talk to both of them.”

“There’s someone else you need to talk to as well,” his boss said.

Roman’s shoulders slumped. At this rate, he’d never get home to Cristine tonight. “Who?”

“She came forward to the police last night and identified the shooter. He’s her foster brother and apparently threatened to kill her if she went to the police. They’re keeping her at the station until he’s under wraps. The problem is he wasn’t at home, and his parents aren’t being exactly cooperative.”

His stomach twisted into tight knots at hearing all of that. “How old is she?”

“Fifteen. She’s terrified, Roman. And I think you’re the best one to speak to her. You always have a gentle touch with those who need it.”

A gentle touch? It didn’t seem to be what he had with Cristine. She’d told him to just go. That she didn’t need him there. He shuddered before he could stop it.

His boss dropped into a chair across the desk. “Roman. Talk to me.”

“We can’t have kids,” he said, his voice wavering on the words. It was the first time he’d said them out loud. “This is the third doctor that’s told us, but the first one that said it’s both of us. Even if I could get her pregnant, she’d have about a five percent chance of carrying to term.” It hurt. Even more so because he knew there was no way he could fix it. “I tried comforting her, and she told me to leave.”

“She kicked you out because of it? I just can’t believe that with what I know of Cristine.”

They’d all worked together, with her job as a social worker, sometimes their cases overlapped. So, Scott did know Cristine fairly well. Roman squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. “No. But, she said I was going to smother her if I took another day off work.”

Scott let out a soft sound that could have been a laugh. “She loves you, Ro. I’m sure she’s hurting, too. I thought you were looking into adopting or something.”

“We have been. We got certified to be foster parents. That came through just a little over a week ago. But, we were still holding out hope we could have our own as well. We haven’t heard anything from social services yet about any children. Which I guess is good, if they haven’t had to remove any from homes. But, we wanted children so much. It’s something we discussed almost from the time we met.”

His boss reached down for the folder. “I can give this to someone else if it’s going to be too much for you. Maybe you should take more time off.”

But, Roman shook his head and set his hands over the folders. “No, I can do this. I need to do this, Scott. We’re breaking apart, and me going back home is just going to be the hammer blow that shatters everything.”

His boss studied him carefully then finally nodded. “All right. But you tell me if it gets to be too much, Ro. Don’t drown yourself with it.”

He lied with a straight face. “I won’t, Scott.”


Just Jot It January: Day 19 – “Rubbish”

“That’s rubbish, and you know it.”

Silas shook his head. “I don’t know any such thing, Corrin. My vision might be crap without corrective lenses, but I can see what’s between you two.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t even need glasses to see the way he looks at you.”

Silas shook his head, but a soft snort escaped. “It’s not the same. I know he likes me. We’ve been best friends for nearly a decade now. But, it’s not what he feels for you.”

Corrin wasn’t really sure what else she could say to convince him. She knew it was the truth, though. Jeremiah might like her, but she could see it in every look that passed between the two of them; he loved Silas. And that was something she definitely didn’t want to get in the way of.

Once she had her own life settled again, she’d step out of their path. Even though it made her chest ache to think of not having both of them so much in her life anymore.


Today is Day 19 of Just Jot It January and today’s prompt is ‘Rubbish’. Isn’t it amazing how we can see things better between other people than with themselves. 🙂

Writing Wednesday: Finished

So, first: I finished the first draft of In the Moonlight yesterday! Woohoo! I started it back in May, according to my spreadsheet. Feels almost like I’ve been working on it forever. And I know it’s a mess. I outlined it planning to write it as I usually do, 3rd person dual POV. Yeah, the characters had other ideas. So, that’s part of it. And I just went so far off the outline, I wasn’t sure whether I was coming or going. But, I’m going to let it sit for at least a month then I’ll go through and hopefully pull all the threads together.

Second, I got my hair cut over the weekend. I mentioned that on Sunday, too, but I know not everyone visits then. I’m really liking it, though, in the morning, I usually get this:


Oh, the joys of really short curly hair. But, I was really hating having it get in my face and touching my neck. As I think I mentioned Sunday, I didn’t realize how much I hate long hair until I started getting it cut short again. Now, I feel more like me.

