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“Probably not going to happen,” Corrin muttered, hitting the backspace key a little harder than necessary.

From the other side of the table, Silas snorted. “You talking to your characters again?” he asked, looking up from whatever he was working on. “What is it this time? Zombies? The apocalypse? A zombie apocalypse.”

She couldn’t help smiling and felt heat flush over her skin. She really liked it when he smiled like that. Especially when it made his crooked dimples pop. “Steampunk western, actually,” she informed him. Well, that was what she’d been working on. If only she could get her dream from the night before out of her head. It wasn’t ever going to happen. But, she’d thought if she could write it down, she could erase the images from her mind.

“Must be getting pretty steamy, the way you were blushing.”

Well, that didn’t help the matter at all. He wasn’t supposed to notice that. Usually he was too absorbed in his work to even notice her enter the room.

“Silas, quit teasing her,” Jeremiah said as he came into the kitchen. He was still buttoning his uniform shirt. Which meant he’d been called in to work at the fire department today. And it reminded her of the beginning of her dream. She tried to casually close out the document she’d been typing in. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten she hadn’t saved it yet.

Silas stood and went to grab a coffee cup down for Jeremiah. She couldn’t help watching the two of them. The way they moved around each other, almost touching. It was more than them just being roommates. She thought that might have been what fueled the dream. As well as her desire of being part of that.

Jeremiah touched her elbow as he passed, and she had to suck in a breath. Then, she caught Silas watching her and did her best to look unmoved by the touch, no matter what it had ignited inside her. He turned toward the counter then seemed to freeze. After a moment, he said, “He wants that, too, you know, even if he won’t admit it.”

She didn’t know what he was talking about, until she realized at the angle, he could se her screen and just what she’d been working on. Oh, God. “You’re being ridiculous,” she said, but her face was on fire. No one else was supposed to see that.

“I don’t think so. I’ve watched the two of you. This dance you’ve been doing.”

“And I’ve watched the two of you,” she said. “You’ve got your own intricate steps going.”

He glanced down at his feet and sighed. But, he didn’t deny what she’d just said. “Just have some patience with him. He’ll come around to it.”

She shook her head and made herself close the document. After saving it, this time. “Right,” she muttered, “patience.” As if that was all she needed.

“Yes,” Silas agreed, going back to his work across the table. “Patience.”


This is my offering for today’s joint Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January post. The prompt was to use a word starting with ‘p’. And bonus points for starting and ending the post with a ‘p’ word. I’ve always tried to shoot for bonus points. And if you’ve been reading my Just Jot It posts and haven’t figured out there’s going to be something between these three, well there is 😉


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