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It’s been a pretty good week for me so far. Getting a good bit of writing done. If things continue this way, I should have Crash and Burn finished this week. The boy’s ear infection from the weekend seems to be clearing up. I’m staying caught up with my reading goal and even getting some of my side goal done. But, I’ll have more of that in a little bit.

First, it’s Wednesday, so it’s WiPPet time again! Crash and Burn is still in my main project slot, at least for this week. This will probably be the last snippet I share from it, though. Unless I am actually still working on it next Wednesday, but I don’t think that happens. of course, this means next up will be Defending the Heart, so you’ll get more snippets of Piers and Xavier. 🙂 But, for now, here’s 8 paragraphs(1+2+5) of Brann and Jaya starting to make up(and he’d brought a pizza for them to share, to put the final exchange here in context):

“You don’t need to apologize for that, Jaya. I’m the one who was in the wrong. I was out of line. You didn’t do anything wrong, and I went off on you. I’m so sorry. I want you to be safe, but it’s not my right to dictate what you do. I was an idiot, and I’m sorry that pushed you away.”
She finally turned to him. “You’re not an idiot, Brann.”
“Not for long anyway,” he said, smiling a little as he remembered Luisa’s words. “But, I was yesterday. I probably will be again where you’re concerned. Does it help if I apologize in advance?”
Jaya laughed and took a step toward him. “I don’t see how it could hurt. But, you do understand I don’t need to be put in some bubble to be kept safe? That I won’t let you do that?”
He couldn’t stop himself now. He had to reach out and touch her. He ran the back of her hand across her cheek. She closed her eyes and seemed to lean into the touch. He couldn’t even describe what that did to him. “I know,” he said softly. “I’ll do my best to keep that in check, but if I think you’re in danger, I don’t know how well I’ll be able to do that.”
“How do you feel about cold pizza?”
Her question took him by surprise since it had nothing to do with what they were discussing. “What does that have to do…”
But, before he could finish his question, her mouth was on his. Oh. “I’m perfectly fine with cold pizza,” he said as she pushed him back until they were in her living room.

I’m not even going to ask what you think happens next, because I think it’s pretty obvious. 😉 Of course, this isn’t the end of their problems. But, I’m getting close to resolving that for them.

Now, as for that progress I’m making this week:


  • Write: Target of 10000 between all projects – 7139/10000 words. Almost 4500 5500 of that is from Crash and Burn. At this moment, I still have an hour of writing time left on that for today. just finished my writing time on this with a total of 1500 for today.
  • Edit: Stained Blood – finish Story Toolkit & outline new scenes – working through this. Up to the romance arc worksheet now.
  • Plot: Playing with Fire – Work through Story Toolkit & explore characters with Just Jot It prompts. Outline if I get that far. – still working through this, too. On the final character arc worksheet(I’m doing 3 for this one, usually only have 2). And keeping up with the prompts. So far this week, I have:
  • Side Projects: Add another 2000 words – 877/2000 words. I made the goal on Midas’ Daughter and got a good bit on Dance with the Devil. Getting intense on that one as I get through the climax. May not finish it this month as I’d hoped but definitely getting close.
  • Listen: It Had to Be Them(Tamra Baumann) & Midnight Betrayal(Melinda Leigh) – I finished listening to It Had to Be Them(which I loved) and started Midnight Betrayal(which I’m enjoying).
  • Read: Finish Last Seen Leaving(Caleb Roehrig), Burned(Sarah Morgan), Loud is How I Love You(Mercy Brown), Love Ignites(Jaci Burton), Just a Girl(Ellie Cahill), Star Seers(Lindsay Buroker), Lucky Streak(Carly Phillips), All I Want(Jill Shalvis), & Idol(Kristen Callihan) – I finished Last Seen Leaving(absolutely LOVED!), Burned(liked), Loud is How I Love You(really enjoyed), and Love Ignites(enjoyed). I’ll be starting Just a Girl later today.
  • Crochet: Giraffe Hat – finished this on Monday wp-1485343802272.jpg
  • Loom: Meadow Moss Headband – started this yesterday, though the directions were a little confusing at first. Think I may have gotten the hang of it now.
  • A to Z Challenge: Plot – N-Z posts – I got through R plotted yesterday.

Not too much blue but a good bit of green. And hopefully a lot of that will turn blue by the end of the week.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Good Start" (10)

  1. Cold pizza… well, it does solve a fair number of problems. 😀

    Beh! I forgot it was WIPpet Wednesday. Hmm, guess there’s still some time to draw something up. 😀 Thanks for the reminder. And the delicious snack to wash it down with…

  2. Hahaha! Cold pizza. 😀 Yep, I think it’s pretty clear where they’re headed.

  3. I can not add crochet projects to my goals! It’s actually been a bit of a distraction the past couple of weeks. I gave away all my yarn a year ago when we moved, but just a couple of weeks ago I picked it up again. A few scarves later… I can’t crochet and write, but I can let my brain work through the sticky plot points while I crochet!

    • I set aside a certain time during the day to work on my crafting projects. It can help to work through plot issues when you’re focusing on something else.

  4. Haha, I like those last couple of lines. Good to see that Bran was able to be a man about things and apologise. Seems to have worked out well for him. 😉

  5. Aww, I do like Brann. He seems very…romantic? I think pizza at any temperature probably isn’t much on either of their minds there.

    • yeah, he’s definitely a sweetheart. Though he has a tendency to put his motorcycle boot in his mouth when he gets a bit overprotective. 🙂

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