A better picture

A better picture

And, since it is Wednesday, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday!! Woohoo. One of my favorite times of the week. Crash and Burn has moved up into my main project slot now, so that’s what I’ll be sharing from for now. I have 10 paragraphs for today(1+1+8). Brann has gone to talk to his sister-in-law, and she has a way of making him see things differently.

He groaned. He’d wanted to avoid just that thing. But, it didn’t seem to matter. After their fight, everyone would know what was going on with him. “It’s being taken care of. I’m not taking the threats lately.”
She gave a slow shake of her head. “I do not just mean the threats, though those are bad. But, you had a smart, strong, beautiful woman standing by you. Why would you send her away?”
He straightened at that. “I did not send her away. I just wanted her to be safe, and she walked away from me because of that.”
Luisa let a long breath and almost looked disappointed. “Brann, you know I love your brother. So very, very much. But, even I want to strangle him sometimes with how overprotective he can be. I did not think you would ever be like him. And from what Caitie said, your girl would not appreciate or tolerate that even half as much as I do.”
He wished she’d stop calling Jaya his. Jaya had made it clear she wasn’t. “I just don’t want her to be hurt. Is that really so wrong?”
“No, but do not be an idiot, Brann, you so rarely are. That is not all you did. You went against what she would want, tried to take a choice from her. And that is wrong.”
“Shit.” He couldn’t hold back the curse this time, and almost felt the disapproval from his sister-in-law as he dropped his head into his hands. “You’re right,” he admitted. “I know you’re right. I just don’t know how to make it better.”
She patted his knee. “You’ll figure it out. Like I said, you are rarely an idiot. And usually not for long.”
He laughed then stopped as a sharp cry rang out from down the hall. Luisa sighed and started to stand, but Brann halted her. “I’ll get her. I was hoping for some time with my youngest niece anyway.”
Luisa smiled at him. “She would be lucky to have a man like you, Brann. I hope she realizes that.”

Will Brann stop being an idiot? Will Jaya realize it? Will they get back together?(Come on, you have to know the answer to that. This is me writing it;) )

Now for my goals progress so far this week:


  • Write: Shoot for 10000 words – 6173/10000 words so far. I might actually meet this target this week.
  • Edit: Stained Blood – finish Story Toolkit & outline new scenes – still working through the Toolkit
  • Plot: Playing with Fire – finish Story Toolkit & continue exploring characters with Just Jot It prompts. Outline if I get that far. – still working through the Toolkit for this as well. And I have 2 pieces for Just Jot It so far. Get to see Jeremiah & his feelings for both Corrin & Silas.
  • Side projects – add 2000 words(added new project to the list for possible submission to this year’s WUR) – 1024/2000 so far. That’s just for Midas’ Daughter and Dance with the Devil. I’m planning to start the new project today.
  • Listen: Lady Midnight(Cassandra Clare), The Pale Dreamer(Samantha Shannon), & The Professor(Robert Bailey) – I finished Lady Midnight yesterday(loved it) and started The Pale Dreamer. It’s short, so I should finish it today).
  • Read: Finish Nothing Like Paris(Amy Jo Cousins), All Summer Long(Susan Mallery), Love, Exes, and Ohs(Violet Duke), Sweet Cinderella(Penny Watson), Under a Painted Sky(Stacey Lee), Lady of the Star Wind(Veronica Scott), Shattered Past(Lindsay Buroker), Last Seen Leaving(Caleb Roehrig), & Burned(Sarah Morgan) – I finished Nothing Like Paris(really enjoyed), All Summer Long(enjoyed), Love, Exes and Ohs(liked), & Sweet Cinderella(liked). And I just started Under a Painted Sky last night. Haven’t gotten very far yet, though.
  • Crochet – Giraffe Hat – making progress on this. Would be making more if I didn’t have to keep untangling the yarn as I go.
  • Loom – Meadow Moss Headband – will start when I finish the giraffe hat
  • A to Z Challenge: Plot – L-Z posts – outlined L & M posts. Hopefully I can stay ahead of stuff and get to a few more of these.

I love seeing all that green. if this keeps up, it’ll be a really good week.


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